Sunday, August 13, 2017

Virginians must rally with President Trump

By Bob Dewey

The Republican Party did not win the 2016 election, Donald Trump did on behalf of the American people not a political party. The reason for the unsuccessful but continuing Democrat and Republican joint effort against President Trump is that the "Forgotten American People" found a leader.

Virginians have the opportunity in 2017 to demonstrate to the nation what "We the people" can do to join President Trump with "our" campaign "To make America Great Again". Virginians can stand united to expand the political fight to again govern as intended by our Founders. The national political parties have contrived a role for the Senate not expressed by our Constitution. The Senate was created to represent the several Sovereign States not political parties which have their own agendas. Obamacare and "Repeal and Replace" are the poster children of the Senatorial corruption.

Virginians must inspire the Virginia Republican candidates to rally in common cause with President Trump by advocating a restructuring of Virginia's statewide election process to remove the political power of the national political parties. A statewide election by Legislative District would remove the current national political party power and restore Virginia's intended station in the Senate. Let the results of state elections be the voice of Virginians not a national political party. Champion for Virginia to be a beacon, shining for the citizens of other states, to follow in our common march behind President Trump's campaign to "Drain the Swamp" for "Forgotten Americans".

This is the election for citizens of the Commonwealth to stand and shoulder the responsibilities of our heritage. If we are silent, we bow to our current station as serfs to our "Elite Political Establishment" Masters.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

AFP: See VP Mike Pence in Virginia!

Americans for Prosperity is excited to announce Vice President of the United States,Mike Pence, will be the keynote speaker at our National Summit on Saturday, August 19th at the Richmond Marriott-Downtown.  Vice President Pence will be on the main stage talking about economic freedom and advancing prosperity for America.


Register soon!  Tickets will be going quickly with this announcement.



AFP has a growing list of speakers and panelists that will be in Richmond on August 19th.  Including:

  • Forbes Incorporated CEO, Steve Forbes
  • FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai
  • President of Americans for Prosperity, Tim Phillips
  • Virginia candidate for Governor, Ed Gillespie
  • Virginia candidate for Lt. Governor, Jill Vogel
  • Virginia candidate for Attorney General, John Adams
  • Farm rights advocate, Martha Boneta


AFP Virginia is excited to be hosting our 11th National Defending the American Dream Summit in Richmond.  A great venue at the Richmond Marriott-Downtown.  The event starts at 9:30am and concludes at 5:30pm.  Your ticket purchase includes full access to all Summit speaker and break-out sessions as well as lunch.


Register today!  Click this link to purchase your tickets via our Eventbrite link:



Americans for Prosperity is a grassroots, policy organization committed to limited government.  We advocate for policies to limit taxation, improve health care access, explore energy resources, and expand school choice options for Virginians. 


We look forward to seeing you on August 19th!


For Freedom,


Flint Engleman | Western Region Senior Director | Americans for Prosperity-Virginia

m: 540.226.4591 | e:   

Sunday, August 6, 2017

“Ed Gillespie will be a strong education governor for Virginia”

August 2, 2017

What They Are Saying:

"Ed Gillespie will be a strong education governor for Virginia"

Honorary Policy Chair and former governor George Allen: "Ed Gillespie will be a strong education governor for Virginia. That's important, because I believe that education and public safety are the top two responsibilities of state government. And, the best way to pay for these priorities is with a vibrant economy. Ed's education plan recognizes the need to innovatively provide better opportunities for young people to learn core academic subjects as well as skills to ultimately gain good paying jobs.  And, there's no backsliding from the principles of accountability: What gets measured, gets better. And, when Governor Gillespie delivers on his promise of access for every child to an excellent education, the student and Virginia will grow and thrive."

Speaker Bill Howell: "Virginia should be first in the nation when it comes to educational opportunities for our children. Education is the foundation to fuel prosperity and growth. We owe every child the opportunity to attend an excellent public school. Ed will work every day to make that happen."

Policy Leadership Team Co-Chair Speaker-designee Kirk Cox: "As a retired teacher, lawmaker and parent I know that Virginia will be better off thanks to Ed Gillespie's education policies. I look forward to working alongside Ed, Jill Vogel and John Adams to advance student-centered policies for Virginia."

Policy Leadership Team Co-Chair Senator Mark Obenshain: "I've worked for years to advance high-quality public charter schools for our underserved communities. The McAuliffe-Northam Administration continues to stand in the way of any meaningful progress for Virginia's children. Ed Gillespie will be a strong partner to get things done for Virginia's kids." 

Education Working Group Co-Chair Delegate Dave LaRock: "I am proud to support Ed Gillespie's plan to get Virginia back to number one in education. That means bringing innovation to education, rewarding excellence and celebrating teachers. Ed will be a governor for ALL Virginians."

Chairman of the Senate Education and Health Committee Senator Steve Newman: "Virginia needs Ed Gillespie's leadership to strengthen our K-12 education system. The focus of Ed's plan is on students' outcomes and parental choice.  Ed understands that strong and motivated teachers are good for Virginia's education system and our local schools.  Ed and will ensure Virginia students receive an education tailored to their needs, so that every child is most likely to succeed."

Education Working Group Co-Chair Delegate Tag Greason: "Education is the key to unlocking Virginia's full potential, and Ed Gillespie is the leader we need to keep moving forward. His comprehensive Education plan will help all Virginia Students succeed, allowing for more personalized learning and individual student growth."

House Education Committee Chairman Delegate Steve Landes: "The House of Delegates Education Committee has taken great strides to advance teacher leadership, innovation, more opportunities and excellence for Virginia's children. Ed's plan is thoughtful, creative and student-centered."

House Appropriations K-12 Subcommittee Chairman Delegate Jimmie Massie: "Virginia needs a governor who is willing to fight for our children and inject innovation into our K-12 education system. Ed's plan strikes the right balance between accountability and flexibility. Opportunities for Virginia's children will be much better because of Ed Gillespie's education policies."

Delegate and Retired Teacher Dickie Bell: "As a retired teacher, I am delighted to support Ed's agenda for Virginia's students. Teachers across the Commonwealth will benefit from an education system that rewards innovation. I am proud to support Ed and his vision for education."

Former President of the Virginia State Board of Education Chris Braunlich: "Ed Gillespie understands that every parent wants their child's education to lead them to a good job and a bright future, and every child in Virginia deserves the best education we can give them.  Ed's education plan embraces innovations that will improve children's educational outcomes, powers teachers to excellence, and meets the needs of an increasingly diverse Virginia."

Chesapeake School Board Member Sam Boone: "As a school board member in Chesapeake, I work hard every day to ensure Virginia's children receive the best education possible. I'm proud to support Ed's agenda and look forward to having a strong partner in the governor's office in Ed Gillespie."

Harrisonburg City School Board Member Kaylene Seigle: "Ed is dedicated to providing an excellent education for all Virginia students. I'm proud to support Ed in his run for governor. He will make things better for Virginia parents, students, teachers and school leaders - Ed is the best choice for education."

Teacher Leslie Lenhert: "I appreciate the fact Ed has taken the time to listen to teachers to determine how they can be supported in the classroom. He is dedicated to putting forth policies to address the needs of ALL students."

Education Advocate Antione Green: "Ed Gillespie's heart for children and opportunity is what drives him every day. I applaud Ed for his strong leadership and big ideas. This plan is good for families, students, teachers and school leaders. Ed will be a strong governor for Virginia."

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Saturday, August 5, 2017

A Political Condition

By Bob Dewey

In the early 1970's, female contraception became very effective. Women became singularly influential in the decision to have a child. This is an issue today because the Federal deficit spending is driven by the "assistance programs" targeting, in large part, single parent families.

Why, when we have such effective female contraception, are 41% of all births today out of wedlock? Why have we forsaken our heritage of self reliance and the arms of family for government domination?

A most limited glance at American political history answers from whence came the siren's call. The 1913 Progressive Movement's Constitutional Amendments, the Roosevelt "New Deal" and the Johnson "Great Society" set the stage for the application of Saul Alinsky's "Divide and Conquer" political campaign strategy which the Democratic Party has employed for decades. Republicans, while politically incompetent, hold hands with the Democrats in this matter and create the "Elite Political Establishment", better known as "The Swamp".

It is a terrible thing to find that God's gift of birth has become a political marker.
The question is, do we wish to allow this political condition to persist? The concept of marriage has been reduced from an obligation to insure that God's gift is placed in the arms of loving responsible parents, to a political theme. A lack of commitment to marriage by parents adds power to "the swamp's" station.

Approximately 25% of the Federal Budget targets welfare programs. Some 80% of that goes to single parent families. It must then be acknowledged that unwed mothers and divorced parents are a significant cause of the Federal Deficit. Is our Christian Heritage so tarnished that we find no problem with this?

When did the Halls of Congress repeal the responsibilities of our Christian Heritage? 1937, "The New Deal".