Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Oct. 25th: VCDL Meeting in Madison




Meeting of the


7 p.m.

Friday, October 25, 2019

War Memorial Building, Second Floor

2 S. Main Street



Learn about this non-partisan, non-profit organization of fellow citizens committed to our Constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms. 


Hear what's at stake in Virginia and what you and others might do to keep our rights alive. 


Special Guest Speaker:  Delegate Nick Freitas, member, Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee




7:00 PM
Confirmed by Campaign or Candidate so far

Board of Supervisors, Jackson District
Toni Williams, Bernard Hill

 Unopposed Candidate
 Trevillian District, Eric Purcell

Commissioner of Revenue
Charles Rosson, Dan Braswell

Sheriff Louisa County
Troy Painting, Donnie Lowe

Virginia State Senate, 
Senator Mark Peake, Amie  Laufer

House of Delegates
John McGuire, Jaunita Jo Matkins

U.S. Congress, 7th District
Abigail Spanberger, Tina Ramirez,
Peter Greenwald

Join us Tonight! AFP Presentation on Government Cronyism

A quick reminder fortonight's AFP Foundation educational presentation titled, Government Cronyism Exposed.


Hear how politicians and lobbyists often work together to subvert the free market by using taxpayer dollars to pick winners and losers in the economy. 


Please join us at 6:30pm this evening and enjoy a complimentary dinner courtesy of AFP Foundation.


Insight to Action Lecture Series

Topic:  Government Cronyism Exposed

Tonight!  Tuesday, October 22nd  6:30-8:00pm

Charlottesville AFP Office

375 Greenbrier Drive, Suite 102



Let us know you're coming!  Simply reply back to this email or call (540)226-4591 to RSVP.


I hope you can join us this tonight to see the impact of cronyism on our society.


For Freedom,


Flint Engleman

Grassroots Engagement Director

Americans for Prosperity-Virginia | Skyline Region

540.226.4591 | FEngleman@afphq.org   

Sunday, October 20, 2019

UVA College Republicans: Updates, Upcoming Events

Good evening,

Since you last heard from us, the UVA CRs campaign machine has been in full motion! With just sixteen days left until election day, the Hoos are fighting their hardest to ensure that we hold our majorities this November.


Call Nights

We've had three call nights in the last two weeks that have been well attended by our eager volunteers. In addition to our two weekly call nights, when we made calls for our General Assembly candidates, we also held one on Wednesday night to help out one of our local candidates, Steve Harvey. Harvey, who is running for the White Hall seat on the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, brought pizza and made calls with us. The Hoos proved that we understand the importance of electing Republicans at all levels!

Deployment for Delegate Bell

Last Sunday, we deployed to Elkton, VA to knock doors for Delegate Rob Bell. Several cars of volunteers, many of whom had never campaigned before, headed to the area to remind voters of the upcoming election. Delegate Bell expressed his appreciation by hosting a pizza party at his house. Needless to say, everyone had a great time and can't wait to see what all Delegate Bell will accomplish as he continues to serve in the House of Delegates!


Thursday, we devoted our meeting to amending our chapter's constitution. Among the many amendments, one of the most prominent was the formal creation of the Outreach Coordinator position. This position, which has proven vital in our efforts to connect with more students on Grounds and members of the community, is now officially part of the club's Executive Board and will be able to continue to provide invaluable service to our organization as such.

Upcoming Events

Call Night

As usual, we'll be hosting our weekly call night tomorrow night. This one is unique, however, as we'll be co-hosting it with Hoos for Life, the premier pro-life organization on Grounds at UVA. Accordingly, we'll be making calls for pro-life candidates, including Jen Kiggans and Geary Higgins (both state Senate candidates). 

Tidewater Deployment

This weekend, CRFV will be holding its third and final deployment in the Tidewater area for Jen Kiggans for state Senate and Chris Stolle for House of Delegates. If the first two deployments were any indication of the momentum that the CRs across this Commonwealth have for holding our majorities, then this one should drive the point home!

That's all we have for you now. Thank you for your continued support of UVA CRs!

If you would like to donate to support our efforts to elect strong Republican candidates and help us grow our conservative community, you can do so by clicking the following link or by mailing cash or a check payable to "The College Republicans at the University of Virginia" to 304 14th St. NW #25, Charlottesville, VA 22903. 


Stay right,


The 2019-20 Executive Board

Matthew Nalls, President

Cameron Cox, Vice President of Campaigns and Advocacy

Riley Creamer, Vice President of Operations

Chris Tomlin, Secretary

Matt Ryan, Treasurer

Devan Coombes, Director of Communications and Recruitment

Chloe Sparwath, Outreach Coordinator

Saturday, October 19, 2019

November 19th - Former Delegate Winsome E. Sears at MCRW

History-making former Delegate Winsome Earle Sears will be the Guest Speaker at the Tuesday, November 19th Madison County Republican Women's meeting, 6:00-8:30 PM. Winsome served as a Marine, is a former congressional candidate, the author of "Stop Being A Christian Wimp!", and a motivational speaker.


The menu will feature favorite pasta dishes with great sides and desserts by MCRW members. Dinner: $8. Everyone is invited to attend this informative meeting. Location: Madison Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall, 1236 Fishback Road, Rt. 722 at the north traffic light. For more information, please call (540) 923-4109.

Tuesday in Charlottesville! AFP Presentation on Government Cronyism

Coming up this Tuesday evening in Charlottesville! 


Americans for Prosperity welcomes you to hear our presentation on government cronyism.  Hear how politicians and lobbyists often work together to subvert the free market by using taxpayer dollars to pick winners and losers in the economy.  Our speaker is a Senior Presenter from Grassroots Leadership Academy.


Join us at 6:30pm Tuesday and enjoy a complimentary dinner courtesy of AFP Foundation.


Insight to Action Lecture Series

Topic:  Government Cronyism Exposed

Tuesday, October 22nd  6:30-8:00pm

Charlottesville AFP Office

375 Greenbrier Drive, Suite 102



Register today!  Simply reply back to this email or click this link for free registration:  https://americansforprosperityfoundation.ivolunteers.com/Events/AFPF-Virginia-Hoodwinked-Bamboozled-Horrors-of-Economic-Development


I hope you can join us this Tuesday to see the impact of cronyism on our society.


For Liberty,


Flint Engleman

Grassroots Engagement Director

State Education Strategic Coordinator

Americans for Prosperity-Virginia | Skyline Region

540.226.4591 | FEngleman@afphq.org   

Facebook Pics of the Day

How Would We Ever Transition From A Republic To Socialism?

Private Property Rights, Inheritance and More

By Kim Smith

Perhaps you can help.  How do we go from being a nation born in liberty, with inalienable rights to the individual, to a (probably borderless) nation where the "government" is preeminent, controlling what we can do, be and own? 

When I look out my windows or drive through Madison County, I see lush landscape of farms, forests, homes with families who don't live on top of their neighbors.  From a large view, only part of the mountains belongs to the state – the rest, like our farms, forests, and communities, are largely owned by individuals or families.

Thoughts about private property and inheritance intrude on these reflections.  So in search of the "what's" of socialism, lots came into view.  Comments are frequently on the order of "At the turn of the 21st century, virtually all of Russian land was still publicly owned" ("Aspects of property law in communist and post-communist countries" – which the word "socialism" was used interchangeably) and, with respect to the few exceptions, "the rights can be terminated by the state without due process procedures".  Or in Romania, where "public property belongs to the state" and include "minerals, water with energy potential, territorial waters and beaches" (about which we don't yet have to worry).  Or China, where "all land is owned by the public".

On inheritance, "the abolition of private property was one of the most important elements to end inequality and exploitation and to establish socialism and communism" which "naturally required the abolition of the right of inheritance".  The ultimate goal behind this policy was the "withering away of the family".  There were heavy death taxes – 90%, but there was some inheritance allowed – to minor children, spouses, and "property-less relatives or strangers incapable of working who had been dependent upon the deceased".   The collectivization of land, it should be noted, caused the death of many "prominent legal experts" and "peasants".  (Might be important to determine the 21st century definition of American peasant".) 

And when it comes to your private house, oops, if it's too large, it might get divided into apartments.  The state will decide.  If it burns down, you might not be able to replace it – but instead have to build multiple housing units.

How does the ideal of socialism – a classless society –
 square with thoughts such as this: "The rules of human behavior, established by the state power, as the power of the ruling class in society… sanctioned by the state power and enforced by the state apparatus …to be profitable and pleasing to the ruling class".
If alarm bells aren't going off big time, we need to talk!

But don't despair, it will be over quickly if we once again fall asleep at the wheel.  We have the lovely proposals of the Democratic candidates for President and their minions.  Add them up.  Medicare for All (aka Health Care for None): Sanders - $32.6 Trillion over 10 years; Green New Deal – AOC - $93 Trillion; Free Child Care – Warren - $1.7 billion over ten years;  Debt-Free or Free College – Sanders - $800 Billion over 10 years, Warren -  $640 billion up front plus $1.25 Trillion over 10, plus $1.5 Trillion in immediate forgiveness; Guaranteed Income – Yang - $3 Trillion annually; Reparations – Williamson - $100 Billion over 10 years; Affordable Housing – Warren - $445 Billion; Teacher Aide – Harris - $315 Billion.  And we can't forget the repeal of the tax cuts or the possibility of a 'failed everywhere it's been tried" Wealth Tax.  We won't need to worry about losing our private property or having to leave it to strangers.  We'll be dead broke as a nation.

There is one final saving grace.  Researchers from the University of Munich and Duke University did a study, the conclusion of which was "the longer people live under socialism, the more their value system erodes".  You might not even realize what you've lost!

A Giant Leap to Socialism

By Bob Hill

Today sitting on the patio looking at the Mountains of Madison County,
as I consider events in recent decades, I ponder "Do I want or expect
the Government to take care of me?"  How would the early citizens of
these  mountains  respond?   Probably with stark amazement and 
disbelief at the thought, I asked a couple of descendants of families
which were forced to leave their mountain homes to make way for
Shenandoah Park, "do you want the government to take care of you?"  One
notable reply was "I won't bother the government and I don't want it to
bother me!" After more than 80 years since the displacement, they are
still bitter.  The Mountain people have historically been independent
freedom lovers.  In their opinion, they were double crossed by the
government.  The Hoover administration gave the Mountaineers assurances
that "cooperate with us and you can stay on your land if you want to."
Not long after the Democratic administration of Franklin Roosevelt took
office, the promise was rescinded.  Not too much later the Mountaineers
were forced to leave home and lands their families (in some cases) had
lived on for over 200 years. In cases where they resisted, Virginia
National Guard loaded as many members of a family as they could catch
into open dump trucks, along with their belongings, burned their house,
then took them to a new replacement home, usually in the valley. 
Several of these descendants are  my neighbors,  great people  still
with independent spirits.

This was real!  It really happened here. Freedom-- we Americans take it
for granted until we lose it! "Creeping Socialism" only a few years ago
was decried by both major parties.  It was considered derogatory along
with terms like "Nanny State", and was as repugnant as communism and
commune!  Not true for today's Democratic Party.  Nationally the Dems
have openly embraced extreme socialism with a giant leap, no more
creeping.  "You can stay on your land if you want to" has a familiar
ring as in "you can keep your doctor if you want to".  That hasn't
worked too well either.  Technically, the Mountaineers were "made
whole".  They got a new house and land, in the valley where there were
doctors available, schools closer, and even a few stores. They were paid
for their property, seldom more than ten dollars an acre.  There was no
compensation for loss of freedom.

Continuing my musing while admiring Old Rag Mountain.  I asked myself
"If the Dems are elected and can enact the "Green New Deal" just how bad
would that be for me?  I easily came up with "the dirty dozen elements
of Socialism".

(1)    My taxes are going way up.
Most of the countries where Socialism reigns have personal income tax
rates between 45% and 65%. Sweden, considered a very successful
socialist government, forecasts a personal income tax rate of 63% next
year! Sweden has its own problems, its citizens are living longer, and
needing more support in general.  Their socialistic government gets
bigger and more expensive.  So far annual tax increases seem to be their
only solution.
(2)    Private ownership of guns regulated.
My ability to own guns of my choice will be eliminated and regulated.  A
national registry of all guns is foreseen.
(3)    National Health Care
Health care will be a completely governmental function, with fewer
choices left to me.  I may not be able to have my physician of choice
even if I pay for it.  (See option 1)
(4)  Education will be closely controlled
Indoctrination of socialistic concepts will start in the early grades.
History will be taught that emphasizes the good of socialism and the
evils of capitalism and individualism.
(5)  Travel will be regulated
A government entity will be deciding most aspects of travel. Government
issued travel permits may be required. Note: From 2000-2010 I worked
with a Humanitarian Aid Organization in an emerging African country. In
2005 the government welcomed us to work on improving water systems. In
2006 we went to work on classrooms and library structures. However, we
needed travel permits to leave the capital city, and there were check
points along the route where we were halted.  Calls were made back to
the gov't travel office to verify that we were there properly. It wasn't
just us as foreigners but the local citizens were similarly affected. 
In 2009 we were asked to come back to complete a school for their
growing refugee community. On arrival in the capital, we immediately
went to the travel office to obtain permits.  We were told "your permits
are being processed, come back tomorrow and enjoy our capital." This
went on for several days until it became clear we wouldn't ever get the
permits. Did I mention the government of this country is now communist?
(6) Jobs and Employment
(7) The Economy, and
(8) Business (particularly one making a profit), are all strictly
controlled as the level of socialism grows.
In the country I just mentioned, socialism crept in from democracy in
1992 to full-blown communism after the Chinese model in 2010.
(9) Media and Communications
Today in this African country all news reporting is controlled, even
access to the internet. By international agreement, even satellite
communication is closely regulated. The only TV station is the
government station.
(10) Housing and Property
As we move from capitalism to socialism in government, private ownership
recedes.  Today we have the capability to "go to court" to contest
government takeover during Right of Eminent Domain property seizures.
The concept of "being made whole" will move from the court to being
decided by a governmental entity.
(11)  Agriculture
Individually, we believe it's our property---right? We grow crops to
make a profit; however, even now, our government regulates, subsidizes,
and greatly influences the amount, location, and the crop selection.
Further governmental control is exercised through public ownership of
water and ranch land. In my African country, the government now controls
the seeds, the water, and equipment.
(12) Recreation
In an extreme socialistic country, the government decides what
recreation pursuits are good and appropriate.  Hunting is strictly
forbidden, American football and similar contact sports are banned as
being too aggressive. Sports are encouraged only for the military. There
is a push for excellence in national teams. My African country has
produced several world-class distance runners who are considered
national heroes.

After pondering the question Do I Want The Government To Take Care of
Me, I return to my mountaineer friend's answer. "I really don't want the
government to bother me and I'll try hard not to bother the government."

Ronald Reagan said, "A government can't control the economy without
controlling the people." Controlling the people requires force and
coercion. He quoted Plutach "the real destroyer of the liberties of the
people is he  who spreads  arounds the bounties,  donations and
benefits." In socialism, a few elite believe they can plan our lives for
us better than we can. Returning to Ronald Reagan's quote: "Will you
resist the temptation for the government handout? Recognize that
government invasion of public power is eventually an assault upon your
own business. If some (of us) fear taking a stand because of reprisals
from customers, clients or even government, recognize that you are just
feeding the crocodile, hoping he'll eat you last."

**taken from nationally televised address for the Barry Goldwater
Presidential Campaign, Oct. 27, 1964

Your Wallets Are Safer – But For How Long?

By Kim Smith

According to one of the more interesting sites,
www.truthinaccounting.org, Virginians are a little better off
financially than we were last year.  Apparently, our fiscal picture this
year over last has improved by 34% according to analysis of the latest
available audited financial reports from Virginia.  This earned us a
whopping grade of "C"*.  And we only owe $1,200 per taxpayer!

As we go into an election the outcome of which could mean enormously
higher taxes (carbon tax credit, Virginia version of the Green New Deal)
and possibly fewer job opportunities (if the Dems take control and
eliminate our status as a Right to Work state and add innumerable
regulations to our lives), we probably should understand  where we are
in the money  department right now.

Why do we taxpayers each owe $1200.00?  The answer is that the Virginia
government hasn't paid enough into the employee retirement account – to
the tune of $6,402,544,000.00 – or into the retiree health care benefits
accounts – adding an additional $2,787,528,000.00.  That's a $9 billion,
oops, from what was supposed to be a balanced budget.

Looking more closely, this is what the Commonwealth's status is:

The Commonwealth's Bills Exceed Its Assets
Total Assets $113,256,206,000
Minus: Capital assets -$54,589,980,000
Restricted assets -$18,912,950,000
Assets available to pay bills $39,753,276,000
Minus: Total bills -$43,303,260,000
Money available (needed) to pay future bills      - $3,549,984,000
Each taxpayer's share of this debt      -$1,200
Bills the Commonwealth Has Accumulated
Bonds $28,721,441,000
Other liabilities $22,853,083,000
Minus: Debt related to capital assets -$17,461,336,000
Unfunded pension benefits $6,402,544,000
Unfunded retiree health care benefits $2,787,528,000
TOTAL BILLS $43,303,260,000

[Listing taken directly from Truth In Accounting]

The goal  of Truth in  Accounting (a 501(c)(3) is educating and
empowering  citizens with  understandable, reliable  and transparent
government  financial  information.
There is nothing free (other than what's guaranteed up to this point in
our Constitution).  You, the taxpayer, will pay for it. Vote wisely and
well up to November 5th, Election Day!

*C is the grade given to any government with a taxpayer burden between
$0 and $4900.

2020 Candidates & Supporting President Trump

By Ponch K. McPhee

Looking ahead to 2020 politics, we need to get our tools out and feet on the ground yesterday, (I know I have).  We must come together and unite with the same intent, compassion and goals as in 2016, which is to re-elect the President and with that outcome also be successful in winning back the control of the House of Representatives for the people. The single most absolute necessary strategy for 2020 is to get out the vote for President Donald J. Trump. You should have your feet on the ground right now, aiding that eventual outcome in some way. Whatever time you can afford, whatever ability or reach you have in politics must be devoted to this patriotic responsibility to preserve this Republic and get out the vote for republican candidates especially President Donald J. Trump.

America has a visible division (which is repairable) though it has been wounded or soured by way of our cultural religious challenges, our educational system and of course our immigration policies. All of these slighted imbalances are capable of being addressed and turned to the positive to restore our Republics origins as the founding fathers intended it to be. It will be hard work to inform the masses of real truth but we are a nation of men and women which respond well to such tasks and we are also a nation of sound ideas. 2020 politics is being formulated and crafted behind closed doors right now as I write this article. U.S. Senate and House races are heating up with left-wing liberals vying for elections against conservative challengers all across the Commonwealth and in every single state.

Somewhere close to you there are conversations being uttered about a potential candidate for this seat, that seat or even your seat. The choices we make will help or hurt the President and the choices we make will result in positive or negative outcomes for our lifestyles and our ability to invest for our families, save on taxes and return principles and values back to our everyday way of life as intended again by founders such as President Jefferson and Madison. There are many candidates challenging Senator Warner in 2020, There  are  challengers  against  Congressman  Riggleman, Challengers against Congresswoman  Spanberger and of course challengers against our amazingly strong President. We must take 2020 very seriously because it is perhaps even more  imperative or as much as our win in 2016. 

I for one am supporting only candidates who are prepared to support our President unconditionally and have never been a so called " no-Trumper " This President (IMHO) has delivered so much real truth for our Republic that he has surpassed even the historical results of the incredible President Ronald Wilson  Reagan (who I honor greatly). President Donald J. Trump is the President that all elections from these years forward will forever be measured by. There will be the era before Trump and the era following Trump.

Peter Greenwald

Candidate for the 7th district seat in Virginia, Navy Commander Peter Greenwald is an individual who is not just seeking higher  office as an opportunist  candidate (as often, many candidates have done) but rather to be the citizen's voice in the House of Representatives and focus only on the very seat he is campaigning  for while  aiding  the President in  preserving this sovereign Republic. I suggest we need to take a hard positive look at such candidates who are not in it for themselves but rather determined conservatives, prepared and passionate about representing you in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Commander Greenwald is pro-life, pro- 2nd amendment, faith driven and, "he gets it" (knowing deep state is real), the challenges are hard and real --  "he gets it."

I believe Commander Greenwald understands what we are fighting culturally and what were up against. There is no doubt whatsoever from basic internet research, Pete Greenwald is a faith driven constitutional republican who has served his country and is a current educator who remains steadfast when it comes to support of  President  Trump.  I  know  many  candidates who likewise are supporting President Trump, which is simply fabulous.

So, do we want to win the 7th district House seat back and defeat Warner in his Senate race? I strongly suggest you do your homework because 2020 is very imperative for the Republic, the President and every citizen in America. Hey' there are many candidates that are running in Virginia. I also like several of them and of course some I am not so fond of. I believe we have some terrific opportunities in 2020 both with the Senate and the House races. The bottom line, let's pull out all the stops and support President Donald J. Trump to the letter just like 2016 along with candidates who truly get what were up against. As I have stated previously, I believe Peter Greenwald certainly gets it and he supports President Trump.  Patriots, 2020 is about to happen. Don't let the time get away from you. Get out your tools and your wallet, Support candidates who unconditionally get it!  Thank you!

Friday, October 18, 2019

October 25th: VCDL Meeting in Madison

Meeting of the
7 p.m.
Friday, October 25, 2019
War Memorial Building, Second Floor
2 S. Main Street

Learn about this non-partisan, non-profit organization of fellow citizens committed to our Constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms. 

Hear what's at stake in Virginia and what you and others might do to keep our rights alive. 

Special Guest Speaker:  Delegate Nick Freitas, member, Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee


Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Trouble With Turkey

By Gary Bauer

There are good people on both sides of the decision President Trump made to move a small number of U.S. troops out of harm's way after Turkish President Erdogan said he could no longer allow cross-border attacks to go unanswered.  I am skeptical of those who claim they would have left the troops in place.  
I guarantee you that if U.S. troops were killed during a Turkish incursion, the president would be under tremendous pressure to retaliate against Turkey, a fellow NATO member.  The left and its media allies would be screaming that the president was risking war with a member of NATO.
For the first time yesterday, I heard someone in the media acknowledge the additional complications facing President Trump.  We have airbase privileges in Turkey, and there are dozens of nuclear weapons stored in Turkey as a check against Russian and Iranian ambitions.  Erdogan is reportedly holding them "hostage."
I am a tremendous supporter of the Kurds.  I have met many of their leaders, including earlier this year.  But what exactly was the president supposed to do when Erdogan started making demands?  Threaten to attack a NATO member?
None of our European NATO allies are doing much, other than wagging their fingers.  Britain and France are not offering to send troops to secure the Turkish border.
Congress is threatening to impose sanctions. Trump already did.  And notice that no one is proposing a declaration of war against Turkey and suggesting we send 150,000 troops to Syria.  Why not?  Because the American people would be overwhelmingly opposed to such a move.
The president is making it clear that he is prepared to ratchet up the sanctions even more.  Vice President Pence and Secretary of State Pompeo are heading to Turkey now to negotiate a ceasefire.
The biggest hypocrites are those on the left who sat by as Barack Obama allowed Syria to devolve, as he drew red lines and then ignored them, as he dismissed ISIS as a "JV team," and as he allowed Iran and Russia to occupy Syria. 
Obama left a tremendous mess behind.  Most of the progressives who are screaming the loudest now defended Obama when he did nothing.
And as several commentators have noted recently, we're all worried about ISIS jihadists escaping from Kurdish-run prison camps.  But many of the leftists screaming the loudest now have worked nonstop to legally break the jihadists out of Gitmo!

Facebook Pics of the Day

CCRC activities

Election Officers needed in Richardsville.  For more information email James Clements at registrar@culpepercounty.gov

Super Saturday Schedule


Saturday, October 19 will be our fifth Super Saturday.  Even though door knockers will be speaking about ALL our candidates at the doors, we will be doing "candidate highlights!" The remaining Super Saturdays, two candidates will speak briefly and give volunteers two of their campaign platforms to discuss with voters at the doors! Coffee and donuts will be provided at each Super Saturday. 



October 19 @ 10AM: Super Saturday with candidate highlights of Ben Phillips 


October 26 @ 10AM: Super Saturday FINAL PUSH! We will be trying to hit as many doors as we can and make contact with as many voters as possible!! 


November 2 @ 10AM: Super Saturday FINAL PUSH! We will be trying to hit as many doors as we can and make contact with as many voters as possible!! 


CCRC  News


The CCRC website is up!  Go to CulpeperGOP.org and check it out!

Culpeper County Republican Committee Headquarters at 402 S. Main Street is open every Tuesday from 4:00 until 7:00pm and on Saturdays from 11:00 until 2:00!  Come by and say hi and get your election signs!


We need the following day for our Headquarters:


Saturday, October 19  11 AM - 2 PM

Saturday, October 26  11 AM - 2 PM

Tuesday, November 5 all day supporting those working at the polls.


 It's fun!  Email Barby at Mouring@gmail.com if you can help.


Saturday October 19, Culpeper Republican Monthly breakfast will be held at 8:30 at Peppers Grill with candidate for Treasurer Missy Norris White speaking.


Wednesday, October 23, 6:30pm Culpeper Chamber of Commerce Candidate's Forum at Daniel Technology Center, 18121 Technology Drive, Culpeper featuring candidates for Town Council and Culpeper County Sheriff.


October 24 7:00 pm CCRC Monthly Meeting Reformation Lutheran Church, 601 Madison Road, Culpeper.


Saturday, October 26th from 10:00am until 2:00pm Super Saturday Phone Bank for Nick Freitas sponsored by Americans for Prosperity at Holiday Inn

Conference room 787 Madison Road, Culpeper.  Complimentary lunch for all volunteers.


November 5 Election Day Lots of volunteers needed!  Email Barby at mouring@gmail.com if you can donate any time at the polls or Headquarters.


November 21 7:00 pm CCRC Monthly Meeting Reformation Lutheran Church, 601 Madison Road, Culpeper VA. 


December 8, 2019 Christmas Parade, Main Street, Culpeper.  Bring the kids and get ready for the most wonderful time of the year!


December 19 7:00 pm CCRC Monthly Meeting Reformation Lutheran Church, 601 Madison Road, Culpeper VA.