Saturday, August 5, 2017

A Political Condition

By Bob Dewey

In the early 1970's, female contraception became very effective. Women became singularly influential in the decision to have a child. This is an issue today because the Federal deficit spending is driven by the "assistance programs" targeting, in large part, single parent families.

Why, when we have such effective female contraception, are 41% of all births today out of wedlock? Why have we forsaken our heritage of self reliance and the arms of family for government domination?

A most limited glance at American political history answers from whence came the siren's call. The 1913 Progressive Movement's Constitutional Amendments, the Roosevelt "New Deal" and the Johnson "Great Society" set the stage for the application of Saul Alinsky's "Divide and Conquer" political campaign strategy which the Democratic Party has employed for decades. Republicans, while politically incompetent, hold hands with the Democrats in this matter and create the "Elite Political Establishment", better known as "The Swamp".

It is a terrible thing to find that God's gift of birth has become a political marker.
The question is, do we wish to allow this political condition to persist? The concept of marriage has been reduced from an obligation to insure that God's gift is placed in the arms of loving responsible parents, to a political theme. A lack of commitment to marriage by parents adds power to "the swamp's" station.

Approximately 25% of the Federal Budget targets welfare programs. Some 80% of that goes to single parent families. It must then be acknowledged that unwed mothers and divorced parents are a significant cause of the Federal Deficit. Is our Christian Heritage so tarnished that we find no problem with this?

When did the Halls of Congress repeal the responsibilities of our Christian Heritage? 1937, "The New Deal".