Monday, April 11, 2016

April 14th in Orange: Suzanne Shattuck to discuss Refugee Resettlement Program

JATP: Share a ride this Thursday to here Suzanne Shattuck

You're invited to hear
Suzanne Shattuck
Federal Refugee Resettlement Program in Central Virginia
See below for car pooling -- Orange is 40 minutes From C'ville.

Recommendation from Jim Moore:

It's understandable that we are uncomfortable being critical of another religion. After all, what we believe is our most intimate right and the only one that can't be taken from us. However, Islam is more than a religion. Many or most followers support using judges with enforcement powers to govern at least some of the faith's mandatory support and participation tenents.

Madison wrote that religion and government are incompatible because God created and leads us where as we create governments.

It's important that we learn about Islam from leaders such as Suzanne so that we can effectively preserve our rights while respecting the rights of others.


Orange County TEA Party Monthly Meeting

Do Americans Come First Under The Current Refugee Resettlement Program?
Please join us at the location date and time below to learn more about Refugee Resettlement. Our guest speaker, Suzanne Shattuck, is an ER
nurse, former military wife of 22 years, and has four grown children. For the past six years she has worked with several grassroots organizations
who educate citizens, legislators, law enforcement, pastors and business leader about the Islamic movement, and Refugee Resettlement in our country. Her interests for the welfare of America
lead her to research Refugee Resettlement when she noticed an alarming number of foreign-born patients receiving treatment.

As a well-informed citizen, she seeks to help others understand the ramifications of a government program with virtually no transparency or Congressional oversight for the past 35 years. In addition to speaking at numerous venues, she writes for several conservative websites as well as her own at

Bring a friend and/or neighbor and come out to learn more about what is going on in our country and especially here in Virginia as we explore this subject in more detail.
Location & Time
Town of Orange Public Works Community Room
235 Warren Street
Orange, VA 22960
Thursday, April 14, 2016
7รข€"8:30 PM

Meetings are non-partisan, free of charge and open to the public

For More Information:
Jim Raughton €"540-672-1212 "
Dewey McDonnell €"540-672-1212

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