Thursday, May 19, 2016

A message from the Racial Policy Center

The Racial Policy Center (RPC) denounces Barack Obama and Larry Wilmore for their moral opprobriousness and their pernicious disrespect for propriety. 


Wilmore's flagrant and boorish use of the "N" word at the White House Correspondent's Association dinner was not only in poor taste but it spoke to the lowest common denominator of human character. 



It is the purview of the RPC that Barack Obama was elected with the understanding that he would not only lead America but that in so doing, he would direct America in ushering in a new day of respect and proper behavior.



A leadership that applauds the use of such an insulting ethnic slur is not fit to occupy the position he does.  And for Wilmore to reduce the person who occupies the highest office in the world to the level of gutter heathenism is shameful.



The RPC condemns Obama for yet again condoning and fomenting an atmosphere of duplicitous double standards and the cheapening of the office of president. 



Obama has abdicated his ability to address, that which pertains to racial issues. 



The RPC views the remarks made by Wilmore, with the smiling acceptance of same by Obama, as powerfully contributing to the ongoing and increased antipathy and divide based upon skin color witnessed during Obama's years in office.




The RPC calls upon the Obama office to acknowledge that not immediately condemning Wilmore's remarks was insulting to Americans and an affront to those icons of the Civil Rights movement who fought to have persons of color looked upon as more than "N" words.


Mychal Massie


Racial Policy Center


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