Friday, June 7, 2013

Rep. Robert Hurt Statement On May Unemployment Report

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Robert Hurt (R-Virginia) today released the below statement after the Department of Labor released the May unemployment report:


"Today's news of the uptick in the national unemployment rate comes at a time when high school and college students in Virginia's Fifth District and across the country are approaching graduation or have recently graduated – prepared and eager to enter the workforce. It is disheartening that these young adults are now facing the consequences of this Administration's failed policies as they struggle to find a job in a stagnant economy.


"We in the House of Representatives are committed to advancing real solutions that will generate economic growth and create jobs for our recent graduates and all Americans. That is why the House recently voted to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline, a project that will make energy more affordable and create an estimated 20,000 American jobs. Additionally, the House voted once again to repeal the President's health care law, which, in the early stages of its implementation, is already having devastating effects on our workforce – turning full-time work into part-time work, preventing small businesses from growing and hiring, and causing insurance premiums to skyrocket for many Americans.


"Though the House of Representatives will continue to work to pave the way for economic growth, it is critical that the Senate and the President join us. We must preserve opportunities for future generations, and that begins with adopting measures that will pay down our $16 trillion debt and remove the government as a barrier to job creation. I will continue to fight for solutions that will help get our economy back on track, so that job seekers have the opportunity to pursue the American Dream."