Friday, November 20, 2015

FRC and Charlotte Lozier Institute Expose Abortion Coverage in Obamacare Plans

November 17, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. - This week, the Family Research Council and Charlotte Lozier Institute released information about abortion coverage in Obamacare plans for the 2016 enrollment period at The website informs site visitors about which plans in their state cover abortion on demand. Findings for this current enrollment period include:

  • Nationally, of all plans being offered on the exchange, an estimated 59% (around 1,106 plans) cover abortion on demand.
  • 2 states have abortion-only plan options (Hawaii, Vermont).
  • 8 states including the District of Columbia have 85% or more of the exchange plans covering abortion on demand.
  • 8 additional states have about 50% to 85% of the exchange plans covering abortion on demand.

Family Research Council's Arina Grossu, Director of the Center for Human Dignity, made the following comments:

"By updating for this current enrollment period, we are doing our best to inform Americans about abortion coverage in Obamacare plans -- which is something the Obama administration has failed to do.

"A‎lthough this information should be readily available state-by-state to consumers before they purchase plans, our organizations had to research each issuer in each state individually because many insurers have not provided this basic information. Oftentimes, the information was not evident on plan documents and representatives gave us conflicting information or even refused to reveal abortion coverage altogether.

"Imagine being told you must first buy a flat-screen TV before you find out its specifications. No buyer would stand for that. Why then, are insurers getting away with concealing from consumers vital information about abortion coverage and whether or not they will be forced to pay into life-destructive plans?

"As in previous years, the Obamacare exchanges lack transparency, often lack abortion-free options for many Americans, and continue to force taxpayers to pay for coverage of abortion on demand. This violates the moral objections of tens of millions of Americans, and must change,"concluded Grossu.