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Rep. Robert Hurt Statement Following Vote to Responsibly Fund Government

Washington, DC – Congressman Robert Hurt (R-Virginia) released the following statement after voting in favor of H.J.Res. 59, Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2014, which passed the House with bipartisan support:  


"This evening, my colleagues in the House and I voted once again to fund the operations of the federal government in a reasonable and responsible way.  Last week, the House sent a reasonable and responsible continuing resolution to the U.S. Senate for the purpose of funding the government.  Despite the well-known looming fiscal deadline, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid decided to wait one week before finally returning to the House his response – which would be to simply continue the status quo.


"Having recently traveled Virginia's Fifth District listening to those I represent, it is clear to me that Virginians recognize that the status quo is unsustainable.  Our nation has borrowed $17 trillion, and Washington borrows 30 cents on every dollar it spends.  Likewise, Virginians recognize that there are significant problems with the implementation of the President's healthcare law – it is driving up costs and reducing choices for healthcare providers, for Main Street businesses, and, most important, for Virginia families.  The President has acknowledged this fact by delaying the implementation of his healthcare law for politically favored big business and big labor unions – but Virginia families are getting jammed.  It seems to me that we must take every opportunity here in Washington to embrace reasonable spending reform and to protect Virginia families from the harmful economic consequences of the President's healthcare law.


"The bipartisan legislation that the House passed tonight gives the Senate that opportunity.  The House proposal embraces reasonable and responsible spending reform and extends to Virginia families the same reprieve from the harmful effects of the healthcare law that the President has extended to favored special interests here in Washington.  It is my hope that this sensible spending plan becomes law for the United States and Fifth District Virginia families."


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FRC Backs ObamaCare Delay and Conscience Protections in CR

September 28, 2013

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins made the following statement as the House takes up a second Continuing Resolution to fund the government after the Senate voted yesterday to fund ObamaCare:

"Conservatives in the House and Senate have stood firm against ObamaCare and are supported by the majority of Americans which oppose it. They understand this law threatens Americans health care through increased premium costs, government rationing, but will also force Americans to subsidize health plans with elective abortion and already directly violates the Americans religious freedoms.

"The House amendment to be added to the CR today is not what Americans wanted, which is defunding ObamaCare. We realize Republicans in the House of Representatives take seriously the dire implications of ObamaCare going into effect which will put families, faith, and freedom at risk. Therefore, we support this compromise amendment to delay Obamacare with its cost increases, rationing and abortion subsidies, and support the addition of religious freedom protections. However, we will continue to work to fully repeal this disastrous law."

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Friday, September 27, 2013

U.S. Senate Puts Americans' Health Care on Life Support

September 27, 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Family Research Council (FRC) today expressed strong opposition to the U.S. Senate's failure to approve a continuing resolution that would ensure that the government is funded with a budget extension while defunding the abortion-funding and conscience-violating "Affordable Care Act."

Of the vote, Tony Perkins, president of Family Research Council, said:

"The U.S. Senate failed in its responsibility to save Americans from the pain of a program the president himself has acknowledged is not ready for prime-time. The roll-out of Obamacare continues to be plagued with so many problems that even the District of Columbia is postponing key functions of the law.

"Senator Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is irresponsibly trying to shut down the government to protect a law that a majority of Americans don't want. The President's unworkable and unaffordable health care law will ration health care as well as subsidize coverage that includes elective abortion and violates citizens' rights to religious freedom in their health plans. There is only one prescription for these worsening problems: an Obamacare-ectomy.

"We commend the leadership of Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX), Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Marco Rubio (R-FL). Congress must pull the plug on Obamacare, before it puts Americans' health care on life support," concluded Perkins.

Mark Obenshain to be in Chester, Reston and Vienna this Weekend

September 27, 2013

Mark Obenshain will meet with voters in Chester, Reston and Vienna this weekend. His first stop tomorrow, Saturday, September 28 will take place at Chesterfest, presented by the Chester Community Association at 10:00 a.m. Later, he will meet with voters at the Reston Multicultural Festival at 2:30 p.m. On Sunday, he will speak and meet with community leaders at the Virginia Arab American Political Forum in Tysons Corner. Mark Obenshain currently represents the 26th District in the Senate of Virginia. All members of the press are invited and encouraged to attend these events.

Saturday, September 28 -- 10:00 a.m.
Mark Obenshain Meets with Voters at Chesterfest
Chester Village Green
4417 W. Hundred Road

Saturday, September 28 -- 2:30 p.m.
Mark Obenshain Meets with Voters at the Reston Multicultural Festival
Lake Anne Plaza
11404 Washington Plaza West

Sunday, September 29 -- 6:00 p.m. (Remarks begin at 7 p.m.)
Mark Obenshain Speaks at the Virginia Arab American Political Forum 
Tysons Corner Marriott
8028 Leesburg Pike


Mark's website:

Mark on Facebook:

Mark on Twitter:

Frustration, Strikes & Rate Hikes

Gary L. Bauer
American Values

As the House and Senate continue to fight over funding for Obamacare, there is more bad news about the law and its impact on jobs and our economy.

From New Jersey comes a story about Jeffrey Scheininger, president of Flexline/U.S. Brass & Copper Corporation. Scheininger is a former chairman of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, and according to The Star-Ledger, Scheininger "supported health care overhaul." For five years he led the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce's Health Care Reform Initiative. 

What is Scheininger saying about Obamacare now? "It's monumentally frustrating. The difference between the hope they held out versus what they delivered is phenomenal." Scheininger added, "They don't know what they are implementing. When push comes to shove, they don't know what it's going to do."

Scheininger's frustration is being echoed by other Obamacare supporters, including those in Big Labor. Members of the Service Employees International Union in Columbus, Ohio, have gone on strike protesting cuts caused by Obamacare, which of course the SEIU strongly supported.

Earlier this week, Barack Obama denied that there is any evidence that Obamacare is causing job losses. But some of his union allies disagree. Loretta Johnson, secretary-treasurer of the American Federation of Teachers, said, "We are seeing employer after employer cut hours so as to avoid [Obamacare's] 30-hour definition of a full-time job."

Obama may be blind to reality, but here's a list of more than 300 private companies and public institutions that have already cut jobs and/or hours in response to Obamacare's mandates.

Meanwhile, Obama and his allies were celebrating the news that average Obamacare premiums in the government-run state exchanges were coming in at around $330 a month for individuals. They were celebrating because those figures were "lower than expected."

Investor's Business Daily took a closer look at those rates and found that even with Obamacare's subsidies, many Americans will end up paying much more than they are now. Consider this example:

    "A table in that White House report, for example, shows the lowest-cost Bronze plan for a 27-year-old will average $163 a month in the 36 states with federally run exchanges. Among those making $25,000, the cost will be $93 a month, after subsidies.

    "Is that a bargain? Not when you compare it with the plans they can buy today. The average premium for the lowest-cost plan in these same states is $54 a month, according to data in a recent Government Accountability Report.

    "In other words, even with the taxpayer subsidies, ObamaCare will be more expensive than what's available in the market today."

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Rouhani: Ok. Bye.

Obama: Bye. You hang up.

Rouhani: No, you hang up first.

Obama: no you hang up first {teenage girl giggle}. OK. Click

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kudos To Cruz

Gary L. Bauer
American Values

Yesterday afternoon Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) took to the Senate floor vowing to "speak in opposition to Obamacare … until I am no longer able to stand." Still able to stand, his time ran out at noon today. Cruz waged the fourth-longest filibuster in Senate history, calling attention to the failures of Obamacare for more than 21 hours.

I applaud Senator Cruz and those who stood with him in this fight. As Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) said this morning, "I don't see the down side to spending the time educating the American people about how dangerous this is." I agree completely. The headlines continue to be filled with bad news for the American people about Obamacare. For example:

  • USA Today recently reported on an Obamacare "glitch" that punishes families and will likely cause hundreds of thousands of children to lose the health insurance they currently have.

  • The "Affordable Care Act" is not so affordable for many Americans. Fox News reports that one Kentucky family recently learned that their health insurance premiums will "almost triple in 2014 -- from $333 a month to $965." The letter from their insurance company announcing the dramatic increase bluntly stated: "Increases aren't based on your individual claims or changes in health status. … Many other factors go in to your premium including: ACA compliance…" In other words, Obamacare is raising their costs.

  • It's not just Kentucky. One report found costs in neighboring Tennessee increasing 97% for single women and 190% for single men.

  • Even the New York Times now admits that Obamacare will limit patient choices.

  • Investor's Business Daily reports that more than 300 employers, including private businesses and public institutions, have cut workers' hours and/or eliminated jobs entirely in response to Obamacare's mandates.

Obamacare has been one broken promise after another. It is not affordable, either for individuals or the country. It is hurting the economy. It is causing some Americans to lose their current health insurance and even their jobs.

Of course the liberal media have mocked Senator Cruz for waging this fight. The media mocked Ronald Reagan too. But the American people listened to Reagan and I hope millions of Americans were listening to Senator Cruz, intrigued by his willingness to fight the good fight.

A Vision For Virginia

E.W. Jackson

My friends, the first debate is over. What an experience!
I conveyed my vision for limited government and solutions for education and job creation for our Commonwealth.
Now I need your help to tell that vision to Virginia!
My opponent engaged in petty personal attacks on me and my family.
He also tried to make the case that his relentless focus on divisive social issues is somehow good for job creation.
All of Ralph Northam's attacks never created one job. Not one. 
Perhaps he is upset because of the four polls this week, each showing our race a dead heat.
Perhaps he is upset because he didn't expect us to be competitive in fundraising - and we are.
Perhaps he is upset because he thinks his "resume" means he deserves higher office
His political body of work is exactly the problem!
He should be upset that six schools across the state, three in Norfolk alone, have failed their students so badly they will be taken over by the state.
He should be upset that Norfolk had an unemployment rate around 10% for most of his time in the General Assembly - while Northam spent only 6% of his bills on job creation.
He crows about bipartisanship to the media. But he neglected to mention that he voted to shut down Virginia government in 2013. That sounds a little too much like DC dysfunction to me.
He also told Blue Virginia in April of this year that "there's no reasoning with these people [Republicans]...they don't have logic, so the only way to change that trend is to replace their seats with 'good Democrats.'"  
Sound bipartisan to you? Or does it sound like every career politician that is the cause of the problem, instead of the solution?
I will continue to tell Virginia my vision of job creation, quality education and adherence to the principles of liberty that made this country great. 
Now is the time. Will you join with me?

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59 Virginia Sheriffs Endorse Mark Obenshain for Attorney General

September 23, 2013

Nearly Half of Sheriffs Endorsing Obenshain are Independents

RICHMOND – Mark Obenshain today announced the support of 59 Sheriffs from across Virginia, including 25 Independent Sheriffs and Democratic Sheriff Jack Stutts. Senator Obenshain has received the Virginia Sheriffs' Association Legislator of the Year award for his work in the General Assembly. According to his website (accessed 9/20/13), Obenshain's opponent in the race for Attorney General has been endorsed by six Sheriffs.

Obenshain spoke last week at the Virginia Sheriffs' Association Annual Conference in Norfolk, and pledged to continue to work closely with Sheriffs to make law enforcement the priority that it deserves to be in Virginia.

Speaking about the broad support from Virginia Sheriffs, Obenshain said, "Throughout my career, I've partnered with Sheriffs across Virginia to ensure that they have the tools and resources they need to do their jobs.  But we all know that the best laws in the world don't mean anything without the dedicated and talented men and women who wear the uniform. Our sheriffs and their deputies put their lives on the line to keep us safe. These brave men and women serve on the front lines, upholding that basic responsibility of our government to enforce the law. I'm grateful for their support, and for everything that they do to make our Commonwealth a better place to live and work."

Earlier this month, Sheriff Jack Stutts (D-City of Franklin and Southampton County) announced his endorsement for Mark Obenshain for Attorney General saying, "Mark Obenshain is one of the hardest workers I know and he knows how to get things done. His fingerprints are on countless pieces of legislation that have helped sheriffs and other public safety officials be more effective in carrying out our mission. I've been a Democrat my whole life, but I have seen that when Mark approaches problems he'll bring Republicans, Democrats and Independents to the table. He'll hear you out and work with you to find a solution. Mark's a good man, and he has my full support to be Virginia's next Attorney General."

Speaking about her support for Mark Obenshain for Attorney General, Sheriff Octavia Johnson (R-Roanoke City) said, "I admire Mark Obenshain for his focused approach to his work. I appreciate his personality; he is sincerely interested in people, their story, thoughts and ideas. He's a rare leader with a firm grounding in the law and his convictions, but a hunger for the opinions and advice of others. Mark listens. I know that Mark has the energy, power and tenacity to fight for the good of all Virginians. Mark Obenshain has the best interest of his constituents at heart and that's an attitude that we need in the Attorney General's office."

Sheriff Anthony A. "Tony" Lippa, Jr. (I-Caroline County) said, "I have been working in law enforcement for over 37 years, first as a Henrico Police Officer, then as a State Police Trooper, Sergeant, and First Sergeant and now as a Sheriff for the past 10 years. I'm supporting Mark Obenshain for Attorney General because he has a firm grounding in the law and has made public safety a priority throughout his career."

Sheriff Jim O'Sullivan (R-Chesapeake City) said, "Simply put, Mark Obenshain is the leader Virginians need as our next Attorney General. He has made public safety a top priority in the Senate, and he will carry this same passion to Richmond. Outside the Senate, Mark is an accomplished attorney who has handled hundreds of constitutional cases and managed two successful Virginia law firms, experience that will serve him well running the Attorney General's office, which is, in effect, one of Virginia's largest law firms."

Sheriff Mike Chapman (R-Loudoun County) said, "Virginia needs an Attorney General who will protect and promote public safety, and defend the laws the Commonwealth.  Mark Obenshain's years of experience with law enforcement will serve him well as our next Attorney General."

Sheriff Scott Jenkins (I-Culpeper County) said, "I support Mark Obenshain for Attorney General because his legislative record shows an interest in prosecuting criminals fairly but punishing the worst of them firmly.  His knowledge of constitutional law and procedural rights is coupled with an understanding of how to strike a balance between individual liberty and public safety.  I first met Mark at the General Assembly Building as the Chief Deputy of Rappahannock County Sheriff's Office, one of hundreds of Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs there asking for budget funding; his door was open then, and he and his staff have been available to me and mine since. I support Mark Obenshain because I know he will continue to provide the tools, including personnel and funding, that will help me and my staff provide the best possible law enforcement service to the citizens of Culpeper County."

Sheriff Mike Brown (R-Bedford County) said, "Mark has my support because of his tenacious commitment to our Constitution, our military and law enforcement. His support of aggressive law-enforcement efforts directed against those who use the Internet and other cyber communication equipment to harm our children is another reason that I support his campaign for Attorney General."

Sheriff Thomas Jones (I-Charlotte County) said, "During the many years I have worked with Mark Obenshain, I have known him to be very pro-law enforcement.  He is an honest, true-to-his-word, hard working man, who will make a fine Attorney General."

Sheriff David Hines (R-Hanover County) said, "I'm pleased to offer my support to Senator Obenshain for Attorney General of Virginia.  I, along with my colleagues, have met with him personally and found him to be someone who has a true understanding of the current and future issues facing law enforcement. Of equal importantance, he clearly understands the importance of the role that the Office of the Attorney General has in protecting the citizens that we are called to serve."

Sheriff Charlie Jett (R-Stafford County) said, "I've been working in law enforcement for 30 years, When I say Mark Obenshain is a leader, I mean, he's the one that other legislators – on both sides of the aisle – will go to for advice on a range of public safety matters. I'm supporting Mark Obenshain for Attorney General because he has proven himself time and time again to be a friend to Sheriffs and law enforcement in the Commonwealth.  He knows how important public safety is and I look forward to working with him to make sure it continues to be a top priority."

Sheriff Danny Diggs (R-York County and Poquoson City) said, "Mark Obenshain has a proven track record of supporting of law enforcement and is dedicated to protecting the life and property of all Virginians. His legislative accomplishments and legal prowess makes him the leader we need in Richmond.  I trust him to do what is right for Virginia."

Sheriff James Agnew (I-Goochland County) said, "I have found Mark to be accessible and very knowledgeable about the issues that sheriffs face.  He has made it very clear that he will work with us. Mark also understands that the role of the Attorney General in Virginia is to provide good legal counsel for the state and state officers. Mark has a quiet, composed, and dignified demeanor that exudes confidence and competence. I am convinced that Mark will be an outstanding Attorney General."

Sheriff Glendell Hill (R-Prince William County) said, "Mark has my endorsement because he has the background and strong relationships with public safety officials to make real progress as our Attorney General. Mark has been a friend of Virginia's Sheriffs for years, and has the right plans to make Virginia safer."

Sheriff Dennis Proffit (R-Chesterfield County) said, "I have served in public safety for 40 years. Virginia is a state where our citizens can feel safe and protected by strong public safety agencies.  This security comes in part from strong Attorney Generals in Virginia who have partnered with those agencies and worked to make public safety a priority. However, there are ever changing threats to children and our elderly in particular, as new technology and new tactics are employed by those who would do them harm.  We need a strong Attorney General that will protect our seniors, children and all of us. Mark Obenshain's record shows that he is that man.  He has my support because I know that Virginia will continue to be safe and secure under his leadership."

Sheriff John Thomas (R-Page County) said, "Having worked closely with him on legislative issues the last four years, I have found him to be an advocate for strong laws against crime as well as a believer that government should not place an unfair burden on its citizens. He works unbelievably long hours but always makes himself available when needed.
He will bring this no nonsense honesty to Richmond as our next Attorney General."

Sheriff Robert Deeds, (R-James City County and Williamsburg City) said, "Senator Mark Obenshain has been a leader in fighting for the safety of our loved ones, and for our freedoms as Americans and as Virginians.  His experience in the Virginia Senate, his years of managing a successful law firm, and his demonstrated support for public safety make him my choice to be Virginia's next Attorney General."

Sheriff Greg Anderson (I-Hopewell City) said, "I find Mark Obenshain to be a man of honor and integrity who was raised in the time-honored tradition of Virginia values, honoring religion, family, and responsibility. He is a quality family man who I am honored to support!"

Sheriff Ronald Sprinkle (R-Botetourt County) said, "I have known the Obenshain family for years.  Senator Obenshain has dedicated the majority of his life to serving the people of Virginia, and I know he will make an outstanding Attorney General.  I also know that Mark's experience working with Sheriffs on legislation and defending Sheriffs in the court of law makes him the best ally we could possibly have in Richmond."

Sheriffs for Mark Obenshain

J.E. "Chip" Harding – Albemarle County (R)

Kevin Hall – Alleghany County (I)

Randall Fisher – Augusta County (R) 

Mike Brown – Bedford County (R)

Jerry Thompson – Bland County (R)

Ronald Sprinkle – Botetourt County (R)

Ray Foster – Buchanan County (R)

Randolph Hamilton – Buena Vista City (I)

Steve Hutcherson – Campbell County (I)

Anthony A. "Tony" Lippa – Caroline County (I)

John B. Gardner – Carroll County (R)

Thomas Jones – Charlotte County (I)

Jim O'Sullivan – Chesapeake City (R)

Dennis Proffitt – Chesterfield County (R)

Scott Jenkins – Culpeper County (I)

Bobby Hammons – Dickenson County (R)

Shannon Zeman – Floyd County (R)

W.Q. "Bill" Overton – Franklin County (I)

Paul Higgs – Fredericksburg City (I)

Darrel Warren – Gloucester County (R)

James Agnew – Goochland County (I)

Steve Smith – Greene County (R)

Fred Clark – Halifax County (I)

David Hines – Hanover County (R)

Mike Wade – Henrico County (R)

Greg Anderson – Hopewell City (I)

Mark Marshall – Isle of Wight County (I)

John Charboneau – King & Queen County (I)

Steve Dempsey – King George County (I)

J.S. Walton – King William County (I)

Robert Deeds – James City County/Williamsburg City (R)

Gary Parsons – Lee County (R)

Mike Chapman -- Loudoun County (R)

Ronald Gillespie – Lynchburg City (R)

Erik Weaver – Madison County (I)

Mark Barrick – Mathews County (I)

David Bushey – Middlesex County (I)

F.W. "Wakie" Howard – New Kent County (I)

Mark Amos – Orange County (I)

John Thomas – Page County (R)

Mike Taylor – Pittsylvania County (I)

Gregory Neal – Powhatan County (I)

Harold "Bucky" Allin – Prince George County (I)

Glendell Hill – Prince William County (R)

Mark Armentrout – Radford City (R)

Octavia Johnson – Roanoke City (R)

Bryan Hutcheson – Rockingham County/Harrisonburg City (R)

Tim Carter – Shenandoah County (R)

Jack Stutts – Southampton County/Franklin City (D)

Roger Harris – Spotsylvania County (I)

Charlie Jett – Stafford County (R)

Alex Caldwell – Staunton City (R)

Raymond Bell – Sussex County (I)

Ken Stolle – Virginia Beach City (R)

Danny McEathron – Warren County (R)

Joe Harris – Waynesboro City (R)

Ronnie Oakes – Wise County (R)

Doug King – Wythe County (R)

Danny Diggs – York County/Poquoson City (R)

Mark Obenshain is the Republican nominee for Attorney General of Virginia. He currently represents the 26th District in the Senate of Virginia. 


Mark's website:

Mark on Facebook:

Mark on Twitter:

Staff Members from Robert Hurt's Office to Hold Local Office Hours in Bedford County

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Staff members from Congressman Robert Hurt's (R-Virginia) office will hold Local Office Hours in Bedford County on Friday, September 27 to meet with constituents who need assistance with federal agencies. For more information, please visit our Local Office Hours Interactive Map.


Friday, September 27, 2013


9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

City of Bedford Municipal Office

Conference Room

215 East Main Street

Bedford, VA


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mark Obenshain Participates in Events in Glen Allen and Abingdon Tomorrow

Mark Obenshain will speak at the 9th annual Virginia Rural Summit tomorrow, Monday, September 23 at 10:30 a.m. in Glen Allen. Later in the day at 1:00 p.m., he will stop by The Governor's First Biennial Natural Resources and Energy Law Symposium in Abingdon. 

Mark Obenshain is the Republican nominee for Attorney General of Virginia. He currently represents the 26th District in the Senate of Virginia. All members of the press are invited and encouraged to attend these events.

Monday, September 23 -- 10:30 a.m.
Mark Obenshain Speaks at 9th Annual Virginia Rural Summit
Wyndham Virginia Crossings Hotel and Conference Center
1000 Virginia Center Parkway
Glen Allen

Monday, September 23 -- 1:00 p.m.
Mark Obenshain Attends The Governor's First Biennial Natural Resources and Energy Law Symposium
One Partnership Circle


Mark's website:

Mark on Facebook:

Mark on Twitter:

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013

Sept.28th: Freedom Farm Fundraiser with Martha Boneta and Scott!

Quote of the Day

"Everywhere I go, Virginians tell me they are rejecting my opponent's narrow focus on divisive social issues, and embracing my message of liberty, job growth, parental choice in education, and reasserting Virginia's 10th Amendment rights
"Ours are the solutions that will help create jobs, reduce the cost of energy, deliver better and less expensive heath care, create better schools, and renew the American Dream in Virginia."

E.W. Jackson

Rep. Robert Hurt Statement on EPA's Proposed Regulation

Washington, DC – Congressman Robert Hurt (R-Virginia) released the following statement after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a revised regulation that will mandate new coal-fired plants to comply with New Source Performance Standards:

"Today's proposed regulation by the EPA is a direct assault on Virginia's families, small businesses, and farmers.  This Administration's anti-coal regulations will have a devastating effect on the Fifth District and the Commonwealth in its entirety. 

"By requiring new coal plants to purchase extremely expensive equipment in order to comply with greenhouse gas performance standards, these unnecessary and unreasonable regulations will cause Virginians' utility bills to escalate even higher.  The hardworking families, small businesses, and family farms of the Fifth District will be required to absorb the costs of this regulation, which is unacceptable at a time when this Administration's failed policies are stifling our economy and ignoring the fact that we have double-digit unemployment in many parts of the Fifth District.

"I call on President Obama to put a stop to these unreasonable and unnecessary regulations and join the House in enacting pro-growth policies to create jobs and provide affordable energy to people across Virginia."

Video Pick of the Day: Obama's Attack on Energy


FRC Praises House for Performing 'Obamacare-ectomy'

September 20, 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Family Research Council (FRC) today praised Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives for passing a continuing resolution that would ensure that the government is funded with a budget extension while defunding the abortion-funding and conscience-violating 2010 Affordable Care Act.

Of the passage Tony Perkins, president of FRC, said:

"House Republicans have acted responsibly by funding the U.S. government without funding Obamacare. In performing this 'Obamacare-ectomy' they have voted to continue funding for the military, veterans, and other functions of government. This will save Americans from the pain of a program the president himself has acknowledged is not ready for prime-time. The responsibility now falls to the Senate. If Senator Harry Reid (D-Nev.) wants to shut down the government to protect a law that a majority of Americans don't even want, that's up to him.

"We commend House leadership and U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) for putting forward a continuing resolution that stops the funding of Obamacare that has already driven up health care costs and, once in place, would make Americans subsidize abortion. It's time to pull the plug on Obamacare, before it puts American's health care on life support.

"This call to end Obamacare is not just coming from conservatives; even organized labor sees the threat this government health care scheme poses to the families of America. The president should be ashamed for seeking special exemptions for big business and the politically connected, leaving the burden of this ill-conceived law to fall upon American families," concluded Perkins.

Obama's Disrespect

Gary L. Bauer
American Values

Here's another example of "who" I think Barack Obama is. When Obama quickly reversed course and decided to seek congressional approval to strike the Assad regime in Syria for its use of chemical weapons, the most significant political support he received was from Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

I didn't agree with their quick decision to stand with Obama. I assumed they were operating under the premise that when it comes to matters of America's national security, politics ends at the water's edge. But for Obama, politics never stops.

Few other top congressional leaders spoke up. Then Obama changed course again, announcing that he would negotiate with Vladimir Putin and let Russia take the lead in the Middle East. Then he called off the vote in Congress.

Insiders say that even after Boehner and Cantor went out on a limb to support the president, Obama did not give them the courtesy of a phone call offering a heads-up on the possible deal with Putin. In every administration prior to this one -- whether Republican or Democrat -- no president would have treated the leaders of the opposite party so disrespectfully.

If Boehner and Cantor had any doubts, I hope they now understand that Obama is not their friend, no matter how much goodwill they demonstrate or how many rounds of golf they play together.

Outrage of the Week

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee held more hearings on Benghazi yesterday, and the parents of the murdered Americans were there. They sat patiently through seven hours of testimony before they addressed the committee.

When it came time for Patricia Smith (the mother of Sean Smith) and Charles Woods (the father of Ty Woods) to speak, only two Democrats bothered to show up to hear their pleas for the truth of what happened to their sons.

Every Democrat who had something "better to do" than listen to these grieving parents should be ashamed. These families' sons paid the ultimate price in service to their country. They deserved better than that. America deserves better too.

Rep. Robert Hurt Welcomes Jobs to Danville

WASHINGTON, DC: Congressman Robert Hurt (R-VA) today released the following statement welcoming North American Mold Technology (NAMT) to Danville, VA.  Governor McDonnell announced today that NAMT will invest $4.35 million to establish a manufacturing operation in Danville:


“I am pleased to welcome North American Mold Technology (NAMT) to the city of Danville.  NAMT’s Danville operation will serve major tire manufacturers across the United States and create 120 new jobs at a time when the unemployment rate remains unacceptably high.  I appreciate NAMT’s decision to invest in Southside, and I look forward to working together to spur economic growth and get Virginia’s Fifth District back to work.”

Did the EPA just kill new coal plants – and is the other shoe about to drop?

Mark Obenshain

You've got to hand it to federal bureaucrats: they know how to spin bad news of their own making. "We're providing at least some certainty here that [coal plants] have an opportunity to be around in a carbon-constrained world," said an EPA official of the administration's latest salvo in the war on coal, new rules that even the New York Times concedes will "effectively doom construction of new coal plants far into the future."

The proposed Obama administration regulations on the coal industry have a clear and intended effect: to make it impossible to build new coal-fired power plants in Virginia or anywhere else in the country. These outrageous policies are proof positive that this Administration is set on waging an all-out assault on the coal industry and the 45,000 Virginians whose jobs depend on it.

And the impact doesn't end there. Virginians on a fixed income shouldn't have to worry about how they can afford to keep the lights on because bureaucrats in Washington want to rapidly take coal out of our energy mix. And policies that harm Virginia's coal industry also hurt manufacturing, rail, ports—even the data centers that rely on abundant and affordable energy.

You may wonder how Congress could have approved such a disastrous decision. It didn't. Yet again, the Obama administration has made an end-run on Congress. Under the Clean Air Act, the EPA can only mandate the adoption of "demonstrated technologies," yet experts agree that the only possible way that new coal plants could meet the new requirements—ones that no coal plant has ever achieved—is through carbon capture and storage technologies that are still many years away from commercial feasibility. That strains the definition of "adequately demonstrated" (the legal requirement, remember!) beyond belief.

It gets worse, because this is only the beginning. Next year, the EPA pans to come back and adopt new regulations for existing power plants. These regulations are a clear signal that the goal of this administration is not simply to prevent new coal fired power plants but to force the closure of existing coal power plants. (And don't think this administration sees natural gas as the answer; the Obama administration's choice to head up the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has called natural gas a "dead end.") We have to draw a line in the sand and say that we'll stand up against overreaching federal regulations that kill jobs and economic opportunity in Virginia.

Virginians deserve an Attorney General who will stand up for coal jobs in Virginia, and I will be that Attorney General. And not just for them, but for ratepayers, dockworkers, entrepreneurs, and everyone else affected by these misguided EPA regulations. That's part of what it means to stand up for all Virginians.

So where's my opponent in all of this? Senator Herring's only comment thus far has been to attack me for expressing concern about where these regulations were headed.

Democrats in other coal states aren't nearly as tongue-tied. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) said that the EPA's agenda "beat[s] the living daylights" out of his state, while Rep. Nick Rahall (D-WV) stated that he is "dead-set against the EPA and their scheme to issue emissions standards that would make it impossible for new coal-fired power plants to be constructed," and Secretary of State Alison Grimes (D-KY) declaring that she "will not stand idle as overreaching regulation adversely impacts jobs and middle-class families."

They're absolutely right. I hope Senator Herring is taking notes.

As Attorney General, I'm going to stand up for coal jobs, and for all Virginians, in opposing these overreaching federal regulations that kill jobs and economic opportunity in Virginia. And I'll support and strongly defend the Coalfield Employment Enhancement Credit, because I know how important it is to the economy of Southwest Virginia. Make no mistake: Virginia is in the crosshairs of Washington's "war on coal." And if I'm elected, I won't take it lying down – because I know that there will always be another shoe poised to drop.