Friday, January 18, 2013

Quote of the Day

"President Obama's gun control recommendations fall far short in addressing the real issue here - putting an end to gun violence. While the president did propose some reasonable measures, I'm disappointed, yet not surprised, to see so much emphasis on gun control and not enough on key contributors to mass shootings - mental illness and the impact of the entertainment industry's glorification of violence. As a strong supporter of the second amendment, I take issue with the Obama administration's effort to take more control of our lives on the gun issue, when we already have reasonable accommodations in place. We have seen time and time again, when law-abiding citizens have used their legal firearms as a means of self protection; our government cannot stand in the way of that. I come from a state with a rich heritage of hunting and fishing, and will fight to protect our right to bear arms for the sake of the freedoms we cherish as a nation.

"Karen and I want to offer our continued prayers to the victims and families of the Sandy Hook tragedy. During a crisis such as this, we are reminded of our most important role as a society - the safety and security of our children."

Rick Santorum