Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The President's Tax on Energy

It’s a simple fact: The president’s climate action plan is an energy tax on consumers. 
The administration won’t call it a tax, but it’s a mandate that is going to drive up your utility bill by eliminating affordable coal from our energy mix and further disrupt the balance of the American energy supply.
While the administration would like you to believe that coal is an energy source we can do without, the fact is that coal is the largest source of America’s electricity—at low cost.
The president’s misguided regulations on greenhouse gases would prevent the construction of new high efficiency coal-fueled power plants that take advantage of best-in-class technology at a time when America needs low-cost electricity to affordably and reliably power the nation, boost job-growth and rebuild the economy. 
If you believe in affordable energy and a common-sense approach to powering our nation, tell your lawmakers. Urge them to oppose the president’s new backdoor energy tax and the EPA’s greenhouse gas rules that hurt American households and businesses. 
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