Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Path to Freebies

By Bob Dewey

The wisdom of our Founders is finally being recognized. The purpose and constraint of the "Enumerated Powers" provision in the Constitution has been made clear. A "Freebee" is hard to take back. The "Enumerated Powers" offered no "Freebees" to the voting public. Our public policy is now awash in "Freebees".

The path to our current "Freebee" station is clear. 1913 was a banner year. Both the 16th Amendment, which destroyed the marriage between taxation and representation, and the 17th Amendment, which effectively silenced the political voice of the Sovereign States in the Congress, were ratified. 1937 brought us the Supreme Court approval of the "New Deal" and the destruction of the "Enumerated Powers". Remember the "Court packing" threat. 1964 presented us with the "Great Society" gaggle of "Freebee" legislation. 2010 gifted us with the "Student Loan" and "Obamacare" legislation "Freebee" merger. The nation was but one step away from total dominance by the "Elite Political Establishment".

Contrary to the apparent beliefs of the two political marketing companies, the Democrat and Republican political parties, the American People understood that there was something wrong. Remember the over half a million person turnout of "Tea Partyers" on the Washington Mall in 2010 and the loss of the House to Republicans. The tide was turning. Down the escalator came a guy who said "Make America Great Again". Despite the stacking of the primary list with 16 other candidates and the political hijinks by the Republican Party, he won. The last step to political dominance by the "Elite Political Establishment" was, on 8 November 2016, left hanging in mid air.

The problem recognized by our Founders was simple, no "Freebees". The political issue today is not Obamacare. It is how to wean "We the people" off of "Freebees".

"Freebees" ain't free.