Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Thomas Speciale: Candidate, U.S. Senate

By Kim Smith

Tom Speciale is a candidate for U.S. Senate whose goals include fighting
against those who would "dismantle the American dream". And fight he
does intend to do, having sworn the oath to protect America from enemies
foreign and domestic  back  in  1987  and still honoring that oath today.

His focus is on all of us – rich, poor, those who love America across
the political spectrum, regardless of race, religion, gender or any
other characteristic.  He wants our dreams to be achievable within the
context of a system of government that has been the most successful in
the history of mankind as we work ever onward to form a "more perfect

The tools Tom can use have been built over a succession of challenges he
has met in life – the most recent and notable being a veteran of the
fight in Afghanistan, followed by, in uniform or as a contractor, the
Defense Intelligence  Agency,  the National Counterrorism  Center, the
Defense Combating Terrorism Center or the Director of National
Intelligence as senior intelligence officer and counter-terrorism expert.

Depth was also built in his tool bucket by his upbringing.  Coming from
"working-class" stock, he was raised to seek education, to never quit,
and to see opportunities rather than challenges.  This was true whether
earning his Bachelors in Political Science (focus on Middle Eastern
Studies and Conflict Resolution) or his Masters (International 
Relations and  Conflict  Resolution with a concentration in
International and Transnational Security Issues) as well as his many
jobs throughout.  These were quite varied – security guard, convenience
store clerk and pizza deliveryman, for the VA as a vocational
rehabilitation specialist and as an IBM site manager.

His work in the military was just about as varied – from MP to
Psychological Operations Specialist, Infantryman to Field Artillery
Forward Observer, From Human Intelligence Collection Specialist to

As father of four children, he also holds the distinction of being the
Cub Master to one of the largest Cub Scout Packs in the United States!

Tom's analysis of some of the largest problems in this country is not
simplistic.  There are pages devoted toward fixing our "broken
immigration system"… the fact that we don't have a "gun violence
problem" in America but rather a complicated mix of poverty, drugs,
addiction and mental health, the "lack of jobs, lack of opportunities,
the deliberate dismantling of the family".   On guns, Tom is quite clear
that we "must hold the line against the Democrat and Socialist agenda to
slowly and incrementally disenfranchise all Americans from their 2nd
Amendment right to protect themselves".

Thinking creatively is another of Tom's characteristics.  This is
particularly true of education reform which he views as having a
yardstick that is measuring the wrong things.  Among his interests are
an emphasis on STEMM (which adds medicine to the curriculum) as well as
vocational education; space exploration that leads to a scientific and
technological renaissance (with a huge list of areas of potential
advancement), and interestingly, the combination of the Departments of
Labor and Education since the thrust of education is the preparation for
the workforce across a broad spectrum.

The last to be mentioned is our system of justice and the need for
reform.  Rife with inequality of administration, young people marked and
limited for life, it's focus should return to its original intent, the
possibility of restoration and fairness.

Still having issues where more information was needed, Thomas Speciale
was e-mailed with four questions.  He called and gave thoughtful,
detailed answers!

Abortion:  I am 100% pro-life - uncompromisly.  He added that we must do
more to support women "in crisis" (facing the choice of an abortion vs.
carrying to term).  He focused on the fact that 70% are minority women,
many are already mothers and single mothers. Outreach should include
education, medical tests, and full understanding of the potential
consequences – physical (inability to bear children in the future,
etc.), psychological and, with special stress, spiritual.  Complete
information is critical.

Second Amendment:  I am 100$ pro-Second Amendment.  He added that he was
100% pro-Constitution and asserted that we are in a battle between
American values and Socialism.  Socialists want to disarm us; want no
"hate speech" which is defined as anything with which they disagree, and
they don't believe our rights are inalienable, coming from God, rather
from man which makes them subject to elimination.

General Thoughts on the Budget and Deficit:  We absolutely have to
reduce over-spending – including, but not limited to, more efficient
government and civil servants being held more accountable.  Bloated
government expansion must contract and fraud, waste and abuse directly
targeted.  For example, entitlement programs (as opposed to earned
benefit programs) drain our resources because they don't require
anything from recipients who are otherwise able.

Healthcare:  Absolutely must keep and protect coverage of pre-existing
conditions.  The private market offers a more efficient and effective
way to manage and organize resources to benefit the largest possible
number of people.  It's an enormously complex issue, but it can be solved.

Speaking of specific issues under consideration in Virginia, Mr.
Speciale answered questions on expanding the base of healthcare
providers – which he supports (e.g., allowing physicians assistants and
nurse practitioners to have practices up to the level of their
training).  Access to education is also essential, particularly helping
families better take care of loved ones. Telemedicine became wrapped
into the conversation – with the following observations prefaced with
assurances that practitioners are fully vetted medical professionals: 
better access and interaction with rural communities; mental health to
facilitate quick communication with those who are in crisis, depressed
or suicidal; and video teleconferencing to help pregnant women make
better choices and have greater support (which hadn't even occurred to
this writer!)

Check out Tom's website: www.thomasspeciale.com or call at
831-521-5716.  He's one to watch!