Monday, February 18, 2013

The President’s Words Should Be Followed By Actions

Congressman Robert Hurt

Weekly Column 2/18/13

This past week, the President delivered his annual State of the Union address, where he had the opportunity to lay out his plan to grow our economy, create jobs, and ensure that all Americans have a chance at achieving the American Dream. While I appreciated receiving President Obama and hearing his remarks, at a time when those across the 5th District are struggling in the President's economy, my sincere hope is that his words will be followed by actions.


President Obama discussed many important issues, including reducing federal over-regulation, reforming our tax code, reforming Social Security and Medicare, and making government more efficient. These are all things that we all agree on – and in fact things that we in the House of Representatives have worked to address over the past two years.


But, unfortunately, absent any action by the President and the United States Senate over the past four years, thousands of hard-working Virginians have remained out of work, the national debt has grown to more than $16 trillion, and too many across the 5th District and the country are finding the American Dream to be out of reach.


The President's policies have led to bigger government, more debt, less job creation, and fewer Americans doing better than our parents' generation. In his speech, the President discussed the need for comprehensive tax reform,  but unfortunately the President's tax and spend policies have only harmed families and small businesses by raising rates and driving jobs overseas without reducing the deficit.


The President discussed making our safety and retirement programs sustainable for future beneficiaries, yet his health care law cuts billions from Medicare in order to pay for other provisions contained in the law.  And he talked about streamlining federal regulations and making government more efficient, yet the federal government has only grown. Over the last four years, small businesses have been burdened by the rising number of regulations which impacts their ability to grow and create jobs.


Consistent, double-digit unemployment has plagued the 5th District while fewer small businesses have starting and more failing.  Families are struggling as the cost of living is rising and wages are falling, and hardworking taxpayers across this country are paying the price for the President's continued resistance to balance the budget.  It is time that the President's words are followed by actions.

The House of Representatives has acted to restore American prosperity and we stand ready to work with the President and the Senate to address our debt crisis and create jobs. We must, over the next two years, together adopt policies that will preserve this great nation for our children and grandchildren. As we continue our work in the House, I look forward to the President and the Senate joining with us.

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