Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Risky Report

Gary L. Bauer
Campaign for Working Families

Senate Democrats today released a highly controversial report on the CIA's use of enhanced interrogation techniques in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. The Associated Press reports that U.S. embassies and military installations worldwide are bolstering security, bracing for possible jihadist attacks using the report's conclusions as an excuse.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest conceded yesterday that "release of the report could lead to a greater risk that is posed to U.S. facilities and individuals all around the world." So why do it now? (Perhaps to distract everyone from Dr. Jonathan Gruber's testimony.)

We have had this debate already. President Obama banned the use of such interrogation methods hours after his 2009 inauguration. Meanwhile, as we engage in this exercise of self-flagellation over our alleged excesses, we are still fighting jihadists who cut the throats of babies.

Congressional Republicans and former CIA officials are blasting the administration and Senate Democrats for failing to "interview a single CIA official," downplaying the usefulness of intelligence that was gathered, ignoring pleas from our allies for discretion and putting more lives at risk.

Reform the Tax Code to Stimulate Growth, Create Jobs, and Raise Wages

Congressman Robert Hurt

Weekly Column 12.08.14


As I travel across Virginia's Fifth District, I often hear from my constituents about how unnecessary bureaucratic red tape is hindering job growth and making life more difficult for working Virginians.  Our nation’s outdated and complicated tax code is a perfect example of the federal government standing in the way of strengthening our economy for our nation’s families and small businesses.


A report released last week found that the economy of China has now surpassed the economy of the United States and now stands as the world's largest economy.  This is the first time since President Ulysses Grant was in office that the United States has not led the world in the size of its economy.  Our anti-competitive tax policy is one major factor holding us back from more growth and output.


The complex and unfair U.S. tax code creates tremendous economic uncertainty for our farmers, our small businesses, and our working families.  Laden with special interest loopholes and characterized by high rates, our broken tax code limits investment, hinders economic growth, and grows the federal government.


The current tax code is especially harmful to small businesses - the backbone of our economy.  These businesses are essential to providing the jobs and growth the Fifth District needs.  In recent years, small businesses have generated almost two-thirds of new jobs. Small businesses now account for nearly half of all private sector employment, but Washington’s complex and outdated tax code continues to stifle small businesses’ ability to grow and create much-needed jobs. We must do better.


Since I have been elected, the House of Representatives has voted in favor of reforming elements of our tax code several times, but Washington has yet to embrace a comprehensive overhaul.  Last week, the House voted to temporarily extend for one year a number of expiring tax relief provisions that encourage small businesses to grow.  By voting for temporary tax extensions, instead of permanent tax reform, we are only delaying solutions that the American people deserve.


Last week, President Obama said he believed overhauling the tax code in the next Congress was possible.  It is my hope that he is sincere about working with Congress and that we will be able to work together to overhaul our broken tax code and implement a simpler, fairer, and flatter tax code that will ensure that individuals and businesses have the certainty they need and that all Americans are keeping more of their hard-earned tax dollars.  I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues to encourage success for our farmers, our small businesses, and working Virginia families so that they can realize the American dream for themselves and future generations.


If you need any additional information or if we may be of assistance to you, please visit my website at hurt.house.gov or call my Washington office: (202) 225-4711, Charlottesville office: (434) 973-9631, Danville office: (434) 791-2596, or Farmville office: (434) 395-0120.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Congressman Robert Hurt Votes to Reform the Environmental Protection Agency


Thursday, November 20, 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C. –  Congressman Robert Hurt (R-Virginia) released the following statement after voting in favor of three bills to reform the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): H.R. 1422, the EPA Science Advisory Board Reform Act, H.R. 4012, the Secret Science Reform Act, and H.R. 4795, the Promoting New Manufacturing Act:

“As I travel around Virginia’s Fifth District, I regularly hear how unnecessary bureaucratic red tape is hindering job growth and making life more difficult for hardworking Virginians.  I often hear from Fifth District Virginians about the senseless regulations imposed by the EPA, which often fail to meet the standards for transparency and accountability demanded by Americans.  I share my constituents’ frustrations and was pleased that this week, the House passed three bills to reform the EPA, reducing these unnecessary regulations.


“From reining in the EPA’s Science Advisory Board to prohibiting the EPA from proposing regulations that are not based on identifiable and available science to ensuring greater transparency and timeliness in obtaining necessary manufacturing permits, these bills will help reduce burdensome government regulations that harm job creation and decrease opportunities for Americans.  I was proud to support these commonsense bills and see them pass the House with bipartisan support.  I urge our colleagues in the Senate to consider these bills and work with us to implement these necessary reforms.”


·         The EPA Science Advisory Board Reform Act establishes qualifications for members, reinforces independence of the Science Advisory Board,  facilitates public participation in the Board’s advisory activities, and limits the advice given by the Board to scientific determinations, rather than policy direction.

·         The Secret Science Reform Act prohibits the EPA from proposing regulations unless all scientific and technical information relied on to support the action is specifically identified and publicly available.

·         The Promoting New Manufacturing Act would ensure greater transparency and timeliness in obtaining the permits necessary for new manufacturing.


Family Research Council and Charlotte Lozier Institute Launch New Website Exposing Lack of Abortion

November 20, 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The administration's persistent lack of transparency on Obamacare health plans has led national pro-life leaders to develop a website where consumers can find out which of their potential plans covers abortion and related services.

Today, Obamacareabortion.com was launched at a national news conference on the House Triangle. The lead researchers of the data presented in the site, experts at Family Research Council (FRC) and Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI), spoke at the event revealing their findings. They were joined by U.S. Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), lead sponsor of the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act. The new site educates and informs site visitors on whether or not their own plans force them to pay for elective abortions.

The timing of this new site's launch follows the release of newly surfaced videos in which key Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber called the "lack of transparency" with which the law was passed a "huge political advantage."

Family Research Council and the Charlotte Lozier Institute previously have reported on the lack of transparency in the exchange plans. The non-partisan government watchdog agency, Government Accountability Office (GAO), released a report identifying 1,036 ObamaCare plans that cover abortion on demand and receive taxpayer subsidies.

Family Research Council's Arina Grossu, Director of the Center for Human Dignity, made the following comments at today's press conference:

"By launching ObamacareAbortion.com we are attempting to do what the Obama Administration has not been willing or able to do for the 2015 new enrollment. That is, to inform Americans about abortion coverage in Obamacare plans and expose the great difficulty in obtaining this information. As in 2014, the Obamacare exchange lacks transparency, often lacks abortion-free options for many Americans, and continues to fund coverage of elective abortion with taxpayer money.

"The Family Research Council and Charlotte Lozier Institute have done extensive research and are proud to launch our findings.

It's not right that Assurant Health and FirstCare Health Plans in Texas would not give out a link to their "internal" document where they were obtaining their information, citing that they were not allowed to give it to the public. It's not right that after multiple calls to United Healthcare in Rhode Island, we still don't know if they cover abortion on demand or not because they keep transferring us to their Medicaid/Medicare office. It's not right that Colorado HealthOP is misinforming people that their two Multi-State Plans are only for federal employees. There is no transparency. Jonathan Gruber's comments confirm what we knew about Obamacare all along.

"People living in Hawaii, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Vermont will most likely not have access to one single plan that is abortion-free. In addition, people living in California, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, and Washington will have to wade through plans where most likely 90% or more cover elective abortion. So much for choice.

"People who sign up for plans with abortion on demand are paying for other people's abortions under that plan through an abortion surcharge. Everyone, and I mean everyone, in all 50 states is being forced to subsidize others' abortions through their taxpayer funds to the beat of $855 billion in the next 10 years. So much for no taxpayer funding of abortion.

"Because Obamacare violates the principles of the Hyde amendment ban on subsidizing abortion, and because Obamacare lacks transparency for Americans, Congress must enact the Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act (H.R.3279) and the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act (H.R.7). The new Senate offers hope that these bills could become law. Now is the time. Let's do this!" concluded Grossu.

Senator Reeves Named Senate Majority Whip

Friday, November 21, 2014


Staunton, Va-  Senator Bryce E. Reeves (R-Spotsylvania) has been named Senate Majority Whip for the Senate of Virginia.  Senate Majority Leader Thomas K. Norment, Jr. (R-James City) announced the appointment of Senator Reeves at the annual Senate Finance Committee in Staunton.


"Senator Reeves is a strong and effective voice for the majority, and he will be an outstanding Whip," Senator Norment declared.  "Joining Senators McWaters, Stanley, and Vogel, the addition of Senator Reeves compliments a proven leadership team that is ready to hit the ground running when we convene for the 2015 General Assembly session."


"I am honored and excited to serve my Republican colleagues as a Whip," said Senator Reeves.  "We have an important session ahead and our members are ready to approve policies that will create jobs, enhanceVirginians' quality of life, and protect our hard-earned reputation as one of the best states in America for businesses to grow.


"Republican Senators are prepared to lead and committed to ending the gridlock that characterized the 136 days when the other party was in the majority."


Senator Bryce E. Reeves represents the 17th District in the Senate of Virginia.  The 17th District includes Orange County, portions of Albemarle, Culpeper, Louisa, and Spotsylvania Counties and the City of Fredericksburg.

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Visit the new and exciting Museum during Culpeper Downtown Open House.  Bring the little ones so they can make their very own Christmas ornaments.  

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Join Downtown Culpeper's kick off for the Holiday Season from 12-5pm!  If your gift list requires the ultimate in unique gifts, they are sure to be found in any of the specialty shops located in Historic Downtown Culpeper.  Be sure to stop by and enjoy - in-store specials, storefront decorating, trolley rides, live holiday music from EVHS and CCHS bands, children's story time by Culpeper County Library, Miniature Horses from Brandy Manor Miniatures,  Museum of Culpeper History open house,  Clore-English Funeral Home and USMC Toys for Tots Campaign at the depot, and of course a visit from Santa Claus himself!  Complete the day with carols from the Blue Ridge Chorale, cookies, hot apple cider and the Community Tree Lighting at 5:30 p.m.! 

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