Friday, October 19, 2012

Billy Bob And Bobbie Jo


During Monday night's debate in Warrenton, Washington DC insider and lobbyist made it very clear that he will not work for the people of the 5th District, but rather the people of the 5th District will work for him. Publicly mocking 5th District Virginians whom he referred to as "common folks" like "Billy Bob and Bobbie Jo," DC insider John Douglass told us that he doesn't need to listen to us "common folks" in the 5th District in order to represent us.

As the representative for Virginia's 5th District, Robert Hurt has served every day with Billy Bob and Bobbie Jo in mind. DC insider John Douglass may not care to listen to those outside of Washington, but the Billy Bobs and Bobbie Jos he is referring to are our local business owners, family farmers, health care providers -- our families, friends, and neighbors. These are the people whose voice in Washington must be heard and these are the people that Robert has worked very hard to give a voice to over the past two years. DC Insider John Douglass hasn't gotten the memo, but as a member of Congress, one has to listen to the people -- no wonder he is so out of touch with the 5th District. He believes that we now want policies like the failed stimulus, cap and trade energy tax, and Obamacare that we rejected just two short years ago.

In His Own Words

First, Washington D.C. insider and lobbyist mocked Robert for listening to the concerns of those he represents in Washington:

"You know [Robert] uses the phrase all the time -- 'I was walkin' 'round the District and I talked to Billy Bob here, Bobbie Jo there, and so on."-- John Douglass, Debate, 10/15/12

Robert Hurt for              Congress
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This is a clear example of how completely out of touch DC insider John Douglass is with the 5th District. Only someone who has spent their entire career in Washington would believe that he can serve as a voice for the people of the 5th District without ever talking to them:

"I don't need to walk around to talk to people to understand what common folks are going through." -- John Douglass, Debate, 10/15/12

Robert Hurt for              Congress
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In response to DC insider John Douglass' bizarre comments, Robert said, "You know [John Douglass] may think that's funny, maybe that's some kind of humor. But I tell you, I take Billy Bob very seriously. And Billy Bob is why I am in Washington - to look after Billy Bob, and look after every person in Virginia's 5th District."

Robert Hurt for              Congress

Over the past two years, Robert has served as the voice for the 5th District by talking with families, small business owners, and farmers, and listening to their concerns. We need a representative who truly works for 5th District Virginians and takes their concerns seriously, not someone who brushes them off as "Billy Bobs" and "Bobbie Jos." While DC Insider John Douglass has proven that he will go to Washington to represent special interests, Robert Hurt has proven that the only people he answers to are the people of the 5th District.