Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Walker Whacked For His Faith

By Gary L. Bauer

A few days ago, reporters tried to trap Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in a game of "gotcha," asking whether he thought President Obama was a Christian. When the governor answered honestly, saying, "I don't know," big media pummeled him for doubting their political messiah. Now they are mocking Walker for his faith.

Like most Americans, Governor Walker is a man of faith. He has often said that as he considers his future, he is trying to "discern God's calling" for him.

That innocuous comment led the anti-Christian bigots at the Freedom From Religion Foundation to file an official records request demanding the governor's office "provide a copy/transcript of all communications with God, the Lord, Christ, Jesus or any other form of deity."

Left-wing blogger Taegan Goddard piled on, tweeting yesterday, "Gov. Scott Walker's office was unable to provide any transcripts of his conversations with God." This was a dog whistle to the left, mocking Walker as an unstable nut who hears voices in his head. Other liberal bloggers and columnists soon joined in.

The media's double standard is disgusting. To them Obama's faith is to be accepted without question, while Governor Walker's faith is fair game.