Thursday, October 9, 2008

A phone call from Obama's campaign can change your life

This afternoon, a lady called in to the Sean Hannity show with a chilling story. She said that she had received a call from Obama's campaign and told the caller that she would not vote for Obama because he supported leaving babies who survive abortion to die on the cold floor.

The next day she said the Secret Service showed up at her door and wanted to know about the "death threat" that she had made against Obama. The campaign worker with whom she had talked, had reported to the Secret Service that she had threatened that Obama would be left to die on the cold floor.

The woman's young children had heard what she said, and could corroborate her conversation. She wants this campaign worker charged with filing false charges.

Unfortunately, the woman said that she was told by the Secret Service that, regardless of the outcome, this accusation would follow her around for the rest of her life.

Sean Hannity was more sympathetic to the safety of candidates. He said he has had death threats and they must be taken seriously -- the Secret Service was just doing their job.

That's true but this woman's story needs to be taken seriously as well, and investigated.

Lies, Intimidation and trumped up charges. The Obama campaign's policy appears to be to silence anyone who does not support his Marxist rhetoric and Socialist agenda. Obama's Troopergate scandal is just the tip of the barrel.

It was bad enough when Bill Clinton abused his power to have citizens (mainly Republicans) on his and Hillary's "enemies list" targeted by the IRS to be audited, some repeatedly. It should make Americans very uneasy to imagine the potential abuse of power by Obama and his minions if he wins this election.

Should you think twice about what you say if you answer a phone call from the Obama campaign?