Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Obama's Bad Example

Gary L. Bauer
American Values
Barack Obama regularly pushes the limits of his authority to get around Congress. On several occasions, his aggressiveness has been checked by the courts, but that hasn't deterred him.

Some have compared the way Obama manages the presidency to what one would expect from a Latin American strongman rather than a president of a constitutional republic with a well-established system of checks and balances. Unfortunately, there is evidence that this heavy-handed style of leadership is spreading.

This week a candidate for governor in Virginia was caught on tape promising to issue an executive order allowing abortion centers that could not comply with new health and safety standards to stay open. In other words, this candidate is suggesting he'd keep filthy abortion mills open regardless of the law.

He has learned well from Barack Obama. But if a candidate feels so strongly about changing the laws, then he should run for the state legislature, not governor. I suspect most voters do not want their governors acting like dictators, ignoring laws passed by their elected legislators.