Wednesday, October 15, 2008

FOO FOO: Friends of Obama, Friends of Osama

"Barack Obama and Osama Bin Laden both have friends who bombed the Pentagon."
Rush Limbaugh

Offense ensued when the Drive-by media was presented with the story that RPV Chairman Jeff Frederick repeated Rush's joke to campaign volunteers in a Republican campaign office.

The general outrage seems to come from using Obama and Osama in the same sentence, due to concern that voters might confuse the Arabic names and think the two men are somehow connected. Presumably, it is befuddled Independent voters that need careful shielding from any un-PC thought lest they decide not to vote for "The One" who has been proclaimed the "Messiah" by hate-monger Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam leader.

The Obama media is bending over backwards to refute Rush's factual observation. After all, Barack Obama's bud of about 20 years, William Ayers (a '60s version of Okalahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh), was involved in bombing the Pentagon and, undoubtedly, the terrorists who bombed the Pentagon with a plane would consider Osama Bin Laden a friend.

Too bad the Drive-by media doesn't get as upset over the lies, ugly remarks, and hate speech emanating from the left. But then again, neither does the object of their drooling affection, Barack Hussein Obama who also now claims he has only had a fleeting association with the corrupt ACORN, a Democrat voter fraud organization.

Perhaps due to media cut-backs, nowadays the Drive-bys seem to forego their own slanted investigative reporting and increasingly rely on, an outfit which has been noted for appearing to willingingly accept Obama's word as gospel and readily offer a snarky defense when needed.