Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Jihadi High

Gary L. Bauer

As we reported last week, two former students at Robbinsdale Cooper High School, located in a suburb of Minneapolis, converted to Islam, joined radical groups and died fighting with Islamists on foreign battlefields. They may not be the only jihadists from Robbinsdale Cooper. In 2013, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that a Syrian sniper had been filmed wearing a Robbinsdale Cooper Hawks sweatshirt. That raises the possibility that this single school has produced three jihadists.

No doubt the great majority of graduates from Robbinsdale Cooper are good Americans. But what are the influences in this particular community, which appears to be breeding jihadists? These two individuals have been glibly written off as merely "losers." But that is not a sufficient explanation for why these converts to Islam traveled halfway across the world to join the jihadists of ISIS.

If several boys had graduated from a Birmingham or Biloxi high school and went on to become KKK thugs, there would be an understandable interest in finding out what, if anything, might have been going on at that high school that would cause not one, not two, but perhaps three boys to go down that road of hatred and violence. I suspect there would be considerable media interest in going to the school and interviewing students and teachers. Perhaps it is worth taking a look.

Minnesota's Twin Cities are a stronghold of the secular, radical left. The area is also increasingly a hotbed of radical Islamism. Both worldviews are defined by their hostility to Western civilization and our Judeo-Christian values.