Friday, January 4, 2013

Legislative Update

Rob Bell
Delegate, 58th District

Like other legislators, I am finishing up my legislative proposals for the General Assembly session, which begins on Wednesday. This year, my package will include:

“Tebow Bill”: In 29 other states, homeschooled students (like Tim Tebow) can participate in sports and other extracurriculars at their local high school. I think this option should be open to Virginia homeschoolers as well. See the bill, here. We failed last year in a Senate committee by one vote; this year I am hopeful we get it passed. To help, click here

Photo ID – No Exceptions: In the last election, voters could present utility bills to vote; meanwhile, a paid Democratic operative was caught on camera explaining how these could be forged to fool election officials. I will introduce a bill that will (1) require voters to present a valid government issued-photo identification in order to vote, (2) this ID will require proof of citizenship as is currently required for ID provided by DMV, and (3) Virginia will provide the needed documentation to eligible voters at no cost if they cannot afford it. We need true government-issued photo ID for voting. To help pass this, click here

Financial Abuse of Mentally Incapacitated: We are concerned about increasing financial exploitation of mentally incapacitated Virginians, often seniors. I will introduce a bill that states that when someone knows that the victim is mentally incapacitated, and through use of that incapacity obtains money or other valuables, this would be treated as fraud.

Human Trafficking: Working with the Attorney General’s office, I will be introducing a bill to allow multijurisdicational grand juries to investigate additional types of human trafficking. This is important because these crimes often stretch across multiple jurisdictions.

Many of my bills are still being edited, but by Wednesday, they will all be posted here

You can look up all the bills currently being considered here.