Thursday, February 13, 2014

Global Warming, Anyone?

Gary L. Bauer

Several southern states are getting pummeled by a "catastrophic" winter storm. It is also paralyzing airports along the east coast and much of the nation's capital with some predictions calling for close to a foot of snow overnight. I'm sure folks in Atlanta would welcome a little global warming right now.

Further north, experts are predicting that Lake Superior might completely freeze over. Ice already covers more than 80% of the all the Great Lakes. Yet left-wing politicians continue to clamor on about how we need to empower big government to impose more regulations and new taxes in order to combat global warning.

Here's something to keep in mind every time you hear talk about global warming: According to Dr. Roy Spencer, a former NASA scientist, 95% of the computer models upon which the left is basing its global warming claims and public policy are wrong.

What kind of policies are we talking about? Well, the EPA is proposing new regulations that could increase electricity prices 70% to 80%. I wonder how many people using electricity to heat their homes this winter would like to see their bills increase 80%.