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President Trump's First 100 Days

By Gary L. Bauer

100 Accomplishments In President Trump's First 100 Days

1. Vice President Mike Pence.
2. Justice Neil Gorsuch, an originalist committed to the Constitution.
3. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a conservative committed to the rule of law.
4. Defense Secretary James Mattis, a warrior committed to restoring America's military.
5. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, a former general committed to border security.
6. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, a former CEO who understands how the real world works.
7. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, a brain surgeon from a humble background.
8. Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, a doctor who understands health care.
9. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, an advocate of school choice and educational reform.
10. Energy Secretary Rick Perry, a former governor who knows the energy industry.
11. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, a former CEO who understands the business world.
12. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, a conservative committed to reining in big government.
13. U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, a fearless advocate for American values.
14. U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, a true fried of Israel.
15. White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, a conservative warrior against crony capitalism.
16. National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster, an accomplished military commander.
17. White House Counterterrorism Adviser Sebastian Gorka, committed to defeating radical Islam.
18. Restored the U.S. alliance with Israel.
19. Welcomed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House.
20. Restored U.S. leadership in the world.
21. Enforced red lines against the use of chemical weapons in Syria.
22. Dropped MOAB bomb on ISIS; sending a clear message to Iran and North Korea.
23. Secured Chinese cooperating in pressuring North Korea.
24. Secured release of Aya Hijazi, American charity worker held in Egypt since 2014.
25. Imposed a five-year ban on lobbying the government by former White House officials.
26. Imposed a lifetime ban on lobbying for foreign governments by former White House officials.
27. Repeatedly called out the liberal media for "fake news."
28. Repealed mandate that forced states to fund Planned Parenthood.
29. Signed executive order reinstating Reagan policy against taxpayer funding of overseas abortions.
30. Stopped U.S. funding to the United Nations Population Fund, which promotes abortions.
31. Signed executive order establishing "extreme vetting."
32. Signed executive order demanding a comprehensive plan to defeat ISIS.
33. Signed executive order calling for construction of border wall and 5,000 border agents.
34. Signed executive order directing Justice Department to cut funding to sanctuary cities.
35. Signed executive order initiating a temporary federal hiring freeze.
36. Signed executive order withdrawing from the Transpacific Partnership trade deal.
37. Signed executive order relaxing enforcement of Obamacare to greatest extent possible.
38. Signed executive order requiring two regulations be repealed for every new one issued.
39. Signed executive order requiring comprehensive approach to illegal immigration and crime.
40. Signed executive order seeking increased penalties for crimes against police.
41. Signed executive order promoting energy independence.
42. Signed executive order putting American companies and workers first.
43. Signed executive order mandating review of federal regulations in education.
44. Signed executive order investigating national security impact of foreign steel imports.
45. Signed executive order requiring an audit of executive branch agencies.
46. Signed executive order requiring every agency create a regulatory reform task force.
47. Signed executive order rolling back Obama environmental infringements on private property.
48. Signed executive order to prevent future taxpayer-funded bailouts.
49. Signed executive order to reverse Obama restrictions on offshore energy development.
50. Signed executive order calling for a major review of national monument designations on federal lands.
51. Signed executive order establishing a new office to reform the Veterans Administration bureaucracy.
52. Signed executive order to address concerns of Rural America.
53. Signed executive order establishing White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities.
54. Signed executive order creating a commission on drug addiction and the opioid crisis.
55. Signed executive order to combat transnational criminal organizations and international trafficking.
56. Repealed transgender public school bathroom mandate.
57. Repealed "Stream Protection Rule" that hurt coal industry.
58. Repealed Social Security Administration (SSA) gun ban.
59. Repealed Labor Department "blacklisting" rule with $500 million in regulatory costs.
60. Repealed Interior Department rule that restricted state and local authority in land use decisions.
61. Repealed unfunded education mandate that created new standards for teachers.
62. Repealed education rule that undermined state and local control.
63. Repealed regulation that prevented drug testing for unemployment compensation.
64. Repealed rule that banned some hunting in Alaska.
65. Repealed regulation that created vastly more paperwork and reporting of worker injuries.
66. Repealed regulations on Internet Service Providers.
67. Repealed rule that allowed states to force workers into government-run savings plans.
68. Repealed Dodd-Frank regulations that disadvantaged domestic companies.
69. Imposed sanctions on Iran for its ballistic missile violations.
70. Imposed sanctions on Iran for human rights violations.
71. Ordered a review of the Iranian nuclear deal.
72. Produced a budget that cut $54 billion from bloated federal bureaucracies.
73. Produced a budget that would eliminate 50 programs and more than 3,000 federal jobs.
74. Produced a budget that boosted spending for defense, homeland security and veterans.
75. Produced a tax reform plan that simplifies the tax code and reduces taxes for businesses and families.
76. Approved construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.
77. Approved construction of the Dakota Access pipeline.
78. Shutdown illegal immigrant advocacy program at Department of Justice.
79. Established Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) office.
80. Reduced illegal immigration at the border by 61%.
81. Called for "major investigation" of voter fraud led by Vice President Mike Pence.
82. Called for repeal of the Johnson Amendment, which limits free speech of pastors and churches.
83. Called for 50% cut in funding to the United Nations.
84. Supported English as official language by dropping Spanish version of the White House website.
85. Purged "climate change" alarmism from White House website.
86. Returned bust of Winston Churchill to the Oval Office.
87. Succeeded in getting NATO nations to boost defense spending by $10 billion.
88. Halted $180 billion in regulations.
89. Signed legislation expanding private healthcare options for veterans.
90. Relaxed Rules of Engagement in the fight against ISIS.
91. Imposed sanctions on Venezuelan vice president for international drug trafficking.
92. Consumer confidence highest in 17 years.
93. Small business confidence highest in 11 years.
94. Stock market is up 10% since inauguration, up 15% since election.
95. Exxon Mobil announced $20 billion/45,000 job expansion in U.S.
96. Charter Communications announced $25 billion expansion, creating 20,000 jobs in U.S.
97. Accenture announced $1.4 billion expansion, creating 15,000 jobs in U.S.
98. Intel announced $7 billion expansion, creating 10,000 jobs in the U.S.
99. Ordered renegotiation of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Canada and Mexico.
100. Named former Congressman Scott Garrett, an outspoken critic of the Export-Import Bank to the bank's Board of Directors.


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Senator Amanda Chase Endorses Bryce Reeves for Lt. Governor

April 29, 2017

FREDERICKSBURG, VA— Today, Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase (R-Chesterfield) announced her endorsement of Senator Bryce Reeves (R-Spotsylvania) to be the next Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. Senator Chase currently represents the 11th District and co-founded the Transparency Caucus. Below you'll find the remarks from her endorsement:

"On Tuesday, June 13, 2017, between the hours of 6am and 7pm, you will have the opportunity to vote for Virginia's next Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General at your usual local voting precinct.  Many people have asked me who they should vote for and who I am supporting.  The decision hasn't been easy as I've worked closely with many of those running.  They are not only colleagues, they are my friends whom I've served with in the trenches.

As I've already announced, I will be voting Ed Gillespie for Governor,  and John Adams for Attorney General.  Today, I'm announcing my endorsement of Senator Bryce Reeves for Lieutenant Governor.

I've known Senator Bryce Reeves and his wife Anne for over a decade and before he was a state senator.  Bryce is a small business owner, veteran, former detective and winner of the NRA Defender of Freedom Award.  No one works harder and is more conscientious, dedicated and committed than Bryce.   He's a humble man whose faith in God and conviction guide him in both his daily life and his voting.
The Lieutenant Governor also presides over the senate and often casts tie breaking tie votes.  For that reason, I'm supporting the candidate with the most conservative voting record- Senator Bryce Reeves, who consistently votes to support traditional family values.

It's also important to vote for a candidate that has served in the Senate and understands Senate rules and procedures which are very different than in the House.  Senator Reeves has served in the Senate for 6 years and has chaired several committees.  For the past 2 years, I've had the privilege of serving on committees with him and appreciate his attention to detail, his commitment to excellence and thoughtful vision for the Commonwealth.

While there are several experienced and talented legislators vying for the Lieutenant Govenor's seat, on June 13, I will be voting for Senator Bryce Reeves."

Bryce Reeves said, "I am extremely honored and proud to have Senator Chase's endorsement. Amanda is a true champion of transparency and always fights to protect our conservative values. I look forward to campaigning alongside her and am excited to have her on Team Reeves!"

With the endorsement of Senator Chase, Bryce Reeves is now endorsed by every Republican woman in the General Assembly. These endorsements are: 

Senator Amanda Chase | Senator Siobhan Dunnavant | Delegate Margaret Ransone
 Delegate Roxann Robinson | Delegate Kathy Byron | Delegate Brenda Pogge

Bryce Reeves is a small business owner, former Prince William County Vice-Narcotics Detective, and U.S. Army Veteran (Army Rangers). He currently represents the 17th Senate District of Virginia, where he spearheaded legislation to save reciprocity for Virginia gun owners. He is running for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, focusing on improving Virginia's economy, preserving family values, protecting Constitutional rights, and fighting for taxpayers. Senator Reeves has been featured on Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN. He resides in Spotsylvania County with his wife Anne and their two children.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Family Research Council's Travis Weber Upbeat After Trinity Lutheran Oral Arguments

April 19, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case of Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia v. Comer. This marked the first major religious liberty case since Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch was confirmed to the Court. Family Research Council's (FRC) Director of the Center for Religious Liberty, Travis Weber, Esq., attended the oral arguments at the Court. The case will be decided later this year, likely in June.

On the oral arguments, Weber commented:

"After hearing the oral arguments, I am hopeful, with the recent addition of Justice Gorsuch, the Court will rule on the side of religious liberty, as clearly protected by the Constitution. Justice Gorsuch's presence will provide a welcome originalist voice in not just the Trinity Lutheran case but also plenty of pivotal cases in the decades to come. The Court's decision in Trinity Lutheran will significantly affect the outcome in other religious liberty cases in this sitting of the Court, and Justice Gorsuch's impact will certainly be felt in all these cases.

"The justices are also considering whether to accept another important religious liberty case where Justice Gorsuch's impact will be significant. In Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, the Court will decide whether baker Jack Phillips' First Amendment free speech and free exercise rights protect him from being forced to create a cake for a same-sex wedding in violation of his beliefs. Even if the Court doesn't take up this case, we know the issue isn't going away. There are several small business owners who have already been penalized by different states for refusing to use their talents to support same-sex weddings. Justice Gorsuch will be poised to consider this issue, and we're glad he has a strong record of protecting religious liberty. When that time comes, we are grateful that we will have a strong originalist in Justice Gorsuch on the bench. I look forward to the Court's decision in the Trinity Lutheran case and to seeing how Justice Gorsuch's judicial career develops on the Court," Weber concluded.

To review FRC's amicus brief in the Trinity Lutheran case, please see:

Press Release

The Museum of Culpeper History Announces New Executive Director

The new Museum Director is on the job as of today!  

His name is Morgan Pierce!  Please stop by the Museum to introduce yourself.  He needs to know you and to have you as part of his talent pool of resources he may call upon to make the Museum of Culpeper History future Museum events more exciting than ever before!

Reminder -  Please mark your calendar for May 2nd Give Local Piedmont (GLP) day.  On that day, you may (from your home) go to the Museum site, (or visit the Museum) to make a contribution of $10 or more.  On that day, your Museum contributions will grow by qualifying for matching funds and other incentives made available by GLP supporters and the Northern Virginia Community Foundation.  Incentives may grow your contribution by 50% or even more!!!! 

Dale Duvall

Subject: The Museum of Culpeper History Announces New Executive Director

The Board of Trustees of the Museum of Culpeper History (MCH) is pleased to announce Morgan Pierce as the Museum's next executive director. He succeeds Lee Langston-Harrison who left to become Executive Director of the Reedville Fishermen's Museum in January.
Morgan had previously served as the chief curator of the Hermann-Grima + Gallier Historic Houses since 2013 and was responsible for the collections, interpretation, and preservation of these nineteenth-century National Historic Landmark properties. The historic houses earned accreditation by the American Alliance of Museums signifying its adherence to established standards and best practices in the museum field.
Though most recently of New Orleans, Morgan is a native of Clarke County, Virginia and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from James Madison University in Harrisonburg and a Master of Arts degree in Arts Management from George Mason University in Fairfax.
Prior to his time in New Orleans Morgan served as the Curator of Collections and Registrar of the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley in Winchester for five years where he oversaw the collections and exhibitions department. Additionally Morgan has completed curatorial training programs with The Attingham Trust in England, The Victorian Society in America, and the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts. He also serves as a peer reviewer for the American Alliance of Museums Museum Assessment Program and the Institute for Museum and Library Services Museums for America grant program.
Morgan's interest in Virginia history and decorative arts, as well as American military history, will greatly enhance the Museum's collections and exhibition program. While adhering to the mission of the MCH his work will seek to enhance the position of the Museum among the local community, improve fundraising efforts for long-term success, and continue the excellent progress made to become "the best small community museum in Virginia."
"Morgan really impressed the Board during the selection process and we could not be more thrilled that he will be joining us as our next Executive Director," said Diane Morris, President of the Board of Trustees for the Museum.
Morgan will begin work at the MCH at the end of April and is excited to join the Culpeper community and experience the vibrancy of downtown. All are welcomed to stop in for a visit and say hello as he settles into the Museum. He and his family reside in Charlottesville.
For more information about the MCH please visit or visit the Museum located at the historic Culpeper Train Depot Monday through Saturday from 10:00am until 5:00pm or Sunday from 1:00pm until 5:00pm.
Hi, just a reminder that you're receiving this email because you have expressed an interest in Museum of Culpeper History. Don't forget to add to your address book so we'll be sure to land in your inbox!
Museum of Culpeper History, Museum of Culpeper History, 113 S. Commerce Street, Culpeper, VA 22701
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Family Research Council Announces a Score in Favor of Latest GOP Health Care Bill

April 24, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Family Research Council (FRC) announced today it will score in favor of the American Health Care Act of 2017 (AHCA) which may come up for a vote as soon as this week in the House of Representatives. This is the first time FRC has announced a plan to score a health care related bill in the new Congress. AHCA, for one year, would eliminate more than $390 million (over 86%) of over $450 million in annual federal funding to Planned Parenthood, from all mandatory spending programs. This is identical to the provision that was ruled to comply with the Senate's Byrd Rule in 2015. AHCA also redirects funding to community health centers which outnumber Planned Parenthood facilities 20 to 1 and offer a wider array of health care services, but not abortion.

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins released the following statement:

"Family Research Council will score in favor of the American Health Care Act of 2017 because it provides the best path forward to re-establish the fundamental federal policy that abortion is not health care, to redirect funding away from Planned Parenthood, and to provide American families improved health insurance options.

"It's time that Republican Members of Congress show they are serious about uprooting one of the many egregious policies of the Obama years. After entrusting the GOP with authority to lead the country based upon their campaign promises, now is the time to transform those promises into policy. The American people are depending on Congress to save them from the ill-effects of Obamacare.

"We applaud the conservative Members of Congress that have been working to ensure the replace portion of the repeal bill is both pro-life and pro-family. The measure not only reapplies to federal health care law the principle contained in the Hyde Amendment that abortion is not health care and should not be subsidized but it also contains significant steps to reduce healthcare premiums.

"AHCA repeals the Obamacare premium tax credits, which subsidize abortion on demand. AHCA would also eliminate the Obamacare employer and individual mandate penalties, thereby allowing employers or individuals to forgo offering or purchasing coverage if doing so violates their conscience. AHCA's Obamacare replacement components include pro-life funding restrictions regarding tax credits, the Patient and State Stability Fund, and the Federal Invisible Risk Sharing Program.

"We believe that AHCA's abortion funding restrictions are budgetary and should therefore survive any Byrd Rule point of order in the Senate. If, in the unfortunate circumstance the Senate Parliamentarian were to rule that these pro-life protections violate the Byrd Rule, we will not support the bill.

Friday, April 14, 2017

April 18 - Del. Nick Freitas and Dr. Scott Kennedy to speak in Madison

Delegate Nick Freitas and Dr. Scott Kennedy   will be the Guest Speakers at the   April 18th   Madison County Republican Women's Meeting  6:30-8:30 PM.     The evening's menu features a delicious chicken dinner   with sides and desserts prepared by our members.   Dinner: $8.     Everyone is invited to attend this informative meeting.     Location: Madison Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall,   1236 Fishback Road, Rt. 722 at the north traffic light.   For more information, please call (540) 923-4109.  

Thursday, April 13, 2017

$500 Marion Simpson Memorial Scholarship

All Madison County, Virginia high school 2017 senior class members have an opportunity to apply for this scholarship.  The applicant may be a male or female, attending the public school system or receiving home schooling.   

Applications are available at the Madison County High School guidance office.

The award of $500 will be sent directly to the college where the student will attend in the fall of 2017. 

Applications must be received by the sponsor, Madison County Republican Women, P. O. Box 314, Madison, Virginia 22727 by Friday, April 14th.

For more information, please contact Anne Farmer, 540-923-4300, or

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

April 18th: Rally to thank Reps. Brat and Garrett for standing strong

RE: An event happening in Gordonsville to thank Reps. Dave Brat and Tom Garrett for standing strong for a real repeal of Obamacare.

Members of the House Freedom Caucus stood strong on Obamacare repeal, and rejected the AHCA because it was simply bad policy that didn't dismantle the regulatory framework of Obamacare.

It's a critical time in the Obamacare repeal fight, we must gather together to show Reps. Brat and Garrett that we will continue to support them for doing the right thing.

Event: Thank you rally for Reps. Dave Brat and Tom Garrett
Location: The Pavilion at Wolftrap Farm
17379 Wolf Trap Drive Gordonsville VA 22942
Date and time: April 18, 2017 from 7-9pm

If we can count you in, please RSVP here.

We hope you can join us as we encourage Reps. Brat and Garrett to continue fighting for a repeal of Obamacare!


Stephanie Kreuz
Regional Manager
Heritage Action for America

April 13th: Gubernatorial Debate

Dear Friends of Liberty University: 

The race for Virginia Governor this November is critically important for the Commonwealth and the nation, and the nomination contests are quickly garnering national media attention in advance of the June 13 primary election.


Because of the importance of this election, Liberty University is delighted to invite you to join us for a Republican Gubernatorial Primary Candidate Debate here on Thursday, April 13, 2017 from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm.  


The debate will feature the three candidates seeking the Republican nomination: Ed Gillespie, Corey Stewart, and Frank Wagner. The only state-wide televised debate for this primary election will be moderated by Len Stevens from Liberty University and Mark Spain from WSET ABC-13.  


We also hope you will join us for the reception immediately following the debate that will be held in honor of the candidates and in celebration of Thomas Jefferson's 274th birthday.


The debate will be hosted by the new Center for Law and Government in collaboration with the Liberty University School of Law and the Helms School of Government and will be held at the state-of-the-art Concert Hall in the Center for Music and the Worship Arts (School of Music). Convenient free parking will be available in the Academic Commons Parking Garage. Doors will open at 6:00 pm and because the debate will be broadcast on live television, the audience must be seated not later than 6:45 pm.


This debate represents the inaugural event for the Center for Law and Government which has been established by Liberty University to encourage the debate and free exchange of ideas with an eye toward promoting and preserving our founding American principles – principles of self-government, free enterprise and the rule of law.


Thank you for joining us on this occasion. We look forward to seeing you at Liberty on April 13.





Robert Hurt

Liberty University

Center for Law & Government

Family Research Council Congratulates Neil Gorsuch on His Confirmation to the Supreme Court

April 7, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Senate today voted to confirm Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Neil Gorsuch to serve as an associate justice on the U.S. Supreme Court, filling the seat left vacant by the late Justice Antonin Scalia, who passed away in February of last year.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins released the following statement in reaction:

"History was made today, not just in the drama that preceded the confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, but in the determination of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to allow the American people to address what has become one of the most polarizing areas of American politics.

"Leader McConnell is to be commended for holding fast to historical precedent of not allowing an outgoing president to pack the Court with ideological jurists on his way out of the White House. The Supreme Court vacancy after the death of Justice Scalia became a defining issue of the 2016 presidential election. President Trump made history by telling voters who he would appoint to the Court by providing a list -- the American people chose him and he in turn chose from the list, keeping his promise.

"We celebrate the confirmation of a justice who we anticipate will keep his promise to adhere to a textual and originalist view of the Constitution," Perkins concluded.

Pic of the Day

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Blood Drive Challenge

Attn: Madison County Republican Women

Blood Drive

challenged by: Women's Club of Madison

May 9, July 11, September 12, November 14

1:30 – 7:00 pm

Madison Rescue Squad Building

North Main Street, Madison VA

At year end, the Woman's Club of Madison will determine the winner based on percentage-blood donations compared to number of club members of the various local civic groups participating in the challenge. 

Please come out and let them know you're are supporting MCRW and give the gift of life by donating much needed blood. Spread the word!  

for more information contact: Deb Hunter @ 540.923.4810