Saturday, July 20, 2013

Detroit Goes Bust

Gary L. Bauer

Almost every place where liberals have had free reign, we see disastrous economic results. For example, even as the economy shows signs of improvement, the places doing the best are the conservative "red" states. Nowhere is the failure of liberalism more obvious than in America's big cities, where populations are falling and debt is out of control.

We were all reminded about this with today's news that venerable Detroit, once hailed as the "Arsenal of Democracy," has just declared bankruptcy. The city is nearly $20 billion in debt. It has lost more than half its population from its peak in the 1950s. Nearly 80,000 buildings and homes are abandoned and 40% of its street lights don't work. Detroit's unemployment rate is twice the national average.

It is noteworthy that more cars are being made in America today than ever before. But most new plants are in southern or mid-western states, as the auto industry fled the anti-business regime that has dominated Detroit.

For decades the left has dominated Detroit, and the results speak for themselves. Chicago is not far behind. Liberalism's lies -- its failed cultural, economic and educational promises -- are coming home to roost.