Sunday, August 12, 2012

Aug. 20th & Aug. 25th - Culpeper County GOP Events

The Culpeper County Republican Committee (CCRC) is excited in anticipation of the upcoming November elections.  Following the August 2, 2012 reorganization, our group is now larger than it has been in recent County history and still growing. Culpeper embodies the kind of rugged independence and strong sense of community made possible by the Republican principles of limited and constitutional government, free enterprise, and individual liberty endowed to us by our Creator.

Our committee is dedicated to supporting these principles and will now be taking an active role in our community to provide timely and relevant information concerning issues important to all of us at the local, state and federal levels. Whether it is national, state and local elections, the Eminent Domain Amendment to our Virginia Constitution, local questions over transportation and taxation, improvements in public education while reducing its costs, supporting our many active duty military and veteran heroes or many other issues, the CCRC is now actively advocating on behalf of the members of our community.

The CCRC is on the move.  We are hosting the George Allen for Senate Fundraising Reception on August 20th and co hosting a tri‐county George Allen Barbeque on August 25th.  Anyone interested in helping elect our Republican candidates should visit our website at and contact our
Precinct Coordinator.

If you are concerned about the future of our country and would like to join a dynamic group of people, men and women of all ages who are following the earliest traditions of the first Virginians as active participants in self government, we encourage you to become involved with our new Constitutionally Conservative Culpeper County Republican Committee.