Friday, October 17, 2008

John McCain: A Trusted Leader


Gas and Food Prices: The McCain-Palin team will act immediately to reduce the pain of high gas prices, stop filling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to reduce demand, and end policies that contribute to higher living costs.

Housing Crisis: John McCain and Sarah Palin have proposed a "HOME Plan" to provide robust, timely, and targeted help to those hurt by the housing crisis. The top priority is to keep well-meaning, deserving home owners in their homes.

Student Loans: John McCain and Sarah Palin are proposing a student loan continuity plan that will work with states to keep the credit crunch from hurting college students.

Reforming Washington To Regain The Trust Of Taxpayers
Balance the Budget by 2013: John McCain and Sarah Palin will keep growth strong, eliminate waste, and provide bipartisan leadership to balance the budget by the end of his first term.

Wasteful Spending: John McCain and Sarah Palin will stop earmarks, pork-barrel spending, and waste. They have proposed a one-year spending pause in order to evaluate all spending programs. John McCain will veto any pork-barrel project that crosses his desk.

Pro-Growth, Pro-Job Creation Tax Policy
Middle Class Tax Cuts: John McCain and Sarah Palin will cut taxes on middle class families. They will phase out and eliminate the Alternative Minimum Tax, saving a middle class family with children an average of over $2,700. They will also double the personal exemption for dependents.

Pro-Growth Tax Policy: John McCain and Sarah Palin will keep taxes low by fighting efforts to raise taxes and making it harder to raise taxes in the future. They will keep the current rates on dividends and capital gains while permitting businesses to immediately deduct the cost of equipment and technology.

Ensuring America's Economic Preeminence In The Global Economy
John McCain and Sarah Palin will lower trade barriers to open foreign markets to U.S. exports.

Better Health Care At Lower Costs For Every American
The McCain-Palin plan proposes comprehensive health care reform that will address rising costs and make the system more responsive to the needs of American families.
Cheap, Clean, Secure Energy For America

The Lexington Project - a comprehensive and integrated energy strategy - will lead America to strategic energy independence by 2025.