Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Increasingly Violent Resistance

By Gary L. Bauer

We have reported in the past about the growing violence on university campuses and attacks against conservatives in major cities. Physical assaults and violent attacks by the left are becoming more frequent. These are not isolated incidents by rogue leftists. It is part of a deliberate strategy to terrorize and silence conservatives.

That political debates can at times get heated and occasionally out of control is not surprising. Passions on hot button issues often run hot. But the left has a growing problem with violence and few responsible elected officials are calling them out about it.

The Occupy Wall Street movement, for example, formed to protest excesses in the financial industry, developed a lengthy rap sheet. Liberal pollster Doug Schoen surveyed the Occupy demonstrators and found that 31% supported violence to achieve their agenda.

Hillary Clinton's defeat did not result in any significant introspection by the left. It appears to have only further radicalized many in the "resistance." During Donald Trump's inauguration, they took to the streets of Washington, D.C., blocked public entrances, set trash on fire and attacked private property. I was accosted by two left-wing demonstrators while attempting to get to an inaugural event.

Remember the recent pipeline protests in North Dakota? Law enforcement officials collected 41 pages of social media posts against the police officers who had to confront the demonstrators. The names, addresses and pictures of law enforcement officers were posted online with threats like this one: "Every one of these cops has family . . . Make their family pay."

In one video, a progressive threatened to gang rape officers' family members and threatened to "kill your daughters, your mothers, your fathers, your grandparents, even you!"

As I wrote last week, the progressive left is increasingly engaging in fascist tactics, and The Daily Caller has outlined a number of shocking incidents. For example:

  • Last week, police in Tennessee charged an Obamacare supporter with felony reckless endangerment after she followed Rep. David Kustoff (R-TN) from a town hall event and attacked his vehicle.

  • Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) was also physically accosted by an Obamacare supporter.

    Again, my friends, these are not just spontaneous outbursts. The "Resistance" is embracing violence. Let me share with you what one Huffington Post writer suggested recently:

    "It's time to move beyond polite protests within specified boundaries. It's time to escalate the expression of our outrage and our anger in a massive way. Starting today and from here on, no elected official -- certainly those in the GOP defending and supporting Trump on a variety of issues, for example -- should be able to sit down for a nice, quiet lunch or dinner in a Washington, D.C. eatery or even in their own homes. They should be hounded by protestors everywhere, especially in public -- in restaurants, in shopping centers, in their districts, and yes, on the public property outside their homes and apartments, in Washington and back in their home states."

    Of course, at least two members of the Trump Administration have been harassed in public places. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was accosted at an Apple store. Omarosa Manigault was accosted while shopping at a northern Virginia mall.

    There was a time not that long ago during the Obama years when "civility in our public discourse" was all the rage among the media. Tea Party supporters were told to calm down and be quiet. Suddenly, those concerned media voices are silent. Virtually no one in the mainstream media or the liberal political establishment is calling out the Huffington Post for threatening Trump supporters in their homes or denouncing the left's embrace of violence.

  • Family Research Council Praises Trump Administration's Sweeping Implementation of Pro-life Mexico Ci

    May 15, 2017

    WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today the Trump administration's State Department began the implementation of the Mexico City Policy, a policy dating back to every Republican administration since Ronald Reagan's. The policy ensures American taxpayer dollars are prevented from going to any foreign group that performs abortions or "actively promotes" abortion as a method of family planning in other countries. However, President Trump has expanded the pro-life taxpayer protections to include global health dollars, so that it would apply to nearly nine billion dollars in U.S. taxpayer funds to foreign non-governmental organizations. The order ensures U.S. funds will continue to go to health care, humanitarian relief, and even family planning; it only blocks funding to those groups that perform or promote abortion.

    Family Research Council President Tony Perkins commented:

    "Today, President Trump fulfilled another campaign promise as the State Department began implementing the President's January 23 executive order barring U.S. funds from subsidizing foreign groups that perform or promote abortion. We applaud the Trump administration for not just stopping the pro-abortion policies of the Obama era, but putting in place policies that will reverse the destructive and immoral trends of the last eight years.

    "President Trump is keeping faith with the almost 60 percent of Trump voters who supported him and Vice President Pence based on their endorsement of the Republican Party's platform on life and religious liberty.

    "Family Research Council and the pro-life movement look forward to continuing to work with the Trump administration in bringing about a culture of life in which every child is welcomed into this world and protected under our laws, both here and abroad," concluded Perkins.

    Primary Election & REP Com MTG Notice

    ​​Good Morning,

    As you know, on June 13, 2017, a Primary Election for both Republican (and Democrat) parties is scheduled for the offices of Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, and Virginia House of Delegates members. 
     I anticipate receiving additional information on these races from each campaign during the next
    ​several ​

    Also, two Rappahannock Board of Supervisor positions and two ​Rappahannock School Board positions ​will be on our ballot for the November 2017 election. These positions are for Stonewall-Hawthorne (Scrabble) and Piedmont (Sperryville).  I will alert you to possible candidates on these races. 

    In the meantime, if you know of any eligible voters NOT YET REGISTERED TO VOTE IN THE PRIMARY ELECTION ON JUNE 13, the deadline to register or update an existing registration is Monday, May 22, 2017. 

    Our next Republican Committee Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 25 at 7:00 PM in the Rappahannock County Library.  Additional information on this meeting, as well as June 13 campaign data, will be forthcoming.     

    Have a great week!

    Evelyn Kerr, Chairman
    Rappahannock County Republican Committee

    Sunday, May 14, 2017

    Senator Mark Obenshain Statement on Gillespie Charter School Support

    May 11, 2017

    Democrat Opponents Oppose Charter Expansion in Virginia


    HARRISONBURG—Senator Mark Obenshain (R-Rockingham) expressed his appreciation on the announcement today by Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie that he supports charter school expansion should he be elected in November.  Obenshain commented about Gillespie's release.

    "I am proud to join Ed Gillespie in support of charter school expansion in Virginia.  I have been a passionate advocate for charter schools for more than a decade.  Virginia has just nine charter schools that serve 2,000 students.  If we are serious about providing a lifeline for children and parents in failing school divisions then that has to change," Obenshain said.

    "This past session I introduced SB1283 which would have created regional charter public school divisions, to serve localities in excess of 3,000 students, and with one or more schools having been denied accreditation two out of the past three years.  SB 1283 would have applied to just ten school divisions in Virginia, and would not have diverted any local taxpayer funding from schools.  Currently, charter schools in Virginia can only be authorized by their public school division. Unfortunately, Governor McAuliffie vetoed that bill."

    Obenshain continued, "It is unfortunate that Democratic gubernational candidates Ralph Northam and Tom Perriello have publicly stated they oppose charter schools.  These candidates continue to cater to the interests of teachers' unions over families and children facing failing schools.  Rather than offering a choice to children in failing school divisions, they prefer the status quo – failing grades, failing schools, and failing futures," said Obenshain.

    "Ed Gillespie understands the value of educational choice and the successes that charter schools have seen in Virginia and around the nation.  He will be a strong leader in education when elected Governor and will ensure every child has access to a quality education regardless of where they live," Obenshain continued.

    Read the Gillespie full press release on charter schools here

    Senator Obenshain represents the twenty-sixth district in the Virginia Senate.  The district includes the city of Harrisonburg and the counties of Warren, Shenandoah, Page, Rappahannock and Rockingham (part). He is Chair of the Senate Courts of Justice Committee and is Vice-Chair of the Virginia State Crime Commission.

    Family Research Council Commends Secretary Perdue's Policy Statement that Reflects Pres. Trump's Rel

    May 11, 2017

    FRC confident complaint filed by meat packing business will be resolved in light of new policy

    WASHINGTON, D.C. - Family Research Council offered praise for a new policy statement issued by Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue that reestablishes the "Department's commitment to safeguarding every American's First Amendment rights, particularly the right to free speech and the right to free religious exercise." The secretary goes further to say that "each and every USDA employee" is expected to uphold these freedoms and "doing so is not optional, and it is not discretionary." The statement pledges to foster a "climate of mutual respect and tolerance."

    Family Research Council President Tony Perkins released the following statement:

    "I commend Secretary Perdue for his commitment to safeguard not just our food quality but also the First Amendment freedoms of every American.

    "Under the last administration, the commitment to religious freedom was sorely lacking, and often undermined by regulations and guidelines across much of the government, including the USDA. Sadly, those Obama era policies continue to be used by some in the federal bureaucracy to censor and threaten people like the Vander Boon family who own a Michigan meat packing facility. Eighteen months ago, the USDA threatened to shut the family's business down, displacing 45 employees, if they place religious material concerning marriage in the breakroom of the business.

    "However, last Thursday, President Trump took the first step to provide relief for people like the Vander Boons when he signed an executive order defending religious liberty. This order made the important clarification of current laws that religious freedoms extend to the public square, not just one's place of worship. The order is now beginning to make its way through the Department of Agriculture and all the federal government agencies.

    "Family Research Council will work with the administration to ensure the practical effect of this policy protects the First Freedoms of Americans like Don Vander Boon. In light of Secretary Perdue's policy statement reestablishing respect for free speech and religious freedom, I am very optimistic that the Vander Boon's complaint against the USDA will be resolved in a positive manner that fully respects the First Amendment.

    "It is refreshing to have a president and administration that recognizes and understands the dangers of the anti-faith policies of the previous administration and are therefore committed to undo those policies and restoring true religious freedom. No American -- Christian or otherwise -- should have to choose between their careers and their faith," concluded Perkins.

    Video: Tony Perkins interviews Don Vander Boon


    Secretary Perdue policy statement:


    Alliance Defending Freedom's backgrounder on the case:


    Family Research Council Praises KY Court of Appeals Ruling in Favor of Christian Shop Owner

    May 12, 2017

    WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Kentucky Court of Appeals ruled today that Blaine Adamson, owner of Hands on Originals, has the freedom to decline orders that force him to promote messages contrary to his faith. In 2012, the Kentucky shop owner was targeted by a city commission after turning down a job to print rainbow t-shirts for a local gay pride parade. At the time, the Commission's Executive Director, Raymond Sexton, infamously said it's time for Christians in the marketplace "to leave their religion at home."

    Family Research Council President Tony Perkins released the following statement:

    "We are pleased to learn today that the Kentucky Court of Appeals has an understanding that the freedom of the press also includes t-shirt presses. This is a case in which it is difficult to overstate the enormous implications for both free speech and religious freedom. The court was presented with this question: Does government have the power to force citizens to engage in speech they disagree with. The answer is a clear 'no.'

    "This ruling affirms our nation's long history of protecting Americans from being compelled by the government to advocate a message to which one objects. We applaud our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom for prevailing over the notion that surrendering First Amendment rights is just the 'price of doing business.'

    "We hope to hear soon that the U.S. Supreme Court will accept the Masterpiece Cakeshop case and ensure that the owner, Jack Phillips, will be free to follow his religious beliefs without fear of punishment by the government," concluded Perkins.

    Family Research Council Congratulates Ken Blackwell on Appointment to Presidential Commission on Ele

    May 12, 2017

    Washington, D.C. -- Yesterday, President Donald Trump announced the formation of a bipartisan Presidential Commission on Election Integrity chaired by Vice President Mike Pence. Six other members were named to the commission including former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell who also serves as Senior Fellow for Human Rights and Constitutional Governance at the Family Research Council.

    Ken Blackwell is internationally recognized for his work on election integrity and serves as Chairman of the Board of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), a bipartisan organization that receives funding from USAID, the UN, and several other nations. He has also served as Co-Chairman of the U.S. Census Monitoring Board from 1999-2001. In 2009, Ken Blackwell co-authored an article published in the Yale Law and Policy Review entitled "Protecting Every Citizen's Vote by Safeguarding the Integrity of the Ballot Box."

    The White House announcement states that the commission will "study vulnerabilities in voting systems used for federal elections that could lead to improper voter registrations, improper voting, fraudulent voter registrations, and fraudulent voting. The Commission will also study concerns about voter suppression, as well as other voting irregularities. The Commission will utilize all available data, including state and federal databases."

    Family Research Council President Tony Perkins offered the following congratulatory remarks:

    "For many years, I have known and worked with Ken Blackwell on some of the toughest issues facing our nation. From the lowest levels of city government to the international level of monitoring elections overseas, I can't think of anyone better prepared to help ensure that our democratic system is a fair and honest one. I am fully confident that our electoral process will be well-served by this dedicated public servant.

    "While the voting booth opens the door to many opportunities, corruption and manipulation should not be one of them. That's why I am encouraged to see the president moving to fulfill his campaign promise to strengthen the integrity of our elections.

    "Every American, whether Republican or Democrat, have a stake in election integrity -- something that never should be taken for granted," concluded Perkins.

    Pres. Trump Delivers a Message of Courage in Liberty University Commencement Address

    May 13, 2017

    Washington, D.C. -- This morning, President Donald Trump gave the commencement address at Liberty University to a crowd of more than 50,000 people -- his first commencement address since becoming president.

    "President Trump delivered an outstanding message today that I believe will resonate not only among Liberty University graduates but among Christians throughout America and around the world," said Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, an alumnus of Liberty University.

    A highlight of the president's address was when he stated, "I know that each of you will be a warrior for the truth, the country and your family. Following your convictions means you must be willing to face criticism from those who lack the courage to do what's right. Be true to yourself, your country, and your beliefs," he told the graduates. The president later added, "Always have the courage to be yourself."

    "The president is exactly right," noted Perkins. "The ability to offer deliverance and freedom to others is lost when we as Christians shrink back from living and proclaiming the truth of God. Jesus called us to act for the benefit of others, rather than in fear. We are called to stand with resolve, in service to the One who saved us. We have been called to live with no fear."

    "Twenty five years ago, I remember my own graduation at Liberty University. It's a great credit to the university—the largest Christian college in America—that President Trump has chosen it as the place to make his first commencement address. Today was a great day for the University, its president, Jerry Falwell Jr., and a great day for the legacy of my friend, mentor, and Liberty's founder, Dr. Jerry Falwell," added Perkins.

    "I look forward to this president continuing his work to advance religious liberty so that these graduates will have the freedom to do what the president challenged them to do today," concluded Perkins.

    May 23rd: AFP Tour Coming to Culpeper featuring Delegate Freitas

    You are cordially invited to Americans for Prosperity's state policy event in Culpeper on May 23rd.  Our Pathway to Prosperity Tour welcomes state legislators to talk about advancing policies to improve economic growth, lower taxation, and provide school choice for Virginia families.


    We are happy to feature Delegate Nick Freitasat the Culpeper event.  Additional state legislators have been invited.


    Join us at 6:30pm on Tuesday, May 23rd at Luigi's Restaurant in Culpeper.  AFP is providing a complimentary dinner for all attendees.


    This is a free event.  However, we need each to register in advance. 


    Register today via our Eventbrite link:  https://pathtoprosperityculpeper.eventbrite.com


    For more information or assistance with registration contact AFP Senior Director Flint Engleman @ 540-226-4591.


    For Economic Freedom,


    Flint Engleman | Western Region Senior Director | Americans for Prosperity-Virginia

    m: 540.226.4591 | e: FEngleman@afphq.org  

    Wednesday, May 10, 2017

    Tonight: FOIA Training in Rappahannock County


    Don't forget the Friends of Liberty sponsored Freedom of Information Act training session conducted by Maria J.K. Everett, executive director and senior attorney of the Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council. The program will run from 7:00-9:00 PM, Wednesday May 10th, at the Court House on Gay Street. The session is free and open to the public.
    FOIA has been a hotbed of discussion in Rappahannock County and this program will help to alleviate fears and concerns of the Act, and help clarify how everyone can, and must comply with the law.
    We hope many of you will take the time to attend this very timely presentation.

    Michael A. Cioffi

    A nation of sheep breeds
    a government of wolves.

    Thursday, May 4, 2017

    Registration Open for Congressman Tom Garrett's May 9th Town Hall Meeting

    Registration for tickets to the Tom Garrett Town Hall Meeting in Moneta, VA (May 9th) is open.
    Please help us spread the word to your friends.
    Come to help outside showing support for our Congressman and President.

    Upcoming AFP Skyline Region Events

    Good Afternoon!


    Americans for Prosperity has several events coming up soon in the 20 county area of the Skyline Region.  You're invited to join us as we advance economic freedom in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 


    AFP is a public policy, grassroots organization committed to limited government and advocate for policies to limit taxation, improve health care access, explore energy resources, and expand school choice options for Virginians.


    Featured Event


    Defending the American Dream Summit

    Saturday, August 19 Richmond Marriott, Richmond, Virginia

    Our 11th annual national summit with top level speakers

    Early purchasetickets are going fast!

    Purchase tickets here:  https://2017dads.eventbrite.com



    May Events


    Tuesday, May 9 @ 7:00pm

    Insight to Action Lecture Series

    Topic:  The Sordid History of Political Correctness

    Location:  Charlottesville AFP Office

    Light meal provided.

    Register for free here:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/afp-foundation-va-insight-to-action-political-correctness-a-sordid-history-charlottesville-tickets-32272640336


    Wednesday, May 17  6:30-8:30pm

    AFP Charlottesville Phone Bank

    Dinner provided to all participants!

    Location:  Charlottesville AFP Office

    More info/Sign-up:  Email FEngleman@afphq.org


    Saturday, May 2010:00am-6:00pm 

    AFP Day of Action Phone Bank

    Complimentary breakfast and lunch

    Location:  Hotel Harrisonburg Conference Room (Rt 33 near I-81 exit)

    More info/Sign-up:  Email FEngleman@afphq.org


    Tuesday, May 23 7:00pm

    Path to Prosperity Event in Culpeper

    Hear your State Delegate and Senator speak on economic freedom

    Complimentary refreshments

    Culpeper location to be announced soon! 

    More info:  FEngleman@afphq.org


    Wednesday, May 31 @ 7:00pm

    Insight to Action Lecture Series

    Topic:  The Power of Economic Freedom

    Location:  Harrisonburg Hampton Inn (Route 33 near Valley Mall)

    Light meal provided.

    Register for free here:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/afp-foundation-va-insight-to-action-forum-the-power-of-economic-freedom-harrisonburg-tickets-33398422581


    Coming Soon!

    Path to Prosperity Tour

    Hear your State legislators talk about economic freedom!

    May-July at four locations in Skyline Region.  Including:  Culpeper, Winchester, Harrisonburg, and Charlottesville.

    Dates and locations to be announced soon.



    For more information or to sign-up for any event, feel free to contact Flint Engleman @ FEngleman@afphq.org


    Flint Engleman | Western Region Senior Director | Americans for Prosperity-Virginia

    m: 540.226.4591 | e: FEngleman@afphq.org 

    Family Research Council Praises House for Defunding Planned Parenthood, Replacing Obamacare

    May 4, 2017

    WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today the U.S. House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act of 2017 (AHCA). AHCA, for one year, would eliminate more than $390 million (over 86%) of over $450 million in annual federal funding to Planned Parenthood, from all mandatory spending programs. This is identical to the provision ruled to comply with the Senate's Byrd Rule in 2015. AHCA also redirects funding to community health centers which outnumber Planned Parenthood facilities 20 to 1 and offer a wider array of health care services, but not abortion. AHCA also repeals Obamacare abortion subsidies, adds reforms to give states more flexibility and lower costs, and provides families more options.

    Family Research Council (FRC) announced last month that it would score in favor of the American Health Care Act. This was the first time FRC has announced a plan to score a health care related bill in the new Congress.

    Family Research Council President Tony Perkins released the following statement:

    "Today is a day that should and will be remembered. The House GOP today fulfilled its nearly decade old promise to pass a bill that replaces Obamacare with a law that is pro-life and reduces premium costs for the American people.

    "We are proud of the House Freedom Caucus for working diligently in coalition with conservative groups and others to make this day possible. After entrusting the GOP with authority to lead the country based upon their campaign promises, the House GOP has made good on turning promises into policy. Now it is time for the Senate to follow in the House's footsteps and pass the AHCA, so that this vital legislation can be signed into law by President Trump who understands the value of every person, born and unborn.

    "As a nation, we are without excuse in paying for abortion on demand in Obamacare and subsidizing Planned Parenthood's gruesome trafficking of baby body parts and its inhumane treatment of mothers and their unborn children.

    "I look forward to even more pro-life gains under the Trump administration, as we continue to move toward once again being a nation where all human life is welcomed into the world and protected under our laws," Perkins concluded.

    Family Research Council Applauds Pres. Trump for Acting on Promise to Protect Religious Liberty

    May 4, 2017

    WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins was at the White House for the signing ceremony of an executive order protecting religious liberty. The President's new order ensures the freedom of all Americans to believe and act in accordance with their beliefs. The executive order makes clear that the administration will pursue policies that "protect and vigorously promote religious liberty."

    Family Research Council President Tony Perkins released the following statement:

    "The President's executive order is a clear reflection of his campaign promise to protect the religious freedoms of Americans. President Trump is taking a significant first step to defending religious liberty. In working with the Trump administration, it is clear that they both recognize and understand the dangers of the anti-faith policies of the previous administration and are therefore committed to undoing those policies and restoring true religious freedom. The freedom to live out faith in all areas of society without government punishment or intimidation is what has made America great.

    "Finally, the federal government realizes the immoral and insane mandate that forces organizations like the Little Sisters of the Poor to include contraception and abortifacients in their healthcare plans. No longer will the IRS muzzle the speech of pastors and non-profit organizations and the Department of Justice will address the host of other anti-religious policies and actions launched by the previous administration by issuing guidelines for all federal agencies. The guidelines will ensure religious beliefs and actions are respected and protected.

    "This step today starts the process of reversing the devastating trend set by the last administration to punish charities, pastors, family owned businesses and honest, hard-working people simply for living according to their faith. This trend is in part why 60 percent of Trump voters in the last election said they were more likely to vote for him because the GOP platform is very clear on religious liberty and unborn life.

    "The open season on Christians and other people of faith is coming to a close in America and we look forward to assisting the Trump administration in fully restoring America's First Freedom," concluded Perkins.