Monday, December 30, 2019

Jan. 11th: A People's Second Amendment Rally: "Time to Gather Again"

On July 17, 1775, citizens from Culpeper, Fauquier and Orange counties came together in Clayton's Old Field under a large oak tree, in present day Yowell Meadow Park, to raise a cadre of 350 men to defend themselves and their families from a tyrannical government. Those 350 brave men would go down in history as the Culpeper Minutemen.

Today, we are facing equally ominous threats from our own state government, including threats to confiscate our arms, threats of economic and legal retaliation against our localities, local elected officials and local law enforcement, and veiled threats of the use of military force against peaceful, law-abiding citizens who have done no wrong. The governor and legislators in Richmond have said they intend to strip of us of our God given rights. They are not listening. 
We are being threatened. It is time to join together again in defense of our liberties.

Please join us. All citizens are welcome. We are renewing our commitment to the defense of our right to keep and bear arms and to the principles of liberty upon which this great republic was founded. We will meet on the same hallowed ground where the Culpeper Minutemen pledged their lives in defense of liberty and do the same.

When: Saturday, January 11th 2020

Where: Yowell Meadow Park N Blue Ridge Ave, Culpeper, VA 22701 (Gazebo behind the park off Gardner Street Entrance)

Schedule: Saturday January 11, 2020, Noon
Meet at the Yowell Meadow Park Gazebo, 12:30 pm
Short walk to the monument at the site of the old oak tree where the Culpeper Minutemen mustered for a short prayer and remembrance. 1:00 pm
Return to the gazebo to hear from patriots working in the trenches to protect our liberties.

No matter the weather we will gather.