Wednesday, May 22, 2013

BSA Supporters Try to Put It 'Delegate-ly'

Tony Perkins
Family Research Council

Regardless of what happens in Grapevine, Texas tomorrow, history will be made. Will the Boy Scouts of America stand by its rich legacy or cave to liberal and corporate bullies? More than 1,400 Scouting leaders will decide during Thursday's meeting of the National Council. Before the vote, FRC is doing everything it can to defend the BSA's current policy, including an ad in tomorrow's Dallas Morning News that lists the top five reasons to "Vote NO" on the resolution. (Click here to see it.)

Other organizations, including ADF, are also making a last-ditch effort to influence members. Yesterday, the group delivered a petition signed by 19,000 Americans, urging the BSA to "uphold the values that have defined the organization for over 100 years." (Nearly 12,000 of the signatories are or had been members of Scouting families.)

Another 50 of America's top religious leaders added their names to a statement Tuesday asking the Boy Scouts to reaffirm their membership standards. "We strongly support the Boy Scouts of America current prohibition on open homosexuality and retaining it without revision. Nearly 70 percent of BSA troops are hosted by churches and religious institutions. Upholding traditional morality is vital for sustaining this partnership, for protecting Scout members, and for ensuring BSA has a strong future." The statement is signed by officials of the Southern Baptist Convention, Assemblies of God, Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, Anglican Church in North America, Evangelical Presbyterian Church and several Pentecostal denominations, among others.

Even Congress, thanks to Eagle Scout and Freshman Congressman Jim Bridenstine (R-Okla.), is taking a strong stance. This week, Rep. Bridenstine took to the House floor to fight for the organization that helped mold him into the leader he is today. Join him and Scouting families across America in praying for tomorrow's vote.

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