Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fighting For Our Values

Gary L. Bauer

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go on Fox News Sunday to make the case for traditional marriage. As my family can attest I am a severe critic of my own performances, but I felt good about the show. If you missed it, you can watch the show here.

This debate was unique because instead of the usual suspects on the left, I was up against Nicolle Wallace, a former Communications Director in the Bush White House and a top aide to John McCain's presidential campaign. (She is also the person widely believed to be responsible for many of the campaign's unkind leaks against Sarah Palin.) That said, I just don't think Mrs. Wallace had a good grasp of the key issues in this debate.

Her main point was the fact that polling data has supposedly shifted on the notion of men "marrying" other men. But if the public is overwhelmingly in favor of redefining marriage to accommodate sodomy, then the strategy the left, along with some quisling "conservatives" like Christine Todd Whitman and Bill Weld, is pushing makes little sense. If they are so confident, why are they so anxious to take the issue away from the American people and instead have it decided by unelected judges?

To top it off, Wallace stated that her view was the legitimate conservative position, and she added that there was even "a moral imperative" to support same-sex marriage. I could not disagree more.

I argued that it was fundamentally undemocratic for the left to use the courts to force its morality on the American people -- telling millions of Americans that they have no right to believe marriage is between a man and woman; that the entire country and most of human history has gotten it wrong. But that is precisely what the left has done time and time again, whether the issue is the sanctity of life or religious freedom.

It's your support, my friends, that makes our work possible and keeps me in this fight!


Tonight, Jews all over the world will celebrate the miracle of Passover. The last plague that God used to free the Jews from Pharaoh and Egyptian captivity was to send the Angel of Death to kill all the firstborn males. Forewarned by God, Jews marked their doors with the blood of a lamb, and, as a result, the Angel of Death passed over their homes. (Exodus, Chapter 12.) God told the Jewish people to mark the day as a memorial day and to observe it as a feast to the Lord forever. To all our Jewish friends, we wish you a happy Passover and all of God's blessings.