Thursday, January 17, 2013

Left-wing Hypocrisy

Gary L. Bauer

American Values

I couldn't leave this topic without a few words about left-wing hypocrisy. After the Sandy Hook shootings, the NRA suggested that we should consider putting armed guards in schools to protect our children just as we protect our money, our presidents and other things we consider valuable.

Our political and media elites mocked the idea. But the public supports it, and school districts across the country are doing it.

The NRA isn't backing down. It has produced an ad noting that the president's daughters attend a school with armed guards. In fact many of Washington's elites send their children to private schools that have armed security guards. The White House and the left-wing pundits exploded with rage. "How dare the NRA drag Obama's daughters into this debate." A White House spokesman denounced the ad as "repugnant and cowardly."

But dragging children into the debate is exactly what Obama did at his press conference today. He used children as rhetorical shields to advance his agenda. The implication was clear -- anyone who opposes his efforts to restrict our Second Amendment freedoms must want more kids to die.

The left is also howling about a target practice app recently released by the NRA. MSNBC's faux conservative Joe Scarborough went on a tirade about the app on his show this week. Contrast the left's screeching about the NRA's target practice app to its silence about an online game that allows players to shoot NRA President David Keene in the head.

Conservatives are not supposed to fight back, and liberals just can't stand it when they are confronted by their own hypocrisy.