Friday, July 6, 2012

About That Crying Woman…

By Gary Bauer

The left-wing media was buzzing yesterday with reports about a sobbing woman at one Ohio campaign stop. Recounting how her sister had died from colon cancer, Stephanie Miller profusely thanked Barack Obama for giving us ObamaCare. According to the Huffington Post, Miller said that ObamaCare "could have saved her sister's life."

The liberal media loved it. And, dutifully, none of them bothered to look into Ms. Miller's background. If they had, the touching story and heartstring-tugging headlines might not have happened. 

As it turns out, Miller is die-hard Obamabot. Her Twitter handle is "@obamasbestfan," and her Twitter feed is full of hate aimed at Republicans and conservatives. Here are a few examples that I can reprint: 

"If there ever was a valid def. why women need birth control & legalized abortion it would b ROMNEY, SANTORIUM, GINGRINCH, PAUL, & LIMBAUGH!!"

"Has the GOP all drank the kool aid??? Too bad it wasn't the Jim Jones special!!!"

Imagine if someone in tears thanked Mitt Romney. The media would immediately look into her background and if they found anything racist or mean-spirited toward Democrats, that would be the headline: "Racist/Bigot Hugs Mitt Romney."