Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Quote of the Day

"I have always been a supporter of uniform laws on values that undergird the family. That's why I supported the Federal Marriage Amendment. [Just as] you cannot have 50 different marriage laws, you cannot have 50 different abortion laws... The President has an obligation to defend the laws of this country, and the Defense of Marriage Act passed overwhelmingly. When a law is challenged, it is the obligation of the President to defend it... I would do everything to go around the courts if they struck down DOMA, and I've already done it."

"Everyone says we need a truce on social issues, that we need to focus on jobs and the economy. But what is at the heart of this country is that America is a moral enterprise, and we are sick at the heart of our country--when we see millions of children being aborted and marriage not being defended. A truce is not a truce, it's a surrender. I will not surrender. I will fight and defend America."

Senator Rick Santorum