Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Culture Wars Continue

Gary L. Bauer

I got a call yesterday from a reporter with National Public Radio asking if I thought the culture war was over. Of course it isn't. Even if the battle to redefine marriage is lost at the Supreme Court, the left won't let it end there either. The tyrants of tolerance are on a rampage against men and women of faith.

Christian businesses are being forced to participate in same-sex marriage ceremonies. Individuals are being punished at their places of employment for their religious beliefs. Now -- just as we warned -- left-wing government bureaucrats are threatening pastors.

A few months ago the Houston city council passed an "Equal Rights Ordinance" expanding legal protections for more than a dozen factors, including sexual orientation and gender identity. Critics of the ordinance were especially concerned that it would permit men -- based on their "gender identity" -- to use women's bathrooms.

A legal battle has erupted over efforts to put the ordinance on the ballot for a public vote. Unbelievably, Houston city attorneys have issued subpoenas to area pastors demanding all sermons related to homosexuality, gender identity or Houston's lesbian mayor, Annalise Parker.

Our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom have gone to court to defend Houston's pastors. Blasting the city's "unprecedented" subpoena of sermons and pastoral communications, ADF Senior Legal Counsel Erik Stanley said, "The city council and its attorneys are engaging in an inquisition designed to stifle any critique of its actions. Political and social commentary is not a crime; it is protected by the First Amendment."

The left will not stop at redefining marriage. It wants to label whole passages of scripture as "hate speech," making them off limits in tax exempt churches. It is threatening religious liberty and parental rights.

Please share this report with your pastor. Urge him to speak up -- while he still can. Share this message with all your like-minded friends and family members too.