Monday, August 30, 2010

Quote of the Day

"The Left has always had trouble arguing against conservatives positions on their merits. That’s why liberals resort to scurrilous attacks so often and so quickly. And when a particularly effective conservative spokesman appears, they will stop at nothing to bring him or her down.

When Sarah Palin burst onto the political scene in 2008 as Senator John McCain’s running mate, the Left was so stunned by her popularity and charisma that it groped at anything it could to try and destroy her image. Some liberals stooped so low as to mock Trig Palin, Sarah’s youngest son, who has Down syndrome. And at least one “respected” D.C. journalist repeatedly claimed that Trig was in fact Sarah’s grandson and that they faked the pregnancy for political gain.

Given all this, it is not surprising what one liberal writer is doing to Glenn Beck. Beau Friedlander, a contributing writer at the Huffington Post offered a large sum of money for a non-existent sex tape of Beck. In his column today Friedlander wrote, “I hereby offer to negotiate a $100,000 payday to the person who will come forward with a sex tape or phone records or anything else that succeeds in removing Glenn Beck from the public eye forever.” Though the Huffington Post, which is the Left’s most influential blog, deleted Friedlander’s post after conservative outrage, conservatives should brace themselves for more of these sorts of attacks as Election Day approaches."

Gary Bauer
Campaign for Working Families