Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Standing Up for the 2nd Amendment

Steve Martin
State Senator, District 11
Republican Candidate for Lt. Governor

The President believes government should dictate which firearms law-abiding citizens should own.


He apparently believes that if only we law-abiding citizens do not have access to certain firearms our communities and schools would be safer places. But, law-abiding citizens are most vulnerable when the criminal element and those with ill intent know them to be defenseless.


Our fore-fathers did not place the 2nd Amendment in the Constitution as a way to assure we had weapons to hunt, or as one network host said, "muskets," anymore than the 1st Amendment assures use of only the printing presses of that day. No! It's there to assure we can protect 'we the people's' lives, liberty, and property from whomever or whatever may threaten it.


We do need to send the President and his allies a message: you cannot have our guns and you will not take our freedoms!


The best defense from criminals with guns is law-abiding citizens with guns.


Join me as we fight to protect our rights from any and all who would threaten it.  The President, his friends, and anti-gun organizations will come after us, saying and doing anything they can to silence our voices.  That's why I need you to call the President at 202-456-1111 and keep pressure on our Senators and Congressman in Washington.

Call today and let our voices be heard! Thank you for fighting to protect our freedom