Sunday, August 13, 2017

Virginians must rally with President Trump

By Bob Dewey

The Republican Party did not win the 2016 election, Donald Trump did on behalf of the American people not a political party. The reason for the unsuccessful but continuing Democrat and Republican joint effort against President Trump is that the "Forgotten American People" found a leader.

Virginians have the opportunity in 2017 to demonstrate to the nation what "We the people" can do to join President Trump with "our" campaign "To make America Great Again". Virginians can stand united to expand the political fight to again govern as intended by our Founders. The national political parties have contrived a role for the Senate not expressed by our Constitution. The Senate was created to represent the several Sovereign States not political parties which have their own agendas. Obamacare and "Repeal and Replace" are the poster children of the Senatorial corruption.

Virginians must inspire the Virginia Republican candidates to rally in common cause with President Trump by advocating a restructuring of Virginia's statewide election process to remove the political power of the national political parties. A statewide election by Legislative District would remove the current national political party power and restore Virginia's intended station in the Senate. Let the results of state elections be the voice of Virginians not a national political party. Champion for Virginia to be a beacon, shining for the citizens of other states, to follow in our common march behind President Trump's campaign to "Drain the Swamp" for "Forgotten Americans".

This is the election for citizens of the Commonwealth to stand and shoulder the responsibilities of our heritage. If we are silent, we bow to our current station as serfs to our "Elite Political Establishment" Masters.