Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rep. Robert Hurt Releases New Television Ad

CHATHAM, VA: Washington D.C. insider and lobbyist John Douglass continues to make patently false statements about Robert and his family, doing anything to avoid talking about his support for such job killing policies as Obamacare, a cap and trade energy tax that would cost families $1100 a month, and a stimulus bill that has failed to create jobs and put us further in debt to countries like China.

Washington D.C. insider and lobbyist John Douglass stated that President Obama’s $1 trillion stimulus worked, created jobs, and is worth putting our children in further debt to countries China. 

The people of the 5th District know that the stimulus was a massive failure and a clear example of the failed policies that this administration and John Douglass support – further demonstrating just how out of touch John Douglass is with the pulse of the 5th District