Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Take A Stand With Hobby Lobby

How much money is a clear conscience worth?

A Christian family-owned American business is now finding out. The Green family, owners of the retail chain Hobby Lobby, are facing daily fines of $1.3 million dollars for their refusal to comply with the Obamcare mandate requiring that employers provide coverage for the morning after pill, a drug that can cause an early abortion. As of today, the family has accumulated $10.4 million in fines. Unless the courts intervene, the company can expect to accumulate fines totaling nearly a half a billion dollars. Rather than violate their consciences, the Greens have chosen to disobey this unjust government mandate.

American Christians need to show the Obama administration that our principles cannot be bought. Please join over 100,000 others in standing with the Green family by "liking" and sharing our "Support Hobby Lobby" Facebook campaign.

On January 16th, President Obama will announce the annual observance of National Religious Freedom Day. Together we will send a message to this administration that religious freedom starts at home, and that what is being done to the Green family is a profound violation of the religious liberty guaranteed under our Constitution. No business owner should be forced to violate their conscience in order to lawfully do business in the United States of America. Thank you for standing with us, with the Green family, and for the religious liberty of all Americans.


Tony Perkins
Family Research Council

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