Thursday, October 16, 2008

FOX: Giving up the "Fair and Balanced" thing

Sports fans should not be happy with FOX's decision to move the big game in order for Socialist Obama to tell folks how he is going to take money from those who have worked hard to become successful and pass it out like sugar candy in order to increase his base of support. Click on the link at the bottom to send FOX a message.

FOX Network Goes to Bat for Obama

When baseball fans tune into the possible Game 6 of this month's World Series, they'll be surprised to see Barack Obama delivering a pitch-for his candidacy. In a surprising announcement, FOX network said yesterday they would make special dispensations for the Democratic nominee, promising to postpone a potential World Series game so that more Americans will tune into Obama's half-hour ad buy. The statement says that FOX "will accommodate Senator Obama's desire to communicate with voters in this longform format." The network even went so far as to say it's "pleased... to delay the first pitch of the World Series Game 6... in order for FOX to carry [Obama's] program on October 29."

While FOX insists that other leagues have made similar concessions, the circumstances were completely different. When the NFL moved up its opening game to broadcast the official nomination of Sen. John McCain, it aired general political news-not a partisan campaign commercial. Sen. Obama's primetime special is an advertisement for his candidacy, which, like other sponsored programs, should be forced to compete with the network's regularly scheduled broadcasts. If FOX wants to play political hardball, ask them to adhere to their slogan, which is "fair and balanced." Log on to and express your view today.

Source: FRC Action