Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Thank these Senators and Delegates who voted against the ERA

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Celebrate Womanhood. Don't ERAse It. 

Victoria Cobb, President
Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Great news! A House of Delegates subcommittee, Chaired by Delegate Margaret Ransone (R-Westmoreland), stood strong against the barrage of "Equal Rights Amendment" (ERA) supporters by defeating all the remaining ERA resolutions this morning by a vote of 4-2This was a very encouraging development, but we still cannot be complacent, since we that ERA proponents are expected to challenge the subcommittee in the full committee, and perhaps on the House floor.

And yesterday, the Virginia Senate passed SJ 275 (R-Chase) - the "Equal Rights Affirmation" 21-19. (Watch Senator Chase's floor speech and debate HERE at 3:41:30) This resolution affirms what is already true - that men and women are equal under the law (and therefore, we don't need a new Constitutional Amendment to make it be so).  

Please join us on Thursday, January 24th, as we personally thank every Senator and Delegate who voted against the outdated and disastrous "Equal Rights Amendment" and continue to encourage them to stand strong against attempts to use the House rules to somehow bring it back! With all of the intense pressure they have been receiving from ERA proponents, it's important that they hear how grateful many are for their courageous stance. 

Join like-minded Virginians to encourage your legislators and thank them for voting NO on the ERA.
January 24 | 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Richmond, VA

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We are planning to flood the offices of those who voted against the "ERA" (or worked behind the scenes to guide the process) with cards thanking them for the work that they have done.

ERA Thank You CardIf you're not able to make it Thursday, please reach out and thank those who voted against the ERA.

These are the Senators who voted against the ERA

Black, Carrico, Chafin, Chase, Cosgrove, McDougle, Newman, Obenshain, Peake, Reeves, Ruff, Stanley, Stuart, Suetterlein

These Delegates spoke at our Press Conference against the ERA:
Senator Amanda Chase
Delegate Margaret Ransone
Delegate Kathy Byron (Watch her incredible Floor Speech here.)

Delegate Brenda Pogge

These Delegates voted against the ERA and defeated it in House subcommittee:
Chairwoman Ransone
Delegate Buddy Fowler
Delegate John McGuire
Delegate Riley Ingram

Click here to send all of these legislators a note thanking them for opposing the ERA!

Victoria Cobb
Victoria Cobb

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