Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Time For A Change?

Gary L. Bauer


For decades the left has owned the tactic of civil disobedience with its frequent public demonstrations and street theater. It has always been a useful tool for intimidating politicians and pushing America to the left. Folks see angry demonstrators and naturally assume something must be wrong.

Are conservatives moving toward an acceptance of using that tactic? Perhaps so.

You'll recall that the Tea Party movement began spontaneously at town hall meetings across the country in 2009. Citizens showed up and demanded answers from their elected representatives about the debt and Obamacare.

Since then we have seen more individuals engaging in their own acts of civil disobedience. There is the example of Roy Costner, the South Carolina high school valedictorian who tore up his approved speech and led students in the Lord's Prayer in defiance of school officials.

I recall one local example. A decorated military officer was visiting his son's school on a parent career day. He was stopped at the door and told to remove a medal with two crossed guns from his uniform. He replied that he had earned his medal, he was going speak to his son's class and if the school wanted to stop him, it would have to call the police, which should make for an interesting article in the local papers. He addressed his sons class without incident.

A few years ago, Operation Rescue drove the left into mass hysteria by organizing thousands of people to engage in peaceful prayer protests in front of abortion clinics.

In recent days there have been reports suggesting that pro-Constitution truck drivers plan to circle the Washington Beltway, occupying all three lanes, showing Washington what a real shutdown is like.

As you can imagine, this is unlikely to win the hearts of area commuters, and it may not even happen at all. But on talk radio this morning, many callers said it was time conservatives started putting their bodies on the line and showed the same commitment to our values as the left has done for decades.

It may happen soon enough. Responsible leaders of the Catholic Church have said they will close their institutions and go to jail if the Obama Administration tries to force them to pay for abortion and sterilization in their health care policies.

I know many of you are busy, but I would be interested in your feedback.

As the attack on much of what we hold dear intensifies, has the time come for conservatives to add to the arsenal of tactics? In addition to voting, debating and lobbying, is it time for selective civil disobedience in order to save the country?