Tuesday, October 4, 2016

NFRW: Call to Action

  Call to Action

We Need Donald Trump in the White House!

Message from NFRW President Carrie Almond

The other day, while on the road, I took little Reagan to the vet. Our conversation turned to the fact that I was from out of town, and I mentioned I was on a nationwide bus tour. The vet asked me "Why - what are you doing?" 
I replied, "I don't know your political affiliation, but I am the President of the National Federation of Republican Women - the largest women's political organization in the country. We knew we had to make a difference in this critical election, so we put a plan together to raise money and get a bus on the road to energize our ladies and volunteers, reminding them that we must work tirelessly on our grassroots campaigning and particularly focus our efforts on registering women to vote. I felt we couldn't sit in the office and just say - do more. We had to put our money where our mouth was. There are 23 million unregistered females in our country, and those voices, if heard, will make a huge difference this year in who takes the White House and down ballot races."
He looked at me and said "That's really cool. I always wondered who organized that work. I'm a small business owner - why would I be anything but a Republican. How can I help you?" 

As a bank executive, I have seen first-hand the regulatory burden that the Obama administration has posed on community banks over the last eight years. It has utterly paralyzed our ability to be competitive and has put many of our brother and sister banks out of business! If we allow Hillary Clinton to be elected, those regulations will continue. More and more banks will be forced to close, affecting our nation's ability to grow and prosper through the good work banks do lending money to our neighbors. 

Additionally, if we don't do everything in our power to elect Donald J. Trump, those Executive Orders that President Obama has created will remain in place under a Clinton Administration, continuing to stifle our economy. The economic conditions of our communities will not improve. More small businesses will fail, if from nothing more than the heavy burden imposed on them by Obamacare! Our communities need small businesses. Traveling through 38 states, over 25,000 miles in Rosie, I've seen town after town with closed signs on Main Street doors and nothing more than a gas station and a Post Office. 

Never forget that, like our current president, Hillary Clinton will not hesitate to use her pen to sign Executive Orders to go around elected members of Congress to impose her own agenda!

Moreover, if we don't work tirelessly to elect Donald J. Trump, our civil liberties, rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution will be trampled on by the actions of the liberal Supreme Court Justices Mrs. Clinton will appoint. 

It's just that simple.

So here's your call to action: Get off the couch and get out there. Tell everyone who will listen to you to stop feeling sad their candidate didn't make it as our nominee. We can't afford to sit this election out, and we must do everything in our power to get Mr. Trump elected. Our nation depends on it! 

Women's voices matter! 

Go tell 7 people - or even better, post on your Facebook account - that Donald J Trump needs their vote, and we need Donald J. Trump in the White House!

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