Tuesday, March 10, 2020

President Trump: A Natural ,Born Leader

By Ponch K. McPhee

The last three years have  revealed one thing so very necessary to every single true-to-the-core God fearing patriot, that we have been blessed with a  President who is a natural born leader. It has been a period in which we as a free sovereign republic have never witnessed in person as we have lived and taken a breath, just how deep the Deep State had closed in upon us all. Every one of us who understand the necessity of unconditional freedom and liberty and the sacred words of a great founder Patrick Henry, "Give me liberty or give me death" understands that we must never surrender our faith and freedom. Through this living history in which we are right now experiencing each and every second, we all have one individual to thank aside from almighty God, and this is our great President, Donald John Trump.

The rights of man are given by God. Our rights are preserved and remain steadfast not by a mere document (no matter how great or significant it may be culturally) but rather in our hearts and our minds. The power bestowed upon every American and every individual by the will of God provides us with the ability to help ourselves and others, defend our freedom and self-being, and say no to any tyrant who may attempt to impose slavery or dominance upon our lives. We are fighting for these rights everywhere in this republic. Virginia citizens who know the real truth are among those in many other states which are at a crossroad to determine our saved passage via our documented 2nd Amendment. We insist on never giving up our powerful and capable ability to say no to an over powering government with additional emphasis stated as, No!  

We must never stop or step aside to let fear or tyranny control our liberty. We the people remain the messengers, the deliverers and the deciders when it comes to retaining the founder's intent. Your committed determination to stand with President Trump is the greatest thing that you can do for your country.  With President Trump at the helm we can fight the good fight and drain the Deep State which has poisoned our system of government for far too many decades. You must not merely sit around and cheer from the side line with your texting. You must get involved and help your fellow citizens by contacting elected officials and get into the inner ring to aid those who would or should run for office which the people can trust to deliver the real truth.

President Donald John Trump has changed history for the better. You helped him get there and now we need to seed his results and expand on his results by providing him 4 more years. Those establishment candidates and establishment elected officials who were and remain against President Trump (even as they call themselves, so called conservatives) have caused more harm to our sovereignty than I can even begin to list here. We know who you are, I know who you are and you yourselves know who you are.

Never mind the in-betweens and the polite nods from those who we cannot always trust (after all, who can say what is often truly in an individual's heart) instead remain focused on communicating to colleagues and contacts who have a fire in their bellies for unconditional never surrender patriotism, and understand the true nature of our God given rights furthered by our Constitution and outlined by President Jefferson in our Declaration of Independence. Together we must gather strength led by truth and defeat socialism and bury it very deep so that it may never gain power in these United States of America. Don't be fooled by the individual who says, "Hey, I am a conservative." Ask them point blank, "Do you support President Trump?" And if their answer is in anyway a stutter or hesitation or some kind of "not sure or maybe" then I can tell you that bothers me. It sends up a flag about them instantly because if you are not with President Donald J. Trump, then you're not with me and millions upon millions of other God fearing patriots. 

I thank you for reading this and helping, and supporting our great President who remains indeed, a natural born leader.