Friday, June 29, 2018

Madison County Censures Senator Hanger


Resolution Censuring Senator Emmett Hanger

As leaders in the Republican Party, we are obligated to fully support our Party and its platform. Only in times of great crisis or betrayal is it necessary to publicly censure our leaders. Today we are faced with both crisis and betrayal. We have waited four years, hoping Senator Hanger would uphold our Party’s values on his own accord. That has not happened, so with sadness and humility we rise and declare:

Whereas on Wednesday May 30, 2018 Senator Hanger voted for a 100-billion-dollar state budget best associated with liberal Democrats, which provides up to 12 million dollars in public funding for abortion providers, includes over 600 million dollars in new taxes, and fully implements Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion within the Commonwealth of Virginia; and

Whereas this budget will be disastrous and harmful to Virginia and place the Commonwealth on the path of fiscal insolvency; and

Whereas the Madison County Republican Committee condemns in the strongest of all possible terms this budget which makes a mockery of conservative principles; and

Whereas Senator Hanger’s vote for this budget is in clear and direct violation of the first and third points of the Republican Party of Virginia Creed affirming the free enterprise system and upholding fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraint at all levels of government; and

Whereas as far back as March 2014, the 24th Senatorial Legislative District Committee met with Senator Hanger and voted unanimously (7-0) against Medicaid expansion; and

Whereas Senator Hanger voted against the overwhelming majority of the conservative voters and Republican Party activists who elected him to office; therefore

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that the Madison County Republican Committee censures Senator Hanger for his continued disservice to our Commonwealth, the cause of the Republican Party of Virginia, and the principles which our Party claims to adhere to; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Committee hereby requests similar motions to censure Senator Hanger be brought forward to the Republican 24th Senatorial Legislative District Committee, the State Central Committee of the Republican Party of Virginia, the Senate Republican Caucus, and other Republican Unit Committees across Virginia; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Committee respectfully requests Senate Majority Leader Thomas K. Norment immediately strip Senator Hanger from his position as Co-Chair of the Senate Finance Committee for his inexcusable vote; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Committee holds no confidence in Senator Hanger’s abilities to continue to represent the voters of Madison County, Virginia.

Unanimously approved at our 6/18/2018 meeting of the Committee.
Respectfully submitted on behalf of the Committee,

Dated June 28, 2018

Robert W. “Bill” Campbell, Chairman, Madison County Republican Committee

P. O. Box 171, Madison, VA 22727