Sunday, June 28, 2015

Court of Deception

 "… the fact that the Court rules … that a given program is constitutional, does not necessarily answer the question whether, in a broader sense, it actually is." *
Those words came from then Chief Justice, Earl Warren, who, in 1962 had a more modest view of his own infallibility than the current set of lawyers on the Supreme Court, a majority who deceive themselves into believing they can alter the foundational relationship of human existence. 
The Court has issued a farce appropriate for theatrical comedy, not a reasoned decision on marriage or the U.S. Constitution.   In the majority's gushing decision, judicial will purports to nullify real marriage.  The same arguments the Court used today for "same sex marriage" also justifies "marriages" between three or more people.
Basing their decision on the 14th Amendment, despite the fact that state legislatures which ratified this amendment also had felony sodomy laws on the books, the Justices are strangely silent on describing the disordered sexual behavior underlying homosexual "marriages," which lead to early death and numerous medical pathologies, or the fact that such behaviors were universally considered criminal acts until a few short years ago.  
Today's Supreme Court ruling means that persons like Mother Teresa or Rev. Rick Warren who gave the invocation at Barack Obama's First Inaugural are now "haters" and "bigots," and will be marginalized or even excluded from the public life of this nation by future decisions and applications of this decision.
Several states already no longer allow religious based adoption agencies to place children for adoption unless they place children with same sex "married" couples.  Individual business owners who refuse to participate in same sex "marriage" services have been given six figure fines.
Because the Court based its decision on the 14th Amendment, churches, religious schools and institutions will likely lose their tax exemption if they fail to affirm "marriages" between same sex couples.  Students will no longer be eligible for state scholarships if used at colleges which affirm traditional moral teaching.  Public schools will become indoctrination centers for acceptance of homosexual behavior.  
This is a most unwise decision attempting to coerce citizens to choose between their country and their faith or conscience, and make them enemies of the state for following the Laws of Nature and Nature's God.  Because of an erring Supreme Court many professionals will be placed in an untenable position of choosing between losing their ability to provide for their families and following their conscience. It is not heartless conservatives who would prevent same sex "marriage," it is Nature itself.
Congress must use its undisputed power of the purse to ban the spending of any federal monies by federal courts or agencies to implement this mockery.  Since only four decisions of the Supreme Court have been overturned by Constitutional Amendment since 1789, a constitutional amendment may be a blind alley, not an immediate practical response to this moral and constitutional crisis.   
The decision does not define marriage.  When the Supreme Court next rules on threesome "marriages" will same sex "marriage" proponents become "hateful bigots" and "discriminate" against three or more people who want to be "married?" Or will "marriage equality" for threesomes or more prevail? 
The Roe and Doe decisions of the Court in 1973 did not settle the abortion issue.  This deplorable decision today will not settle what marriage means.

*Earl Warren, The Bill of Rights and the Military, 37 N.Y.U. L. REV. 181, 193 (1962), Reprinted in, The Air Force Law Review, VOL. 60, 2007, pp 16-17.