Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Vision For Virginia

E.W. Jackson

My friends, the first debate is over. What an experience!
I conveyed my vision for limited government and solutions for education and job creation for our Commonwealth.
Now I need your help to tell that vision to Virginia!
My opponent engaged in petty personal attacks on me and my family.
He also tried to make the case that his relentless focus on divisive social issues is somehow good for job creation.
All of Ralph Northam's attacks never created one job. Not one. 
Perhaps he is upset because of the four polls this week, each showing our race a dead heat.
Perhaps he is upset because he didn't expect us to be competitive in fundraising - and we are.
Perhaps he is upset because he thinks his "resume" means he deserves higher office
His political body of work is exactly the problem!
He should be upset that six schools across the state, three in Norfolk alone, have failed their students so badly they will be taken over by the state.
He should be upset that Norfolk had an unemployment rate around 10% for most of his time in the General Assembly - while Northam spent only 6% of his bills on job creation.
He crows about bipartisanship to the media. But he neglected to mention that he voted to shut down Virginia government in 2013. That sounds a little too much like DC dysfunction to me.
He also told Blue Virginia in April of this year that "there's no reasoning with these people [Republicans]...they don't have logic, so the only way to change that trend is to replace their seats with 'good Democrats.'"  
Sound bipartisan to you? Or does it sound like every career politician that is the cause of the problem, instead of the solution?
I will continue to tell Virginia my vision of job creation, quality education and adherence to the principles of liberty that made this country great. 
Now is the time. Will you join with me?