Friday, February 14, 2020

Left-wing Hate,

February 14, 2020

By Gary Bauer

Last weekend a deranged leftist tried to run down conservatives in Jacksonville, Florida. 
The same day, a liberal vandalized the GOP headquarters in Eureka, California, and attempted to burn it down. 
On Monday, a retired New York police officer celebrating his 50th birthday was punched in the face by a crazed progressive who assumed he was a conservative because he was wearing a red hat.  
In New Hampshire Tuesday, a bitter leftist assaulted a teenaged boy in a MAGA hat and then broke the jaw of another man who intervened.
On Thursday, an angry liberal threatened a group of conservatives with a cane sword, and, of course, that happened in Florida.
Sadly, such outbursts of left-wing hate and intolerance are happening all the time all over the country, like the Jewish man who was called Nazi by a loony leftist. 
Now, if there were five attacks against liberals in the past week, I guarantee you the media would be connecting THOSE dots.  There would be bold headlines on every front page and breathless reports on every nightly news broadcast.  They would all be condemning Rush Limbaugh and his listeners. 
Yet when the violence comes from the left, there's none of that.  Political violence of any kind is unacceptable, and media's double standard is disgusting.