Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Left-wing Hate

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

By Gary Bauer

It would be nice if in a time of crisis we could all come together for the good of the country.  Sadly, that's not happening. 
Many on the left are exploiting this crisis, pushing their own ideological agenda.  They are lying to you and contributing to the fear and panic that has gripped the country. 
Here are some examples of what I am referring to:

  • Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to hijack an emergency spending bill to subsidize abortions.  Only the left can see a piece of time-sensitive and life-saving legislation as an opportunity to kill more unborn babies. Thankfully, the provision was dropped.
  • During a conference call with governors, the president encouraged them to try getting respirators and ventilators themselves because it could be quicker while adding that the federal government would support them however it can.  But the New York Times only reported the first part of Trump's remarks, and that's the part that went viral. (Pun intended.)  Dozens of news outlets ran misleading headlines suggesting that Trump had essentially abandoned the states.
  • Some so-called "progressives" are hoping conservatives get sick and die.
  • Some leftists like anti-Second Amendment activist David Hogg and Rep. Rashida Tlaib mocked Christians for praying during this crisis.
  • They falsely accused the president of dismantling the White House office of pandemic preparedness. 
  • They falsely accused the president of calling the virus a hoax.
I could go on, but you get the point.

Texas Border Wall Showdown

March 17, 2020


Texas Border Wall Showdown
IRLI argues that the plaintiffs should be kicked out of court
WASHINGTON – Yesterday the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), on behalf of Congressman Andy Barr of Kentucky, filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in support of the Trump administration. The administration is appealing an injunction an activist Texas district judge had placed on Trump's emergency transfer of funds to build a border wall.
Previously in the case, after IRLI, on behalf of Congressman Barr, had filed a brief in the Fifth Circuit in support of the government's emergency application to stay, or suspend, that injunction pending appeal, the Fifth Circuit did stay the injunction, allowing wall-building to go forward until it decided the merits of the case.
On those merits, IRLI explains in its brief the numerous reasons why the plaintiffs, which include the County of El Paso, have no standing to sue to stop the Commander in Chief of the armed forces from transferring military funds to build a protective barrier at the border. And if the plaintiffs lack standing, the court has no jurisdiction to decide the case, and should dismiss it.
"This case shouldn't be in court in the first place," said Dale L. Wilcox, executive director and general counsel of IRLI. "It's so obvious that a small border county has no basis to challenge how the President conducts foreign policy. We hope we convince the court of this, and that it tosses the plaintiffs out on their ear."
The case is County of El Paso v. Trump, No. 19-51144 (5th Cir.).
For additional information, contact: Brian Lonergan • 202-232-5590 • blonergan@irli.org 

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CWA Prayer For America – A Prayer Amidst COVID-19


Join with us here at CWA in praying for our nation as we live together through these uncertain times:
Blessed is the man, and nation, who fears the Lord,
Who walks in His ways, and remembers His statutes
Even and especially in uncertain times.
It shall be well with them.
For uncertain times are only uncertain to us.
You, O God know and see all,
By Your power all things were created and are sustained.
You are the Alpha and the Omega, beginning and end.
In You we trust, that is our motto.
Therefore, to You we pray.
We pray earnestly, with thanksgiving,
Asking You to protect our families and our nation.
Indeed, we pray for all peoples being affected
By the rapid spread of COVID-19.
Be merciful, O God, give us wisdom
And give us Your favor.
We pray for those in the health community
Who have to face this virus head on
At great risk to them and their families;
Guide them and protect them.
Give us tender hearts to attend
To the needs of our neighbors;
Help us to love as You have called us to do.
Blot out our selfish ways and let compassion spread.
We pray for the most vulnerable among us,
For the elderly who are most at risk during this threat.
"A gray head is a crown of glory," the proverb says.
Help us to treasure them in a special way.
Father God, above all, this virus reminds us that
We are not gods; we did not create ourselves,
We stand in Your mercy, in shame
For the many times we act as if we are in control.
Forgive us, and teach us, we pray.
Open our hearts that we may receive
Your mercy and grace
For the days ahead.
In Jesus name,

Penny Young Nance
CEO and President
Concerned Women for America LAC


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March 17th: MCRW meeting is cancelled

Our meeting is postponed until

Tuesday, April 21st

CCRC Meeting cancelled

The Culpeper Republican Committee Regular meeting for Thursday, March 26th is cancelled.

All CCRC Committee meetings and the Headquarters for March are also cancelled and closed.  

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Mike Schoelwer for RPV Chairman

By Mark Daniel

We all can admit, that doing the same things over and over and  expecting different results, is the definition of insanity. Anyone happy with the current State of GOP affairs either disputes this, or is in denial.  What a blessing, and a  positive sign of our future, to know we are actually having a contest, between more than one good candidate, for the position Chair for the Republican Party of Virginia.

Not having known him previously, I have nothing but good to say of Rich Anderson. He is a fine Republican, introducing himself at our unit meeting, being smart, affable, and a positive thinker. It is these attributes that probably led the hierarchy of the party, to recruit him.

Our current Chair, while thanking him for his considerable efforts, should understand for all things there is a season, and it is time for a new day.

A man I do know about is Mike Schoelwer, current chair of the Lancaster unit, and also candidate for State Party Chair. I have seen him consistently attending the advance gatherings, and representing his unit at the 1st District meetings. I have witnessed his hard work as a unit leader in the trenches, doing the often unsung duty of local party leader. I have personally watched him guide his unit, speak out and be a resource to other unit chairs, including myself when assistance was needed.

Mike is fighter, and a retired officer of the United States Marine Corp., .He is also a thinker and problem solver, as in his second career he served our Country as an area leader, for foreign service. His responsibilities included planning and strategy during times of conflict, for nations and opposing warring factions. He is also a self-starting, level headed, detail oriented problem solver, not simply offering platitudes, but real and specific ideas. He is a consensus builder, as I recently watched him debate, and persuade a determined group, that the future GOP needs to be more, and not less inclusive. He reminded all about the hard work of our Republican Women's groups, our Young and College Republicans. He spoke of the need to invite and include other voices to our cause, VCDL and 2a groups. He spoke of outreach to include Trump millennials and a program to register, and include those feeling angst of Democrats in charge of our General Assembly.

We are lucky to have more than one good candidate, but I am proud to back a man with experience, vision, and specific plans to make our party start winning again. I am proud to support Mike Schoelwer for Chairman of the Republican party of Virginia.  

Editor's Note:  Mark Daniel is the unit Chair in New Kent County.

Peter Greenwald: ,A True Reformer

Chesterfield, VA, February 29th –
CDR Pete Greenwald, candidate for the 7th Congressional seat in VA, spoke at the Lincoln-Reagan dinner.  This article is adapted from that speech. 

Greenwald asked his fellow Republicans to join him in the fight to return Virginia RED and out of the BLUE, to become a delegate in support of his candidacy to defeat the liberal congresswoman. 

"Together let us stand by our Virginia Republican Creed," said Greenwald, "We believe that faith in God as recognized by our Founding Fathers is essential to the moral fiber of our nation.   And that my fellow Republicans, is not a passive faith.  No, it is an active faith." 
It is that same faith that has led Greenwald on mission at James River High School for the last 11 years growing post millennial patriots who love America, who believe in our founding fathers, and our founding documents - our Declaration and our Constitution. Many of his cadets now understand that our rights are God-given and this sovereign republic exists to secure those rights. 

"That active faith calls us to stand for life and against abortion," Greenwald said with great energy,  "for the family and against the radical liberal agenda, for the God ordained marriage of one man and one woman, for freedom of religion . . . and against the INTOLERANCE of the left."

On day one in Congress, Greenwald stated that he will sponsor a Personhood Amendment defining life as beginning at the moment of conception.  "I am and will remain your pro-life champion," he declared. "I aspire to be the next William Wilberforce for life.  He fought his entire life to end slavery in the British Empire and across the civilized world.  That is a life well spent.  We must end abortion on our watch.  It is time. Let us hold high the banner of truth and life for the whole world to see." Greenwald continued with that promise saying that not one more tax payer dollar for Planned Parenthood and every dollar we need for the wall.

On immigration, Greenwald is the only candidate to receive a True Reformer rating from NumbersUSA.  Greenwald opposes amnesty and chain migration.  He will stand strong in defunding sanctuary cities and mandating e-Verify.  Securing the border is 19 years overdue.

"How," Greenwald asked, "can we continue to send our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines overseas to fight the war on Islamofascism and leave our southern border open? The answer is we cannot." 

On the 2nd Amendment, Greenwald says he is not riding the 2A wave. "I am the wave," he continued, "I am a card carrying member of the Virginia Citizens Defense League.  You know where I stand."

On taxation, Greenwald challenged the status quo, "It's time for the Fair Tax to set us all free.  It's time to end all federal income based taxes and to abolish the IRS.  No more April 15th.  No more 1040.  You control the taxes you pay by the amount you spend.  And illegal immigrants and tax-dodgers pay too."

Greenwald closed with the servant leadership motto he imparts to young people every day.

"I will do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit but in humility I will consider others better than myself. I will look out not only to my own interests also to the interests of others." 

He welcomed fellow patriots to join his campaign and become a delegate at the convention on April 25th.  Please come to a fundraiser on March 15th in Chesterfield. 

Donate at www.GreenwaldforCongress.com

"Together, Greenwald said, "We can and will defeat the irresponsible, radical Abigail Spanberger."

Restoring Unity & Rights in Virginia

By Chuck Smith

I am Chuck Smith and I am running for Attorney General of Virginia for the rights of the people beginning with the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. Preserving the 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, (our God given right to  possess arms and defend those rights when necessary) which includes open carry gun rights. I am running to insure your rights in your home and child safety. I am seeking this office to restore integrity, bring experience, and renew courage and faith in our justice system in the Commonwealth.
As Virginians, we must return to our inner strength, "put our backbone" into it and restore our heritage; embrace common sense leadership; fight for our freedom while uniting every Virginian against the encroachment of government; recognize the issues that matter to Virginians; As the next Attorney General I will do all I can to remain involved at every level to be a voice of action for families and individual citizens who are struggling to pay for groceries against the rising cost of food prices; or citizens concerned about highway congestion, infrastructure, jobs and job security, privacy rights, property rights, standing against illegal immigration, crime, drug abuse and every Constitutional right, I will listen and be your voice.   

In every Virginia citizen, there is a unique American spirit and American pride, and we can't let that die. They're not looking for a handout; they're looking for a way out through capable hard work. Virginian's seek faith driven ideal's, have real vision and principles which have made this country, this commonwealth strong. If there is to be continued strength for tomorrow, Virginia citizens are always prepared to lead the way. New AG leadership can bring about an end to excessive regulation, many economic conditions, traffic congestion and erosive infrastructure.

In closing, we can never reach Virginian citizens from the 18th floor of our monthly meeting rooms, or from familiar "revolving doors" of those often least concerned and who often have limited qualifications as a candidate and seek merely a title. Join me and get back to where the people are heard and results are achieved in Richmond once again. President Trump has put our free sovereign republic on the right road and I will fight hard for every citizen in Virginia with the same conviction.

This is how we win again by uniting together; and refuse to cave in or compromise our values. Truth, vision and faith are important to Virginians. I will take on the challenge to keep leadership in focus. This is a challenge designed for me because I never give up instead I will improve upon what's right for every one of you, and give us cause together to lift up our heads. Put our backbone into it, our every strength coupled with our unconditional faith to restore growth and prosperity to all of Virginia. Let's turn this ship around in 2021. God bless America and God bless President Trump.

Editor's Note: Chuck Smith was born on the 4th of July; he is a Former Marine (0311); a Navy JAG Commander, Ret.; the Former Chairman Republican Party of Virginia Beach; a Lawyer more than 40 years; is Fluent in Spanish; and has Five children (including a United States Navy Academy Graduate).

President Trump: A Natural ,Born Leader

By Ponch K. McPhee

The last three years have  revealed one thing so very necessary to every single true-to-the-core God fearing patriot, that we have been blessed with a  President who is a natural born leader. It has been a period in which we as a free sovereign republic have never witnessed in person as we have lived and taken a breath, just how deep the Deep State had closed in upon us all. Every one of us who understand the necessity of unconditional freedom and liberty and the sacred words of a great founder Patrick Henry, "Give me liberty or give me death" understands that we must never surrender our faith and freedom. Through this living history in which we are right now experiencing each and every second, we all have one individual to thank aside from almighty God, and this is our great President, Donald John Trump.

The rights of man are given by God. Our rights are preserved and remain steadfast not by a mere document (no matter how great or significant it may be culturally) but rather in our hearts and our minds. The power bestowed upon every American and every individual by the will of God provides us with the ability to help ourselves and others, defend our freedom and self-being, and say no to any tyrant who may attempt to impose slavery or dominance upon our lives. We are fighting for these rights everywhere in this republic. Virginia citizens who know the real truth are among those in many other states which are at a crossroad to determine our saved passage via our documented 2nd Amendment. We insist on never giving up our powerful and capable ability to say no to an over powering government with additional emphasis stated as, No!  

We must never stop or step aside to let fear or tyranny control our liberty. We the people remain the messengers, the deliverers and the deciders when it comes to retaining the founder's intent. Your committed determination to stand with President Trump is the greatest thing that you can do for your country.  With President Trump at the helm we can fight the good fight and drain the Deep State which has poisoned our system of government for far too many decades. You must not merely sit around and cheer from the side line with your texting. You must get involved and help your fellow citizens by contacting elected officials and get into the inner ring to aid those who would or should run for office which the people can trust to deliver the real truth.

President Donald John Trump has changed history for the better. You helped him get there and now we need to seed his results and expand on his results by providing him 4 more years. Those establishment candidates and establishment elected officials who were and remain against President Trump (even as they call themselves, so called conservatives) have caused more harm to our sovereignty than I can even begin to list here. We know who you are, I know who you are and you yourselves know who you are.

Never mind the in-betweens and the polite nods from those who we cannot always trust (after all, who can say what is often truly in an individual's heart) instead remain focused on communicating to colleagues and contacts who have a fire in their bellies for unconditional never surrender patriotism, and understand the true nature of our God given rights furthered by our Constitution and outlined by President Jefferson in our Declaration of Independence. Together we must gather strength led by truth and defeat socialism and bury it very deep so that it may never gain power in these United States of America. Don't be fooled by the individual who says, "Hey, I am a conservative." Ask them point blank, "Do you support President Trump?" And if their answer is in anyway a stutter or hesitation or some kind of "not sure or maybe" then I can tell you that bothers me. It sends up a flag about them instantly because if you are not with President Donald J. Trump, then you're not with me and millions upon millions of other God fearing patriots. 

I thank you for reading this and helping, and supporting our great President who remains indeed, a natural born leader.

Thomas Speciale: Candidate, U.S. Senate

By Kim Smith

Tom Speciale is a candidate for U.S. Senate whose goals include fighting
against those who would "dismantle the American dream". And fight he
does intend to do, having sworn the oath to protect America from enemies
foreign and domestic  back  in  1987  and still honoring that oath today.

His focus is on all of us – rich, poor, those who love America across
the political spectrum, regardless of race, religion, gender or any
other characteristic.  He wants our dreams to be achievable within the
context of a system of government that has been the most successful in
the history of mankind as we work ever onward to form a "more perfect

The tools Tom can use have been built over a succession of challenges he
has met in life – the most recent and notable being a veteran of the
fight in Afghanistan, followed by, in uniform or as a contractor, the
Defense Intelligence  Agency,  the National Counterrorism  Center, the
Defense Combating Terrorism Center or the Director of National
Intelligence as senior intelligence officer and counter-terrorism expert.

Depth was also built in his tool bucket by his upbringing.  Coming from
"working-class" stock, he was raised to seek education, to never quit,
and to see opportunities rather than challenges.  This was true whether
earning his Bachelors in Political Science (focus on Middle Eastern
Studies and Conflict Resolution) or his Masters (International 
Relations and  Conflict  Resolution with a concentration in
International and Transnational Security Issues) as well as his many
jobs throughout.  These were quite varied – security guard, convenience
store clerk and pizza deliveryman, for the VA as a vocational
rehabilitation specialist and as an IBM site manager.

His work in the military was just about as varied – from MP to
Psychological Operations Specialist, Infantryman to Field Artillery
Forward Observer, From Human Intelligence Collection Specialist to

As father of four children, he also holds the distinction of being the
Cub Master to one of the largest Cub Scout Packs in the United States!

Tom's analysis of some of the largest problems in this country is not
simplistic.  There are pages devoted toward fixing our "broken
immigration system"… the fact that we don't have a "gun violence
problem" in America but rather a complicated mix of poverty, drugs,
addiction and mental health, the "lack of jobs, lack of opportunities,
the deliberate dismantling of the family".   On guns, Tom is quite clear
that we "must hold the line against the Democrat and Socialist agenda to
slowly and incrementally disenfranchise all Americans from their 2nd
Amendment right to protect themselves".

Thinking creatively is another of Tom's characteristics.  This is
particularly true of education reform which he views as having a
yardstick that is measuring the wrong things.  Among his interests are
an emphasis on STEMM (which adds medicine to the curriculum) as well as
vocational education; space exploration that leads to a scientific and
technological renaissance (with a huge list of areas of potential
advancement), and interestingly, the combination of the Departments of
Labor and Education since the thrust of education is the preparation for
the workforce across a broad spectrum.

The last to be mentioned is our system of justice and the need for
reform.  Rife with inequality of administration, young people marked and
limited for life, it's focus should return to its original intent, the
possibility of restoration and fairness.

Still having issues where more information was needed, Thomas Speciale
was e-mailed with four questions.  He called and gave thoughtful,
detailed answers!

Abortion:  I am 100% pro-life - uncompromisly.  He added that we must do
more to support women "in crisis" (facing the choice of an abortion vs.
carrying to term).  He focused on the fact that 70% are minority women,
many are already mothers and single mothers. Outreach should include
education, medical tests, and full understanding of the potential
consequences – physical (inability to bear children in the future,
etc.), psychological and, with special stress, spiritual.  Complete
information is critical.

Second Amendment:  I am 100$ pro-Second Amendment.  He added that he was
100% pro-Constitution and asserted that we are in a battle between
American values and Socialism.  Socialists want to disarm us; want no
"hate speech" which is defined as anything with which they disagree, and
they don't believe our rights are inalienable, coming from God, rather
from man which makes them subject to elimination.

General Thoughts on the Budget and Deficit:  We absolutely have to
reduce over-spending – including, but not limited to, more efficient
government and civil servants being held more accountable.  Bloated
government expansion must contract and fraud, waste and abuse directly
targeted.  For example, entitlement programs (as opposed to earned
benefit programs) drain our resources because they don't require
anything from recipients who are otherwise able.

Healthcare:  Absolutely must keep and protect coverage of pre-existing
conditions.  The private market offers a more efficient and effective
way to manage and organize resources to benefit the largest possible
number of people.  It's an enormously complex issue, but it can be solved.

Speaking of specific issues under consideration in Virginia, Mr.
Speciale answered questions on expanding the base of healthcare
providers – which he supports (e.g., allowing physicians assistants and
nurse practitioners to have practices up to the level of their
training).  Access to education is also essential, particularly helping
families better take care of loved ones. Telemedicine became wrapped
into the conversation – with the following observations prefaced with
assurances that practitioners are fully vetted medical professionals: 
better access and interaction with rural communities; mental health to
facilitate quick communication with those who are in crisis, depressed
or suicidal; and video teleconferencing to help pregnant women make
better choices and have greater support (which hadn't even occurred to
this writer!)

Check out Tom's website: www.thomasspeciale.com or call at
831-521-5716.  He's one to watch!