Friday, January 3, 2014

Inconvenient Irony

Gary L. Bauer

Speaking of anecdotal evidence, did you hear about the ship of French researchers and tourists trapped in the Antarctic ice? After a tense week, they were finally rescued yesterday by a Chinese ice breaker, which transported the scientists and tourists (via helicopter) to an Australian ship. But now the Australian vessel has been ordered to stay put because the Chinese ice breaker may be stuck in the ice!

Now here's the funny part: 98% of news stories have failed to mention that the folks on the rescued ship were global warming enthusiasts on a mission to document the impact of global warming on Antarctica. As one pundit said today, they found themselves frozen in 15 feet of irony!

I'm writing today's report from globally warm Washington, D.C., where wind chill temperatures are near zero. Global warming science is a thin gruel indeed. We should continue to question the demands of leftist governments and politicians who constantly seek more power and more of your hard-earned tax dollars to enforce their gloom and doom prophecies.